The Renault Sc nic

The Renault Sc nic Renault Sc nic (Renault M gane Sc nic until 1999) is a compact MPV designed by French automaker Renault. The Sc nic is produced since 1996 at the plant in Douai, northern France, and Brazil. The three generations are based on tourism Renault Megane. The idea of the M gane a minivan came J64 initial project within the group Megane. The X64 project that gives rise to the Megane, which appeared in 1996, consisted of a series of models with a core curriculum that offered solutions to the disparate needs of midrange customers could apply. It was to diversify the supply of medium and character models do not standardize the needs of clients to a single model. This vehicle segment was the most important media in the market, so the customers were different with different desires. Submit a group of solutions based on an average vehicle was a novel idea then.This sedan designed a general two bodies, a coupe with youthful, relative to the vehicles they liked Break, a canopied convertible, a saloon three bodies of more traditional atmosphere and a minivan for families. The project involved different cars and not derived from a base model, as had been done hitherto. Apart from the philosophy of a group of models first appeared on the market a mid-range MPV. Until then, the vans were exclusively high-end vehicles. The idea of a group of models with different solutions was very successful and therefore quickly M gane competitors benefited from the idea and carried out their projects with similar ideas.