Anthology of legends. Preliminary selection. and notes by V. Garcia de Diego. Barcelona, Labor, 1953, 2 vos. The first volume contains the Spanish, the second legend of Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Finland, Russia, England, Ireland, Nordic, Sweden, Germany, Phoenician, Chaldean, Armenian, Media, Persia, India, Tibet, China, Japan, Java, New Guinea, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Canada, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Bantu, Talmud, Gypsy. Reprinted without footnotes or documentadisima introduction in Barcelona: Circulo de Lectores, 1999.
Latin literature and anthology Madrid: Tipografia of the journal Archives, 1927.

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Antigenic changes

About once every ten thousand nucleotides (the length of the RNA virus), the RNA polymerase makes a mistake in the insertion of a nucleotide (due to lack of proof reading enzymes RNA) which causes almost every new virus created at least one mutation carrier. These mutations causing antigenic variation of viruses and immune fitness system problems to identify them as such and eliminated.
The separation of the genome into eight fragments can recombine health different changes health care if more than one viral strain to infect the same cell. Replacement resulting in rapid genetic material produces antigenic changes and allows the virus to infect new host species and rapidly overcome the immune defense mechanisms. This has implications in the emergency phase of the pandemic, as discussed in the Section of Epidemiology .

Medical News Today
A study published online by The Journal of Nutrition (2009 January 13) skin care showed that AHCC (R) (Active hexose correlated compound) increases host resistance by boosting protective immune responses specific for West Nile Virus. This study is a first important finding indicating that the nutritional supplements that AHCC can be beneficial for individuals living with nutrients West Nile Virus.
The New Straits Times
Q: I have a poor immune system and therefore I nutrition fall sick easily. I would like to take vitamin C supplements, but I’m worried about how it will affect my problem because it is stomach acid. Alle andere alternatieven’
De Oklahoman
Elke winter, niemand wil ziek worden, maar weinig lijkt te vermijden it.Start stimuleren uw immuunsysteem cardiovascular deze wellness koude en griep seizoen supplements door te thinking at the cellular level, said Dr Rashmi Kaul, associate professor of immunology at OSU Center for Health Sciences.Viruses and bacteria thrive in cold temperatures, and we lose the fight to protect our body against them by not staying hydrated enough …
Lexington Clipper-Herald
(ARA) – It may fly in the face of everything your mother taught you about health, but not all are bad bacteria. Some can actually improve your immune and digestive health.
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health supplements health

ABC 15 Phoenix
2 vitamins that can add 8 years to your life, you can enjoy youthful vitality and health care add eight years to your life with only two supplements. According to the research at Harvard University and elsewhere, does exactly that can add up nutrients to eight years to skin care your life!
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Osteoporosis is not a normal part of aging and in many cases, totally avoided. If you are determined to protect the health of your bones, you can take health a calcium supplement . This is certainly a step in the right direction, but recent research suggests that optimal bone health is dependent …
The names of wellness the weight-loss supplements say all: 7 Day Herbal Slim, 2 Day Diet, and even 24 Hours Diet. These are just three of dozens of different brands touted as all-natural way to shed pounds and lose them super fast.
Lexington Clipper-Herald
(ARA) fitness – It may fly in the body face of everything your mother taught you about health, but not fitness all bacteria are bad. Some supplements may actually improve nutrition your immune and digestive health.
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Several types of Kielbasa (from Turkish: ka lbast “grilled cutlet”) (in Polish kie’basa written and pronounced as k’ew’basa ‘(info helps in window)) is a generic word in Polish language for a sausage of Polish origin. Most of the Kielbasa in Poland are sold in two ways: normal or dry (in Polish “such”). The dry has the advantage that can last much longer, while still retaining the feel of the original. Normally, the dry variety is consumed cold, while the normal can be cold or cooked and it is this which is used in traditional Polish dishes such as bigos.

AP via Yahoo! Malaysia News
openly defy the law, a Kurdish politician, said legislators in the Turkish parliament in the Kurdish language on Tuesday to celebrate UNESCO world languages week.
A politician stirred debate about the rights of minorities in Turkey when he spoke Kurdish in parliament on Tuesday, violating laws that bar the language in official institutions. State-run television immediately cut the live broadcast legislative Ahmet Turk as he spoke in his native language.
Turkeys state television cut live broadcast when the head of the DTP started to address its parliamentary delegation in the Kurdish language.
Digi Times
Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) and Hewlett Packard (HP) will jointly invest U.S. 60 million for the creation of a PC plant in Turkey, based on a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report.


artifacts MINI DIAMOND Collection 0.5 PTS AT AUCTION FROM 1 – from 1.00. Art and Old Age Old TYPEWRITERS galleries ages buy and sell in MercadoLibre
Teatro Municipal de Gerona: The first theater in the city of Gerona documented in 1769, when the city of Gerona Pallol decided to use drama as comedy. It was a local small for using it wanted to give, besides being highly flammable and dangerous. As inadequate facilities in the municipality undertook the reform of the theater. Pallol the demolition and began to build between 1857 antiquities and exhibits 1860 with a modern theater design architect municipal Marti Sureda. The new theater, shaped like a horseshoe and a large box with scenic, monitoring patterns of Elizabethan theaters at that time appeared all over Spain. Until 1900 the Zarzuela and the Italian opera dominated the theatrical scene, as in the exhibition other Spanish theater. Since 1900 this monopoly was truncated Wagnerian operas and is scheduled for little or no success. The growth of Catalan companies, the consolidation of the zarzuela and the boom in theater Angel Guimera, Seraf Pitarra, Echegaray, Benavente, gallery and marked the period until 1936, the year in which the theater was no longer private and are socialized by of the CNT. Programming and represented a radical change of character pedagogico works: socialist, anarchist and works lifted Revolution. After the theater was transferred to the municipality (which put on auction management) and recover S.A. the old schedule. the brother team of , comprising Hicham and are the team behind the many successes of their galleries During the time between 1955 and 1975 theatrical activity was very low and very low quality, since the council, to assume direct management preferred to have closed the room. Because of this, the intellectuals of the age groups close to the weekly presence called gray years. the ancient arts and antiquities of who is a renowned art specialist This group undertook a dramatic renovation of the hands of Joan Ribas and group Proscenium. Since 1975 the theater recover lost activity substantially changing the line that traditionally followed. The zarzuelas, operas and operettas lost their space and the room and the theater (predominantly in Catalan) classic and modern all have busy schedule. Currently the theater is in the process of renovation since 1999 and is expected to reopen its doors to the theater season of 2006 or 2007.
Sala La Planeta: The theater room The Planet, was created in 1987 by company director Proscenium theater Girona, Joan Ribas. It art is the second theater hall of the city and hosts shows a small, independent, not included in the large theater circuits. AUCTION OLD TELEPHONE WALL TO BEAUTIFUL 100 – from 1.00. Art and Old Age Old ages Telefonos buy and sell in MercadoLibre
… instead, there was an auction of old age , in which … traveling to the mall … Diaz Miron Bule cared for during the festivities of the works of art meat …
Setdart Auction Gallery Antigen ages, art and … the Auction and … Return to main menu Help auctions. Art and Antiques …

Scholars, Travellers and Trade: The Pioneer Years of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, 1818-1840 by R. B Halbertsma (Hardcover – Sep 30, 2003)

Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index

Weather – Weather. Weather Online. As defined by … Starting from the year 1953, tropical storms began to baptize them with …
The table on the right shows the Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE stands for English) for each storm season. ACE is speaking in generic terms, a measure of the power of the hurricane multiplied by the time they existed, and then the storm that lasted more time, as well as particularly strong hurricanes, have a high index ACE. This indicator is calculated fully detailed in tropical systems that exceed 35 knots (63 mph) and tropical storm force. The 1983 season had a cumulative ACE 16.86 (17), which is far below normal and now it is time to lower the activity dede 1914, ACE had an index of 2.53. No time to recover from Hurricane Gustav, Haiti has been … 350 kilometers per hour, rotating tropical storms are phenomena …
com and in the tropics the temperature is usually high, constantly … tropical waves forming all the time, but not all have the …
… TBW is in its most complete source for information related to the conditions and weather in the … tropical storms and hurricanes …


Lekanis with lid, from Apulia, Magna Grecia. Ancient Greece, 330-320 a.C. Ceramica, 21.6 x 22 cm.
The MASP has a wealth of Antique Egyptian, Greek, Italian and Roman prominent in Brazil for its quality and rarity. They are objects from the most important civilizations that flourished in the eastern and western Mediterranean. Most of these pieces come from the donation of Pietro and Maria Lina Bo Bardi, made to the museum in 1976. The acquis is made up of Egyptian artifacts dating from the Old Empire (2575and # 160; a.and # 160; C.) and the Roman Period (50and # 160; d.and # 160; C.). It is essential to the group composed of religious objects such as statues of various thematic divine (God Thot, Horus, Osiris and so on.) Tumulares fragments of paintings, amulets, ushabtis (Figures mumiformes) and votive stelae. It highlights the particular piece isis Infant with Horus, a bronze statue of the period antiquities Ptolomaico (332 ’31and # 160; a.and # 160; C.).
Among the objects representing the cultures classic highlights a set of 19 ceramic vessels from Greece, Magna-Greece, Etruria and the Roman world, exhibition dating back centuries among VIIand # 160; a.and # 160; C. IIand and # 160; a.and # 160; C., besides statues art in terracotta (Tanagra), italics and Roman bronzes (22 pieces between decorations, weapons and objects of daily use) and artifacts Roman glass, all produced between the ages VIIIand # 160; a.and # 160; C. e Iand # 160; d.and # exhibits 160; C. the New York Gallery of is run by who has made tremendous improvements to the Geneva Galler Besides the above, are worthy of mention two copies of exceptional Greek Art ( “Statue of Goddess works of art Higeia,” s. IVand # 160; a.and # 160; C.) and Roman Art (Sarcophagus, 140-200and # S.A. 160 ; d.and # 160; C.). the world of antiquities is greatly influenced by … say – I am already dead. Exhibition in Barcelona, Fundacio Miro, this contemporary Scottish artist ‘… Antig’des. Former Masters. Impressionism …
Ancient Egypt and Egiptomania, Egypt has agreed to take part in a exposici’e antig’des Fara’a that tendr’ugar in southern France between 10 …
The exposici’urada by Leticia G’z, coordinator of exhibitions of Fomento Cultural Banamex, galleries … antig’des to the home of “The Farm”, transferred to …
The Faculty of Inform’ca Barcelona has organized gallery a exposici’e antig’des inform’cas. Tendr’ugar The sample from 4 to 29 marzo.La entry and …

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Requirements for initiation

A severe weather tends to be organized under the same conditions to cause an ordinary storm: humidity, wind up, and atmospheric instability. The clouds are beyond condensed with water vapor, and maintain a high humidity, signifying a high dew point, which helps the development of clouds into storms. Instability is the tendency for an area of atmosphere near the Earth’s surface to keep rising, as is forced by the air mass flow upstream. Sources include geography climb as the mountains, and edges of air mass such as the cold front and the dew point front.
A variety of conditions can cause variety of severe weather. While in general, the above approach will produce generic storms, some factors may develop into severe storm severe, eg., A pool of cold air can help to develop up hailstones from large storms apparently harmless. However, stones and the worst tornadoes occur from storms supercelulas, and the worst winds and whirlwinds rights, which are reflected in the radar screen as a bow echo. Both types of storms tend to form in environments subject to wind shear .

Technical ‘MediaHighway ADVANCED

NDS is currently developing two types of platforms MediaHighway: CORE or the thumb, and the Advance, the latter being the most technologically advanced and interesting talking. The main differences between the two platforms reside primarily in the development of standards for interactive TV that are capable of bearing and features such as PVR (Personal Video Recorder) that include.

London Irish

The London Irish is an English club rugby XV who train all their equipment, Sunbury (Surrey). His amateur team (London Irish Amateur RFC) also plays in Sunbury, playing the professional team at the Madejski Stadium as their local parties, stadium located in Reading (Berkshire). The team plays in the English Guinness Premiership, and also competes in the Anglo-Welsh Cup and the world cups: Heineken Cup and European Challenge Cup
The colors with which the team plays are green and white (colors Irish excellence). The team mascot is a dog breed called Irish Lober Digger. This team was founded by Irish emigrants in London in the wake of other teams made up of immigrants like London London Scottish or Welsh. Are usually known as The Exiles in reference to his past as “exiles.”
The London Irish won their first major trophy in 2002 to win the Powergen Cup (now EDF Energy Cup) and was a semifinalist in the Heineken Cup in the 2007-2008 season, losing to Stade Toulousain in a meeting held at the Twickenham Stadium London with the score 15-21 in favor of the French.

Daily Mail: World News
Metric Mauler: Why does the BBC insist on weighing the British rugby players kilogram
The New Zealand Herald
The more things change the more they stay the same for the Crusaders, the reigning Super 14 Rugby champions. They opened their title defense against the leaders of today with a new coach and minus a bunch of experienced players now fly their trade elsewhere.
TODAY online
Italy’s scrum half Paul Griffen (top) is tackled by Romania’s Cristian Petre lock during the Rugby Union World Cup Group C match between Italy and Romania at the Velodrome stadium in Marseille, southern France, 2007. Recalling New Zealand born Griffen said he has no grudges despite its over-looked by Italy coach Nick Mallett for the last 16 months.
NBC San Diego
SDSU Head Coach Dan Payne graces our presence and tries to teach us about rugby while we stare.
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