8 Beta 2 Internet Explorer, a Browser That is Reborn from the Ashes Like the Phoenix

It seems that a group of developers to internal Microsoft has left to spend so much leisure time to start working hard in the work to them. We refer to the team responsible for developing Internet Explorer, which apparently are taking their jobs more seriously, producing results in Microsoft’s browser reborn from the ashes like the phoenix. That’s because after trying the Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 8 but I can not get rid praise on the work that Redmond has done (and most of those who believes he has tried the same thing). Already Victor us ahead a little bit about the improvements in this version of Internet Explorer 8 regarding the previous Beta, and in this post touches us to review each one in depth.

Let us start with which by far has been the feature that has given more to speak on IE8 Beta 2: private browsing. We had already been rumors about the possible incorporation of this feature, which have been completely confirmed with the launch of this Beta. It includes a so called InPrivate (private), which allows us to open a session in which navigation is not store any information or data on what we have been doing. We can even dial certain websites and IE8 configured so that the private mode is activated every time that we open. Meanwhile, if the Parental Controls in Windows Vista is on the way inPrivate no longer available.

But this goes way beyond, since not only the history and cache stored on a hard drive, but also blocks sites that try to store information about our behavior (inPrivate Blocking). For example, we can save our prevent Google search history, Google Analytics and StatCounter or storing data as we sail into the sites. This feature will welcome, especially those who detest the idea of being observed by Google, Yahoo or Microsoft itself.

In addition, it has improved the erasure of personal data (history, passwords, etc..) Dándosenos the possibility of conserving those that correspond to our favorite sites.

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 also offers interesting features associated with the user interface, and that insurance us greatly facilitate navigation daily. Among them are the groups of tabs (aka colored tabs), which at first glance seems useless, but that ultimately ends up being quite practical. What makes IE8 is grouped by color to the tabs according to the page that comes. We can also close once all belonging to a group, or dispersing and leave them isolated as tabs. You can also add tabs to a group of manually.

Then there are the famous Webslice and Accelerators (formerly called Active). The first were already included in Beta 1, but have now been improved by adding the possibility of changing the size of each Slice, as well as updating them forcibly. Moreover, little is to appear Slices practices, and increases the number of websites that support this technology. The accelerators, therefore, have no major changes, only the name change and an increase in the number of services supported. Personally I think this is one of the most redeemable IE8 because it saves a lot of time to afford the user access to information as translations, articles from Wikipedia, or maps, without opening new pages.

The administration of markers also comes with new features. Now Internet Explorer, Google-style Web History, we suggest interesting websites based on pages that are in our history, and even allows us to view these sites recommended by a Slice.

And in an incredible turn of fate, Microsoft will be ahead of Mozilla, implementing a useful page of New tab, or more so that practice the concepts of the Mozilla Labs Guillermo told us that a few days ago. This page shows a list of recently closed tabs, it also gives us a shortcut to start the private browsing mode, and allows us to initiate some Accelerator based on the text we have on the Clipboard.

Another interesting thing of this new beta is the Smart Bar, the renewed address bar now shows us suggestions, such as? Awesome Bar? Firefox, but seeks to offer a more granular on the pages that we recommend, or even eliminate suggestions for allowing us to get rid of (as when a misspelled URL and then as a suggestion appears in Firefox or Opera). In addition, this Smart Bar looking at the RSS Feeds Windows and provides us with direct access to functions such as opening the page in a new tab in the background, or add automáticamene the www. ? . com.

Also, invoking the saying that? Better late than never?, Microsoft has taken advantage of functions that include all browsers already have, but which lacked IE7, as the search inline, or you can restore the last session navigation . Moreover, now is an Internet Explorer browser with a more customizable interface, as we surrender more flexibility to move the toolbars and buttons (for example, may leave the menus beside the bar favorites and give more space to the eyelashes), we can adjust the size of the box and even can change the position of the buttons? Update? and? Stop? to leave before the address bar (many users do not like to come as these buttons in IE7).

Emphasizes the features? Search instantly? Built in IE8, which operates similarly to the Inquisitor extensions for Safari and Peers for Firefox, but also offers image result (as the provider of search permissible). Now every time you write something into the box we were shown, in addition to the keywords that we have entered in the past, suggestions from the form that we are using (such as those of Google Suggest), and also appear outcome of History. You can change your browser and access search inline without opening any menu.

And now we are going to what many of you are probably waiting for: support for Web standards. Firstly it must be said that in this Beta 2 Internet Explorer has finally managed to pass the Acid2 smoothly (Beta 1 had small incidents and not enough to pass the test completely). Meanwhile, IE8 gets 21 points in Acid3, which is not exactly something to launch rockets, but is almost twice as many points that IE7 and got some much more than those who got the Beta 1.

Interestingly, the excellent implementation has been done Compatibility Mode (page load with the rendering engine of IE7). While in the first Beta had to activate the option? Emulate IE7? and then restart your browser, IE8 Beta 2 can activate the only way to push a button at the end of the address bar, and until we have enabled the rendering of compatibility in a tab and use the standard in the other (works Similarly to the extension IE Tab Firefox). The manner respectful of the standard works by default in most of the sites, except in the Intranet, which are loaded with compatible, but this can be changed from the Options, as well as can be established that all ( or some) websites are loaded with the engine of IE7.

With regard to performance improvements we also have interesting. First is the increased speed of cargo that has IE8 regarding his predecessor, as an average load Javascript code 400% faster than Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft has also reported on improvements to the loading time of Web applications like Gmail, which is 35% less delay in charging the inbox and 47% less in charge of a conversation Gtalk. In the blog Adrian Kingsley makes a comparison between the speed of IE7, FF3 and IE8, and to seeit is clear that, despite the fact that Internet Explorer has improved a lot in this mating, still lacks a little to reach the browser Mozilla.

Also highlights the lowest consumption of RAM this new Microsoft browser, much lower than the Beta 1 and that of IE7. With regard to security and stability, we can find the new filter XSS script, which puts him to work harder malicious code wishing colarse through Active X, or the filter Malware SmartScreen (already included in Beta 1) warns us when we try to enter a site or make a download that may contain harmful elements. But the most remarkable in this paragraph in my opinion is the Crash Recovery, which now finally works properly, and that isolates the tabs having problems, preventing the browser crash is complete, reducing the loss of information. This is possible because the new structure of Internet Explorer separates most of the interface elements of what are the tabs, and in turn separates the lashes each other.

I personally think that with this Beta 8 Microsoft Internet Explorer has far exceeded the expectations of all of us. For the first time IE begins to include some unique features not available in any other browser, and is not limited to implement features of competition for? Catch up?. This is a browser that, in my view, higher benefits to Safari and it treads the heels of Firefox. The priority now will be how to optimize the rendering standard, which remains without charge though many pages, and also improve the score in test Acid3, which, despite get a decent result, remains rated the worst of all modern Web browsers.

Actual IE8 Beta 2 is not available in Spanish (will be from September 16), and to install it in English before we remove the Beta 1 (if we’ve previously installed).

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