Founders Society

Applicant at the time of primary Registered Company can be any of the Founders Society. – The charter, signed by the founder (s) of the Company, signed and back to cross-linking by the applicant – a copy. – Memorandum of Association (in case of 2 or more Founders), signed by the founders of the Company, signed on the back of merging the applicant – a copy. – Decision (Protocol) to establish the company, signed by the founder (s) – 1 copy. – Declaration on application simplified tax system (6% or 15%), is attached, depending on the activities of the firm and the proposed quarterly turnover – 2 copies, signed by the Executive Body of the Company (General Director). – State fee for registration (2,000 rubles, to be paid at any branch of Sberbank on the details of the Tax Inspectorate 33 of Moscow). Since February 2007, the Tax Inspectorate 46 does not give the original Constituent documents of the Company by providing a copy, certified by the tax authority, upon request.

After registration, the original Charter and the Memorandum are stored in the local tax inspectorate. At this point, for registration of the LLC, the Founders Society have two options to get a copy of the Charter and Memorandum of Association, certified by the tax authorities: 1) Together with the documents listed above for the filing of the case for registration to make request in any form to issue Articles of Association (Memorandum of the Company), receipt of payment of state fee for issuance of a copy of the Constitution (Constitutional Treaty), paid at a rate of 400 rubles per each document and a copy of the Constitution (Constitutional Treaty of the Company), structured as a copy of the original Constitution (Constitutional Treaty). 2) Alternatively, after the Tax Office will issue 46 registration documents entity (certificate BIN, TIN certificate, an extract from the register), the same steps with the request, a receipt of payment of duties and a photocopy of the Constituent instrument to produce a regional tax inspectorate – that to which you will assign based on the legal address of the organization (number is specified in the certificate TIN). Having completed the registration steps and received the constituent documents of registered, you can order prints Society and proceed to next step in starting your own business: Opening a bank account.