Theory of Group Behavior

Its scientific basis are in the theory of group behavior and the mathematical theory of graphs. In addition to his role as manager and entrepreneur Professor Stafford Beer has been all his life closely linked to academia. He is visiting professor at Manchester Business School and Durham. Previously, he was the first professor of General Systems of the Open University and professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. More recently he has taught at the universities of Swansea, Concordia of Montreal, British Columbia and Toronto.

Also held positions as professor visitor at many other universities, including twelve in the U.S.. Stafford Beer died in 2002, leaving his ideas as his greatest legacy. Stafford Beer found associated with the Fractal Model Management System biological beings, years before Mandelbrot defined the fractal. He initiated the investigation of this model in pursuit of organizational viability. He was disturbed to determine how the systems were viable, ie capable of independent existence. Survival in a property of any organization that allows it to survive as a system, for which required learning ability, adaptability and development. A system that has all these components is called a viable system.

The model allows to analyze the organization in a flexible way making room for all types of structures. Morales said the important thing is to disaggregate the organizational complexity from the corporate viewpoint and see how the recursive structure the different levels. Recursive term is used to mean that a system is broken level to another within himself.