And how to do that? We will see two points the administrative scheme and behavior-based security. 1, Administration of the security plan. The plan is administered by the head of health and safety at work. Coordinate with the heads of Area and the Security Committee is recommended for better management. Starts the diagnosis with risk analysis.

Identifies the hazards associated with the work and assesses the risks to establish control mechanisms. (PTS) safe work procedures are designed. Once identified the risk drawing up the PTS.Here the sequence of steps in the job/task from beginning to end, to be executed in a safe and controlled manner. Personal protective (PPE) according to the needs of the working equipment are assigned. The motivation phase is developed with training and communications. A program of training in risk prevention.(General induction, induction specifies, dialogues or talks) and safety meetings) in monitoring the program unfolds with inspections.

It seeks to avoid the physical conditions of the equipment, materials and areas critical are below the standards required to maintain continuity of processes. And the investigation of accidents. Its aim is to prevent the recurrence of losses. No blame. The correction is reflected in the review of the programme and continuous improvement 2.-behaviour-based security. In every accident, is all a large number of unsafe behaviors that precede an accident with injury. (Unsafe acts). Find critical unsafe acts – type of company is the beginning of the system. Behaviors are quantified, giving rise to an indicator and this indicator will serve in addition of to evaluate the security status does and as I develop and maintain those behaviors? By training, setting goals towards security and enhancing participation is there any strategy or method to be followed? Yes. , this consists of: define the behaviors measured performance influence performance through background and consequences and action plans that correct the factors that influence the behaviors. To give you an example; Imagine a supervisor who manages to turn into its management practice offer recognition to the worker showing safer behaviors. Only offer recognition, by the results in security? Probably incorporate this management technique to recognize results relative to productivity, quality. Remember: Behaviors are observed but not attitudes and motivations.