Infoco arrived in his seven-year history

Catia’s paper is still perceived as a tool for transformation of urban and building an awareness of participation in the public domain. Ranked as the information of the organized communities, Infoco arrived seven years of uninterrupted career in communication and social framework. In the presence of community representatives, spokesmen for communal councils, collectives, civil and military authorities, and alternative media and community representatives in the park entertained Infoco West baptizing Ali First Week 40-page magazine entitled “Seven Infoco years of experience. ” The magazine summarizes interviews, history and history told by those who have gone through Infoco, people from communities that have benefited from the information using also the means to make their voices heard and beyond, through which the newspaper obtained response to their needs through the donation of drugs and even surgery. On the evening of April 17, the date on which the event was held, was enlivened by the National Typical Orchestra, conducted by Maestro John Duran, who with his baton highlighted our beautiful heritage sound.Also the group Sierra Maestra and insurgent cantata, moved the audience with their musical notes and lyrics as “the world upside down.” After seven years of uninterrupted history, Infoco still perceived as a tool for transformation of urban and building an awareness of participation in the public, coordinating with communities and institutions for conflict resolution, calls, or community organization dissemination of projects’ own social organizations. In seven years of age, students have traveled by Infoco as the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV), Central de Venezuela (UCV), Misiones and Ribas, Vuelvan Caras and even high school students, some as interns and others for community social work . All who have taken the recorder, microphone, or Infoco cameras have grown personally and humans in an exchange of knowledge and learning has been reciprocal. Many anecdotes are recalled during the event, people in the communities took the microphone to express their feelings in their relationship with the environment in recent years. Not everything has been cause for celebration. Despite the celebration, not everything was rosy for Infoco as a team. Despite all the achievements and won benefits for communities working hand in hand with the central government and municipal offices of the newspaper editorial Infoco remain closed since February on the orders of the leadership of Socialist Economics of the Mayor of Caracas . This whole situation that was generated during the management of former Mayor Bernal, did not improve with the advent of revolutionary new mayor Jorge Rodriguez.Anyone might wonder why the closure, to answer what is what and why the mayor’s office closes half Bolivarian alternative community and proven track record and community service. In addition to the diffusion of ideology that have contributed to the debate regarding the construction of socialism. These questions have a simple answer, Infoco legally obtained the right to use the space (there are supporting documents duly registered) to the time of closure was current on their obligations and contributions to the school administration, including formal duties in the field of taxation. The origin of this decision has its beginnings in the previous administration of the municipality, where a tiny interest group began a smear campaign against Infoco at the level of municipal government and management officials that the campaign bought by linking to Infoco Coopercentro as a cooperative partner. This small group of petty personal interests and concentrate on Infoco defaming the mayor believed that cooperative center Coopercentro intervene and manipulate the discourse of self-erecting participation as “the people” certain that administer the center once the mayor give him the administration spaces. This little group but working in a Hitler style propaganda coined the more sensational version of Hitler that a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth, today begins to encourage a strong campaign, but now against staff currently Coopercentro administered under the name Socialist Market Antonio Jos de Sucre, of course, name imposed by the tiny group that the mayor noted that the administration would give them no market surges in its anti-Hall. Given that the weather has been the best witness to corroborate the previous management decisions were influenced by unfounded rumors campaign by the tiny group of non-political interests, but rather the economy, the team that makes the rotary Infoco expected that both Mr.