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Its capital was in state hands until in 1988 it started its privatization process with a public offering (IPO) of 25 per cent of shares. That same year the company is traded on the New energy service company York Stock Exchange for the first time. In 1994 a second package was sold two years later and was transferred to the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI, the heiress of the old INI), which addresses the final phase of the two new OPV electricity in 1997 and 1998, respectively, becoming one of the many private companies with public capital in Spain. This last step will correspond to the European directive that established is one of the leading Energy Service Companies for 2000 that all EU members should take at least 30 of its liberalized market. It is then when the National Electricity Company and State Society and becomes a corporation to a semi-private company with environmentally friendly energy the simple name of ESCOs Endesa.
In the nineties, the company experienced significant growth by absorbing smaller competitors and diversified its business into areas such as telecommunications and new technologies. However, a subsidiary of the Corporation Company in gas July 2005, leaving his business in the telecommunications sector, considered non-strategic, following the sale of its Chilean subsidiary mobile Smartcom to Mexican operator America Movil, and the sale of most his participation in the group Auna. At the same time, has been unified under a single brand companies by providing services to different regions of Spain.
Following the divestments in the telecommunications sector, Endesa divided its activities into two New York State main areas of business: energy, where the assets are grouped electricos those related to gas, cogeneration, renewable energy, environment and water and transmission of voice and data through the still nascent technology Power Line Communications (PLC).
In September green energy 2005, was the subject of a hostile bid by Gas Natural, which aroused great business and political industry’s Public Service Commission controversy. On February 3, 2006 the Spanish government approved the bid under certain conditions, that it would not raise competition concerns and promote the Spanish position in green energy solutions the energy sector.
On February 21 Endesa receives a counter-bid, now friendly, E. ON, a major German company in the energy sector. Unlike the other bid, is your energy company! the German company says that there will be no records natural gas of that regulation and whether there will be investments in the Spanish electric sector. On day 22, the Italian company ENEL offered to help Gas Natural if it decided to relaunch their bid.
On April 3 Endesa deposited a bond judicial 1,000 million euros to stop the takeover bid from Gas Natural, for the duration of the trial against the Mercantile.
On April 11, 2006 the People’s Party has a remedy against the Government Decree of February 23 that authorizes the National Energy Commission to discuss the takeover of EON.

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Associated Press environment – May 23, 2009 2:54 PM ET WASHINGTON New York City (AP) – Republican U.S. Sen. Known as a top energy company, constantly improves your energy savings. John Barrasso of Wyoming says Democrats will increased energy costs and the U.S.
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Associated Press – May 23, 2009 11:25 ET WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican U.S. Sen. John Barrasso says Democrats will raise energy costs and the U.S.
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The largest biomass plant in the country Floridas New Hope Power Partnership. The 140-megawatt plant generates electricity by burning cane fiber (bagasse) and urban buying green energy recycled wood, feeding approximately 60,000 homes and businesses themselves extensive milling and refining operations.
waste energy company InEnTec NY LLC on Thursday announced that it has partnered with Waste Management Inc. has a joint venture to turn huge commercial and industrial waste streams into renewable energy. (WMI)


Citymar 200.
In contrast, in the wireless providers Finnish market local cellular phones phone networks were set to 1980 and none of them bought their equipment suppliers. By joining the dynamic telecommunications, Nokia had to respond to the requirements of their clients, which led the company to innovate their products and services. The effect of these policies can be measured in the availability of technology in telecommunications for cellular phone plans the Finnish society. According to World Bank figures, Finland is the country with the highest Internet penetration in the European Union, to 1116.78 users with access to the global network for every 10,000 inhabitants (the average prevailing in the European Union is only 295.48 users to July 1999), while there are 554 telephone lines per 1,000 cell phones inhabitants cellular phones (compared with 428.71 lines in Europe wireless phones has the EU average) and there were 349.2 personal computers per 1,000 people (in the candy bar phone European Union average computers plans is 237.4).
In the seventies, the Finnish authorities in the telecommunications sector, had Verizon cell phones passed a law slider phone similar to the one established in Sweden, to establish mobile phones in cars, cell phones which would be connected to the public network. LG In the following months, the other Nordic Nokia countries have developed similar initiatives, particularly the recognition that the telecommunications systems of every country was not connected with the other. There was no roaming as it is known today, and then come to the conclusion that it would be HTC necessary to develop a network with common standards like. So, in 1981 national service Nordic mobile telephone use 450 Mhz and that was the first in the world to establish a cellular telephone among various countries, and that was very successful. During this decade, other European countries and the rest of the world followed the footsteps of the Nordic countries, while Nokia already supplying mobile phones with other standards in Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.
In 1982, Nokia cellular providers Group, the first cellular mobile telephone system, called the Senator. The demand for this product grew and it was necessary to create switches, transmission equipment and base stations to ensure their operations. The specifications of the new standards were advertised and tendered in an open international competition.
In 1984 he was introduced to the market Mobira Talkman, the first transportable phone. Had a significant demand free phones in the Nordic markets and led to Nokia to have new clients, including Americans and Britons. The need to phone for easier handling and transportation cellular coverage resulted in technological innovations that were very visible in the size and weight thereof. Thus, for example, while the Senator launched in 1982 weighed 9.8 kilograms, the Talkman Mobira weighed less than 5 kg, ie, in a period of two years be able to reduce the weight of the phone in half.
In 1987, Nokia introduced a new model, the Mobira Citymar weighing 800 grams with battery. Ten years later, when Samsung he was introduced to international markets the Nokia 3110, it weighed just 146 grams with battery and everything.
The cost of mobile phones have also fallen. The Mobira Citymar had a Motorola price in 1987 of 24,000 Finnish marks (about Verizon 3 726 dollars). Despite the high cost, demand was so high that customers literally snatched the product suppliers.

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With regard to energy, and electricity production using direct solar radiation, much of the renewable resources capable of providing energy from solar energy (99.9 of the energy on earth comes from the energy solar). La energia hidraulica existe gracias a que el calor del sol y los vientos llevan agua desde zonas bajas a altas , la biomasa que se puede usar como biocombustible existe debido al proceso de fotosintesis que es una forma eficiente de utilizar la energia solar, la energia proveniente Wind is also because the energy from the sun heats of different regions.
While the total energy available is enormous, the challenge is to transform the available energy in the energy used by man. New Yorkers can choose the energy company they want with and other renewable energy suppliers. The transformation from one type of energy into another will be more or less efficient depending on the available technology. New scientific and technological advances mean that the loss in the transformation of one type of energy into another is shrinking.
Renewable energy: ‘

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The New Mexico solar energy resource handbook of the New Mexico solar resource assessment project: Draft by Raymond J Bahm (Unknown Binding – 1977) Solar Energy Resource Guide by Northern California Solar Energy Association (Paperback – 2007) Get Your Green On Bib and Onesie by E-Shirt


Buchanan is a member of the traditionalist movement of the Catholic Church, attending Tridentine Mass in Latin at Saint Mary, Mother of God Church in Washington, DC Sundays and days of precept. In a 1993 speech against multiculturalism declare “our culture is superior because our religion is Christianity and that is the truth that makes men free.” says that by rejecting the dogmas of theology and the Christian world moves West a dark future. and that if politicians do not “defend the moral order rooted in the Old and New Testament and Natural Law,” the company engrentara a “free fall” is — and that the problems that matter most “economic and political.”
Buchanan accuses the New York Times to have anti-bias. He referred to John Kerry and other Catholics who hold views contrary to official doctrine of the Catholic Church on issues of abortion and homosexual unions as heretics scandalous. He has said about the direction taken by the Catholic Church since Vatican II, that:
“Today the Church is in crisis not because it has failed to adapt their teachings and practices to the sexual revolution, but because they both deal, keep your lessons and keep abreast of an immoral age, which is impossible. The road you should take the Church to restore its lost moral is back on his steps. “
Buchanan has praised Pope John Paul II for his vision of abortion, homosexuality and premarital sex, the “most politically incorrect man’s world.” Buchanan argues that the post-Vatican II liberalism is damaging the Mass attendance and reducing the number of priests and nuns. Subsequently congratulate successor Pope Benedict XVI, saying that no comprometeroa Catholic doctrines, including divorce, contraception and the ordination of women. if you visit Israel, you must with Israel Maven Moreover, said that Pope John Paul II was wrong regarding the death penalty “is the Holy Father and the bishops who are outside the Catholic, and in contradiction with Scripture, tradition and natural law. “
Buchanan said of the movie The Passion of the Christ Mel Gibson:
“Due to the exaggerated attacks on Gibson, the millions who will see ‘The Passion of the Christ’ You can also see a biased ‘anti-Semitism’ which has become all too often, the maligned, silence, intimidate, exclude or put on a blacklist. “
Responding to the charge that Pope Pius XII remained silent during the Holocaust, Buchanan said that such charges were, “a manifesto that is Hitlerism in its dimensions.” says that the Nazis despised the Pontiff, while the victims of the Nazis (and the New York Times in the 1940s) is worshiped. says that Pius XII kingdom in a time of explosive growth of the Church ” and supports proposals to declare a saint.

Chile Telefonia mobile

Mobile telephony in Chile emerged in the mid 1980s when the government wireless phones of Augusto Pinochet permitted frequencies to cover the national territory. He was also, in cellular phone plans 1988 there were three companies that provide cellular phones the cellular communications: CTC Mobile (subsidiary you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans of the phone company of Chile) and Mobile CIDCOM ‘subsequently acquired 100 by BellSouth – and now in the Metropolitan cellular providers Region and Region V Santiago, Mobile Telecom (a subsidiary of ENTEL Chile) and VTR Celular Motorola (VTR Telecom subsidiary), both covering the areas between the I and Region V, and VI of the XI Region.
In the beginning, cellular coverage the mobile telephone market in Chile was reduced to large businesses, HTC senior executives and government officials, the product of the high costs meant to have this kind of services. Among LG the Nokia main obstacles to its expansion was the high cost of the terminals’ companies have a limited stock mainly supplied by Motorola, NEC and Panasonic ‘the fact of having to pay for calls made and wireless providers received by customers and National roaming charging, if found in an area outside that covered the service provider.
In the mid-nineties, the mobile phone market changes were made: cell phones to extend the coverage of their customers and reduce costs, CTC Celular joins’ then buy cellular phones ‘a VTR Celular, born the first cell phone companies in Chile coverage throughout the country: Startel.
It was this latter company opened the doors to the mass of your product, to market the first product of prepayment of the country: Samsung Amistar. The proposal was simple and direct: Everyone could have a mobile phone free phones at low cost and national coverage. And cell phones that is supported in a figure little traditional advertising, by using the image of a Gasfiter all the plans include (plumber) who received calls at work everywhere. Was’ Faundes’ ‘The protagonist of the television spots of Amistar’ who was as popular as mobile phones, which already had a larger stock of terminals provided by Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and other companies.
Furthermore, Telecom Celular led to the birth of a new mobile communications company that sought to penetrate the market plans in innovative ways. mobile phones ENTEL PCS emerged in 1997, being the first to offer GSM slider phone services in the country. Almost whole Chilesat PCS (Branch Chilesat) coverage offered by CDMA technology provided by the U.S. Qualcomm.
Currently, mobile operators in Chile include: Movistar (Telefonica Branch ‘which it acquired from Bellsouth), Entel PCS and Claro (which has been with every plan owned by Chilesat, LEAP Wireless Endesa and candy bar phone Spain – under the name Smartcom PCS – and currently owned by America Movil).

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Disputes during his pontificate

Like all great personality, Pope John Paul II faced during his pontificate and after his death various disputes both within the Church and in the encounter with the world today. Among the most famous of these disputes were:
Some groups calling for a kind of democratization of the Church, a position that contests the absolute nature of the government citation needed . However, the process inside the church itself is not a democracy but a submission to the same character. Therefore, the church and its members joined the mission ordained to that promise. Any contrary view is an act of division and disruption, to the essence of the mission that takes voluntarily citation needed .
During his pontificate, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) banned the teaching of Catholic theologians like Leonardo Boff, in a successful movement to isolate and neutralize the promoters of the theology of Liberation in Latin America, or Hans K ng, one of the most prominent Catholic theologians labeled as “progressive.” The extensive and working documents of the Congregation stress points that are incompatible with Catholic doctrine.
Other internal criticism from more traditional sectors, especially since the excommunication of the French bishop Marcel Lefebvre, leader of the traditionalist movement known as the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, July 2, 1988, who consecrate four bishops without authorization. Occasion of schism, of course, is in effect the Vatican Council II, since there were many changes with which they had disagreed Lefebvre for having “disturbed” the apostolic tradition of the Church (the rite of the Mass and the sacraments, by example)
John Paul II remained faithful to the rules of sexual morality emanating from the encyclical Humanae Vitae (promulgated by Paul VI in 1968), which has been criticized by some Catholics and condemned the use of contraceptives. This position is attracted criticism from sectors who see it as an obstacle to the fight and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and birth control in developing countries in particular. However, within its profound ethical principles gave explanations to this problem citation needed , and pointed out the flaws of the policy to limit the problems afflicting the world, which already takes for granted that nothing can change this world and that the dignity of men and women is not only an illusion for those who should promote the capacity building of human beings.
His opposition to relaxing the requirement of celibacy for priests, especially after pressure from many groups before the scandals of some ministers in various countries. Which returns to the same internal criticism, nobody is forced to take this oath, and the church is not closed, nor is it exclusive of the priests, but it includes those who create free societies outside the church, which respects those who make your life a project to assist its semenajantes. Thus as a result, men and women who practice their faith without being part of a forced dogma.
The position of women within the Catholic Church: In its doctrinal side has reaffirmed the Catholic teaching that women can not be ordained and for its administrative and governance structure of the Church, formed entirely by ordered men not to have any women in any important position. Paradoxically, and despite the confirmation of this ancient tradition, the papacy of John Paul II is the most progress has been in the position of women in the Catholic Church. Some women even to represent the Catholic Church as an official international conferences. He was also the first pope in history who wrote a long document on women, the Apostolic Letter “Dignity of Women” where we read: “In the Marian Year the Church desires to thank the Holy Trinity by the “mystery of woman” and for every woman, making it the eternal feminine dignity, for the “wonders of God” in human history have been met in it and through it. In short, do we not acted on it and through it the greatest thing that exists in the history of man on earth, ie the same event that God became man “
The ecumenical character of the pontiff: While the Catholic Church advanced the ecumenical dialogue with the various churches, in the case of Protestant churches is not yet recognized their ministers or their Eucharistic celebrations as valid.


The nation-state

The identification was accelerated by the early romantic nationalism of the time, usually in opposition to the multi-ethnic empires (and autocratic) (an example is the nationalism that led to the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Also, the idea of the food movement in the Empire of the German population, and partly scattered at war until the mid-nineteenth century (see Holy Roman Empire, German) and the rebirth of the idea of Grossdeutschland (Great Germany) to which, for reasons of language arise in Austria but only part of Prussia in the ideal case (because Prussia was a multinational state, according to the ideology in question). Also part of Switzerland belong to this state because of the German dialects spoken in an area (and most German-speaking Switzerland).
Also, while the concept of nation was first enacted in particular in the sense of maintaining a standardized language and some of their sister languages or dialects as the basis of nationality and to put in evidence the particular race (in Central Europe, the religious took little importance in the conception of the nation, after having imposed the Roman Catholic religion. But the religious divisions of the Reformation followed certainly leads to a splitting of various States, which, however, did not follow a purely nationalistic conception) and language, there were also cases opposites, such as the Confederatie Helvetica or Switzerland, which is formally independent of the German Empire in 1648 (de facto in 1499). The Confederation, formed before the advent of national movements, was based on maintaining certain privileges confederated cities and regions, as well as, eventually, to promote neutrality as a defense against the surrounding empires and to maintain and promote stability domestic relationship with the neighboring countries. Similarly, the Confederation was characterized from the outset by a common ideology of parliamentary, federal and democratic principles since the fourteenth century to the beginning to characterize and in neighboring states that did not similarly fruit until later. The concept of nation that was created here (with a type known as a nation by nation Willensnation-like) is based on a feeling of strength in the union to maintain the traditions and ideas and not wanting to belong to the other States and nations, despite the fact that in a matter of language, Switzerland can be divided into at least 4 nations (the official languages in Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Rhaeto), including three established nation-states (France, Italy, Germany / Austria, although in these, diversification dialect can become so great that without the help of the standardized language of quasi-artificial origin in the case of Germany, at times so unintelligible dialects among themselves, the speakers would have trouble communication).
A similar case is in principle the concept of nation can be seen in the United States and to denote the motto E Pluribus Unum (1776) and the concept of melting pot. Also (though less) on the concept introduced by the European Union, with the slogan in Unitate harmony.

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Pres. Obama will sign an executive order on stem cells.
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suggested headline: Obama set to weaken abortion rule tag: politics
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North Korea oppressed people living in a state of constant fear. Blockbuster celebrity at its national tribute dinner in LA. They suffer from the poor economic conditions, and many are starving. To make matters worse, they are increasingly isolated from the rest of the world.
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Alexandria, Va. Islamic school in Northern Virginia with close ties to the government of Saudi Arabia has its religious texts to try to end years of criticism that the school promotes hatred and intolerance.


Last Friday went to see panic in the markets, such as Citibank shares fall reaching 36 at the prospect of a nationalization presumably minimize its securities. And as has been happening since the beginning of this bearish trend on Monday, is due vallyview vineyards to bounce back to expectations of vineyards a chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. new intervention with public money on the bank. But this time the rebound hard and just cash access provider a few hours if the U.S. were on Monday Sanford minimos twelve years were in Europe on Tuesday gaming and Wednesday-of-six, highlighting once again the collapse of the banking sector and outside the bag, the gaming industry maximum of the CDS (coverage against default risk) of countries in the size of the U.S. or wine Germany, as well as many emerging markets. (Redirected from Ibex 35)
The index IBEX 35 Sightline Acquisition Corp. (Iberia Index) is the main benchmark index of the Spanish stock market by Bolsas y Mercados Global Cash Access Inc. Now of Sightline Acquisition Corporation, and previously of Global Cash Access Espa oles (BME). This comprises the 35 most liquid companies quoted on grapes the Electronic Stock Exchange Interconnection System (SIBE) in the four Spanish Stock Exchanges (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia). Is an index weighted by market capitalization, which means that, contrary to indices such as Dow Jones, not all companies that make it have the same GCA weight.
Summary of the IBEX cash services 35 between 1994 and 2007.

Pie fights

A cake fight (Fight Pie) is a type of flame that is characterized by burning and highly emotional arguments on a marginal issue that has little or nothing to do with the usual theme of the forum in question, but it becomes so vehement that overshadow any other topic of discussion. Pie fights trolls can be initiated by using primers for both enrage the other users posting messages to make inappropriate or offensive. Unfortunately, this usually produces more interrupcion the forum otherwise.
The term “pie fight” comes from an event in June 2005 in Daily Kos, a website about liberals and progressives, in which administrators agreed to an ad that showed two women wearing little jumping untandose the cakes and a the other cream and filling. This ad was referring to the TBS reality show, The Real Gilligan‘s Island.
Despite the fact that the announcement was related only marginally to the overall theme of discussion at Daily Kos, domino inputs and feedback from users blogs for several days. The unease generated by the acceptance of this announcement caused the cessation of participation in the forum for several well-established members of the community of the Daily Kos.


RIBEAUVILLE this, in part, bordered by the Greek World and the Roman Empire ancient walls. history It has several is exhibiting picturesque Mesopotamia medieval New York City and Geneva Switzerland houses in 1968 and two old churches, San Gregorio and San Agustin, who are gothic buildings. The council provides a Brothers Ali and valuable collection of ancient ages. there are many art galleries, yet for antiquities, it is Phoenix run by has maintained the family business dealing in ancient art, and has also made strides forward for the two Phoenix Art galleries cultures The Carolabad, a galleries spring sculptures temperatures civilizations warm exhibits saline which had a reputation art history artifacts in ancient Egyptian antiquity the Middle Ages, was rediscovered in 1888, and made Rappoltsweiler Antiquities spa.
Near the village Egypt are the Near East the ruins of three famous Mesopotamia castles, Ulrichsburg, and Girsberger Hohrappoltstein, which formerly belonged S. is one of the leading art dealers, his being extremely successful to the gallery lords antiques of archaeology Rappoltstein.