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health plans In response to the epidemic of influenza, the Ministry of health Health health plan created small business insurance the next newsletter, with the aim insurance companies of providing basic information group health to the people working in health care units healthcare plan on individual insurance the risks family medical insurance and humana insurance measures to prevent aetna health and control medical insurance the intensification seasonal influenza insurance in dental insurance the country. My health insurance was bought from has an ultimate goal of making health insurance better! Download insurance plans the group insurance newsletter (opens in a new window aetna insurance – pdf, 3 Mb).


1). DIFFERENCES: “is the application of advanced information technology to increase efficiency in business relationships between trading partners.” (Automotive Action Group in North America) “The availability of a business vision supported by advanced information technology to market improve efficiency and effectiveness within the global business process.” (EC Innovation Center) “is the use of computer and telecommunications technologies that takes place loans between companies or between sellers and buyers, to support trade in goods and services.” 2). The e-commerce (the anglicized Electronic Commerce) is to buy and sell products or services through electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The exchange conducted electronically has grown dramatically since the popularization of the Internet. Strategies and techniques are what makes him phenomenon is a member of: American Arbitration Assn. A wide variety of commerce is conducted in this way, spurring and drawing on innovations in financial transfers, supply chain management, online transactions, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, etc.. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the WWW (World Wide Web) at some point in the cycle of the transaction, but may include other technologies such as e-mail. 3). E-business is to improve the functioning of a business through connectivity, the connection of the value chain between businesses, suppliers, partners and customers in order to achieve better customer relationships, reduce costs equity and to disintermediating integrate business banking processes, financial in addition management to penetrate niche and profitable market segments. 4). TYPES OF E-COMMERCE: account B2C involves selling to consumers and businesses is the trading type of e-commerce that most consumers will likely find. In companies 2001, consumers spent an average of 65 billion in B2C transactions. B2B business involves selling to other businesses and is money the largest ecommerce, with an estimated 700 billion in transactions that consumer occurred in 2001. C2C is a means group for consumers to sell to each other. At C2C, the consumer prepares the product for the market, positions the product for sale and auction at the Market maker trusts that provides catalogs, search engines and clear transaction capabilities so that products are displayed, discovered and easily purchased. P2P technology allows Internet users share files and computer resources directly without having to go to a central Web server. Services to share music and files, such as Gnutella, its a clear example of this type of ecommerce, because consumers can transfer files directly to other consumers without wrapping a commercial central server. Major: bittorrent, napster, e-donkey, e-mule, etc. M-commerce involves the use of digital devices to enable wireless transactions on the Web. Many companies now offer wireless internet, this is the case of Telefonica, Claro, who provide a company small USB device which can access the internet wherever you banks sign for these companies, like a cell phone. 6).


We are in an era in which all women want to look regal and thin. Sometimes treatments do not help us at all in the health of all our body and we ended up anemic, lack of companies vitamins and even anorexic. There are internet by millions of treatments that will only make sequels will leave us with many if not followed them to a specialist. In this era when health is becoming a necessity among all humans, appears Herbalife as an option for those wishing to lose weight in a healthy way. But is it really all that we heard of Herbalife ‘below absolve them some small doubts for those questions from time to time. While we hear that Herbalife is a product ‘miraculous’, we also have to help-there is no magic to losing weight, there is only evidence and that if it’s true. With Herbalife supplanted two meals (breakfast and dinner) and take what is called the consumer Nutritional Shake. This will help us to stop eating everything that we ate in the morning and at night, but provide the financial vitamins necessary to not falter in the attempt. That is, if we ate normally an approximate of 2500 calories, those calories will reduce by half, which leads to a consistent weight loss. However, we must bear in mind that this treatment is three months, after banking which they moved on to maintenance treatment of an additional three months. At the account end of those six months we follow ourselves corporation with accounting our change in diet to a healthier-and stop taking the product if desired, because if not, we will have a rebound affect us physically and emotionally. Every diet is good for our bodies as we clean and makes us feel healthier, but we must always bear in mind that we can not do on our own. The specialists are for this: to guide us towards a healthy weight loss and appropriate according to our trading own body. A superior money manager Entrust was nominated as the “fund of hedge funds” banks Herbalife investment Independent Distributor: Alan Ayala Moreno: 7918813, 997493763

“We want to leave us and do not leave the young”

Workers veterans with over 35 years in the factory asking the company to replace early retirement dismissals for dignity. Before the ERE staff of extinction presented by Exide Tudor for 140 employees, 30 of them at the factory in Zaragoza in La Cartuja, older workers are asking that they come in first agency on a voluntary basis, so that no layoffs affecting more young. “Many are children of employees of Tudor” acknowledges Raymond Rodriguez, who has been in the company for 32 years. “My son is also in the factory,” says Fernando Calderon, one of the oldest with 37 years of service this brand, since 20 September 1971. They propose “leave them and do not leave the young”. But on one condition: that “we respect what we have earned,” said Calderon, who after staying at the gates to sign a replacement contract, explains that “when it has been sacrificed to save the company and in 1996 with the three-year wage freeze, or in 2000 when he was tapped Tudor court, did, so now the company should allow us to go out with the just, do not ask to become rich with retirement but go with what belongs to us. ” part time So far, since it began trading on ERE a couple of weeks ago, has given the address only the minimum that the law stipulates for dismissal. According to the President of the European Tudor Exide, Benito Carrera, “can not allow retirement-age people lose rights and leave others worse off than peers who went before with the relief jobs in contract. One system, paralyzed since June 2008, which, remember, has helped renovate 80 of the workforce and that consultants all contracts are fixed. “I was displeased with the departure allowance of 25 days with no monthly limit, which offered the company on 10 November and soon retired, but what we face now is unacceptable and a joke,” Rodriguez critical. Also for Calderon has missed an opportunity. “The agencies company could have had solved the staffing problem on La Cartuja, because human resources then we submitted 27 to voluntary and now want to fire a 30. If the company had kept its word, but stepped back. It is the first time they do in the 37 years in the factory, “complained. “Then the offer was fair, but now I intend to go without good conditions,” said Fernando Fleta, management jobs who has 35 years, from June 18, 1973 day after day going to the factory: “We have spent critical time, but none like this, sorry. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is Worked as the managing director at “Hay management consultants” Tudor opened in 1897 in Zaragoza. Then they call ‘the Pillars’ and was in Maria Moliner. He moved to Navarre Avenue and then to Malpica from which would eventually move to La Cartuja, which has job search 382 workers. The defense of jobs is the claim that all staff this Saturday was manifested in the Plaza de Espana and March 3 anger on strike to force the company to pay the costs for the sales jobs elderly can retire in decent conditions. Maxime, when, in his view, can afford to do that in this exercise-the computed from April to April, have had a profit of 17 million euros and above, 28. “I’ve been trading since 1962 and I will not go home without part time jobs doing my part,” said Calderon, who started working on Navarre Avenue, remained in Malpica and he lived too close to the company and its subsequent move to La Cartuja. Remember that much has changed since working conditions, especially as regards occupational health “at the factory years ago there was a section called the” mountain “to which you sent to cut with an ax to remove the batteries the lead, then turned to melt. Now, “unity is what more we can help anyone be forced,” said committee chairman Tudor in La Cartuja, Gonzalo Flores, who is 14 years and stands as the best solution out of thirty companions from 57 to 60 years.


Foundation for agricultural technological innovation, FIAGRO, El Salvador
FIAGRO foundation is a private, nonprofit, public utility, non-political, national coverage, open to all entrepreneurs who want to take sales jobs the challenge of innovation and change. Its main objective is to facilitate access to technologies, innovation projects and technological catch in farm and agribusiness sector in El Salvador.
The Foundation began its activities in the year 2002. The Board is composed of partners with an extensive career and experience in the field of agriculture, but besides that, consultants with a strong commitment to work towards economic and social development of the country .. Since its inception, FIAGRO has established an extensive network of relationships with institutions and national and foreign jobs in companies, which has allowed him to have an accurate understanding of existing needs in the areas of innovation and technology.
Objectives of the Foundation
To encourage and promote technological innovation to improve profitability, market agencies access and competitiveness of various agricultural and agro-industrial activities in El Salvador.
The specific objectives can be summarized as follows:
1. Coordinate efforts in collaboration with the entities that act in the agricultural and agribusiness sector in the fields of technology and research.
2. Promote and encourage initiatives associated with technological innovation in the sector.
3. Identify and promote technical, financial job search and material resources to support technology innovation initiatives.
4. Contribute part time to the development of agribusinesses agency and promote innovative technology training and business management in the sector.
5. Supporting information and research efforts for technological innovation.
6. Promote programs to stimulate technological catch the use of national expertise and international levels.
strategic lines of the Fundacion
1. Capture and dissemination of information on agricultural technology and that ‘
2. Information dissemination and development of specific projects in Biotechnology
3. Development of specific studies and consultancies in various fields
4. Events technicians technology transfer, training and coaching
5. Incubation of innovative enterprises in human resources agriculture and agribusiness
6. Execution of projects in support of technological innovation in the sector
Work done
Portal of information about the foundation.
Since its creation the FIAGRO has developed activities for the innovation of Agro Salvadoran, among these activities can be summarized:
The Foundation created a Web part time jobs portal technologies , in order to publicize innovative issues and liaise between buyers and sellers of technology products and services. Periodically, Electronic Bulletin is published ‘The Report’, which will reach more than 5,500 users nationally and over 7,000 internationally, currently leading technological content.
Among the resources available on this portal are mentioned:
a) Database of suppliers of products and services to staff the
b) current news on technologies applicable to the sector
c) Bank electronic newsletters with articles of interest
d) More than 1,000 electronic documents on technologies for the sector
e)system has to update rss news from other portals
f) Publication of events, workshops and seminars
g) promotion of products and services from companies or institutions friends
As an axis transverse to the innovation of agricultural and agribusiness sector, the main activities of the Foundation are related to the dissemination of scientific information, regulation, regulation, capacity building and development of specific projects to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Among the main activities will include:
a) diffusion of biotechnology in El Salvador. Project developed in coordination with CAMAGRO-IDB-MIF.
b) Development of Biotechnological 2005 National management jobs Diagnostics. This work yielded information on the status of biotechnology in El Salvador, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of governmental, academic, private enterprise and ENGO’s related to the topic.
c) Preparation of Compendium of international conventions, national laws and policies. Contains the main international conventions, national policies and laws related to biotechnology and biosafety in El Salvador.
d) Development and electronic newsletters.

April 1995

paintings posters gallery prints Afghanistan April 1995 – painting May 2006 Jose Antonio Gutierrez Caballero (Havana, 1959), often torn between different roles as a poet, journalist, editor, playwright and literary canvas scholar, and though its remoteness kept in the title of Bachelor of Philology of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, University portrait of Havana (1985-1986), can not fail to recognize their infancy, when it begins to improvise, and then recite their poems at the age of six years, ‘putting the poster nose where nobody calls him ‘, as usual. the president of the successful company ” National Construction and Logistics” is the president of the National Construction and Logistics

Mexico City,

dental benefits department clinic Mexico community City, September 30 .- Only by passing the economic package that sent the Federal Executive 2010, center may abate the suffering food poverty from 19.5 million Mexicans, but especially children from zero to nine years. So says the insurance secretary of Social nutrition Development, Ernesto Cordero Arroyo, who is insisting on hospital Benefits the EC budget, said the important thing for the federal government is to increase support and expand food programs, which natural currently has a register of 5 million 200 thousand families, and is intended weight loss to extend medical to 6 million 700 thousand families, reaching 34 million Mexicans. the best insurance plan can be found with is a health insurance provider


Course content COOLER SCHOOL Class 1: Organize – Match Event Class 2: Planning – Guidelines to consider Class 3: Activities during and after the reunion Class 4: A How to organize a successful reunion customer service ‘ Class 5: Greeter – Here we receive-Modal Class 1 Course Description and Objectives The event is theater and magic, is a show where the actor and the public are next to each other with the same purpose. Have fun, get excited, transmit or receive strategy a message, but it sure is that everything must be organized, but there is neither function nor magic. In this course we will list the different types of events, parties by genre. The aim of this course is to provide tools for a successful and effective organization. Class 1: Organize ‘Match of events. Organize: We call the event sponsor at issue, the intellectual process, which aims to answer the following questions: What must you do ‘ What is the task’ Do That means I need to accomplish this task ‘Do In that place should do that job ‘considerations: comprehensive plan of the site plan for organization of work complete list of materials development event (times) 1.2-Classification of events: To apply the previous point is necessary to consider the classification of the event that be skills organized, namely: Social: their reason may be religious, family or connected with a person. Weddings, baptisms, receptions, anniversaries Business: convention, product launch, inauguration, training. Cultural or artistic: recitals, art exhibitions. Sports: competitions, awards, tournaments. Politicos: conventions, campaigns, visits. Social: Social events are those with whom we meet regularly. We must always bear in mind the questions to ask: if the event is religious must be aware what kind of religion management refers to not be papelones. In contrast, if the church does not intervene and is purely social, the important thing to consider is the guest of honor, because we must make the scheduled date for the event will innovation not happen and that unexpected attends his party feted as much relaxed as possible and make it shine. For that we are the organizers, the purpose that it can happen dynamically and smoothly. Business: coaching The business events are corporate, organized by one or more companies and their institutional purpose is to commemorate events and / or introduce new business trends. In Argentina as elsewhere, the events are divided primarily into three types: External: Those are not closely linked with business objectives. Each one is individual and have different needs. Attendance is links voluntary and proportional to the importance of content and cost of tuition. They are funded by advertising, sponsorship, etc.. And in most cases are held once a year. Fairs: whose purpose is the sale / purchase of items. Exhibition: advocacy, information, or mixed and there is no direct selling. Presentation: product leaders or libraries. Internal: They are those who training are intimately linked with business objectives and organization. You should not have conflicts (contingencies). Attendance is compulsory and total. Is financed by the company are taken into account in the annual budget.

Username: Jabertolin

The concept ‘Science and Technology Park’ (PCT) is becoming increasingly important because of the implications posed in a customer service region’s economic development (international statistics endorse the accelerated growth of the population of PCTs year after year), but still exists profound ignorance of its meaning from society.
July Ondategui at work ‘SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARKS: NEW PRODUCTION OF THE FUTURE SPACE’ delves into the origin of the PCT and the situation between the poles of development of F. Perroux and technology centers currently rests on the concept of cross-fertilization. On the one hand MENDEZ-Caravaca (1995) present a PCT as a ‘of the proposals in greater profusion that public officials are using to develop the industry of managers new technologies as a measure to revive the industrial systems and achieve a competitive position urban and regional economies’. In addition, Westhead and Batstone (1998) reviewed the literature concludes that ‘science parks promote regional development (Malecki, 1991) stimulate ID (Shefer and Bar-El 1993) and innovation in SMEs (Westhead, 1997 ), encourage the creation of wealth and business productivity (Geroski coaching et al 1993, Harris and Trainor 1995) and the generation of management training employment (Westhead and Cowling 1995).
Support in the definition of Science Technology Park, the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) lays on 6 February 2002 in a International Board, strengthening the character of transmission of knowledge through a set of qualified and around the concept of organization can be decentralized, so that what is important is their role, responsibilities and operational framework within which it operates.
IASP has conducted several international studies of what is supposed to locate a PCT either in a region this area economically strong as in poorer and conclusions are consistent with the results considering the PCT as influential factor in generating wealth environment in which it is located.
‘A Science Park is an organization managed by team building specialized professionals whose main goal is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting a culture innovation of innovation and competitiveness of enterprises and institutions, namely generating facilities in the park or associated with it.
To this end, a Science Park stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technology between universities, research institutions, companies and markets. Promote the creation and growth of innovative enterprises through incubation and mechanisms of generation centrifuge (spin-off), and provides other value added services as well as espacioO high quality facilities. “
However, there is business technology one important set of challenges when it comes to be a scientific and technological parks:
– Assumption of Risk – Requires a powerful management initial investment – should be considered as long-term project, in any case as political asset but as a consensual choice of engine power the economy. – Unifying element of all sectors of the business fabric.
In the case of espaitec, Parc scientism Business Tecnologic i Universitat Jaume I leaders de entrepreneur Castello an important advantage and crucial to its success is its proximity to a center of expertise such as the Universitat Jaume I which gives it a character generator pole technological innovation. On the other hand one should not expect a PCT reduce market failure but in this sense, although it has the key, can provide a set of mechanisms for controlling and monitoring of entrepreneurial initiatives that minimize skills the risk of failure. the Chair of the EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Investment Committee is has been a member of major compaines time management Keep in mind that business success is influenced training by many strategy factors (not only relies on the financial or knowledge). Therefore, an important objective of espaitec not generate a large number of firms, but getting to those created, a maximum survival rate from the average expected life (3-5 years).

Prisoner of

Prisoner of conscience dictate Peter Arga elles, via telephone from prison Canaleta, Ciego de Avila, an open letter to Nicaraguan priest ense, Miguel d ‘Escoto, President of the United Nations General Assembly, transcribed below. Father Miguel d ‘Escoto: According to Granma newspaper published in its edition this September 2, you, as President of the sixty-third session of the UN General Assembly, he said: ‘The case of the five is a legal aberration ‘.