Wadi al’Mujib, Jordan.
Wadi (Wadi el-,”””, dependency unit” ‘) (wadi in English) is a word of Arabic origin used to describe the dry riverbeds or seasonal rivers in warm regions and arid or desert. I love the song “Hello” by Numerous wadis are located in the Arabian Peninsula and northern Africa. These channels can have up to more than one hundred meters in width, generally, only water channel during short rainy seasons’ of hours, days or at most weeks’, which may be annual or sporadic and unpredictable, both in the season that occur as the amount of rainfall.
In these regions, the sparse vegetation is xeric, thorny, slow growth and limited environment of the wadis. If the basement or on the surface of the water is stored, the vegetation can be more exuberant and create a kind of oasis, but the natural vegetation in these typically is replaced by species such as date palm, trees fruit, vegetables, forage grasses, often planted by those who inhabit and use the oasis.
Nachal Paran wadi in the Negev, Israel

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