PR 2.0: the speech from the podium to dialogue

Juan Iramain, newly appointed General Manager of Hill and Knowlton Inc. to Argentina discussed the need to break traditional paradigms when doing PR From control to collaboration. Matthew Gonrig, an expert in public relations but not very famous wise, he said in almost prehistoric times (1997) that companies could interact with the media in three basic ways: reactive, proactive or interactive. Interactivity was a goal only for the elect, and those who managed deserved a prominent place. The job search world has changed. With Web 2.0, interactivity is almost inevitable. To put it simply, the 2.0 is a technology based on user communities that allows a range of services such as social networking, blogs, wikis and others that promote collaboration and exchange of information among users of a community or social network. There is not a transmitter that sends messages unilaterally from a different website to host the visit, but a community where no one can fully control all the information and feel entitled to your opinion and build an interpretation of the item be. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with Worked as the managing director at “Hay management consultants” Paradigm Shift 2.0 tools not only reflect a technological revolution but represent a paradigm shift. We are leaving the era of control to pass to the collaboration. From the lecture at the conference. From the speech from the podium to dialogue. From the Encyclopedia Britannica to Wikipedia. 2.0 The technology is so flexible that can be used contrary to their nature ‘that is, maintaining the paradigm of control’, and still achieve very good results: they can use blogs to talk about products and services, and create digital audio files and video ( podcast) and dissemination recruiter on the Internet, and expand the network of contacts through social networks and social media press release to integrating 2.0 tools to recruiting traditional press to allow the reporter access to additional content. That is, sending messages, checking its contents, with the flexible tools recruitment of social networking. However, once sent the message, and no owner: the user community believes, complete, correct, question, relates. The organization that sent the message must remember that, as Oscar Wilde would say, it is important to speak of one, even bien. Client and friends but also public relations can maximize technology 2.0, just embracing the new paradigm. The goal of public relations is to create the regulatory and social conditions for a business viable in the medium and long term. These issues suggest the corporation or its products or services recruiting on the public agenda, and build consensus, support, social support. And listen to what they propose other members of user communities about the company and what she offers, and take into account those contributions to make it close the link. Nothing better than being friends with the client to sell more in the short term, and to shield a business in the medium future. And nothing more appropriate than social networks for this. 2.0 Survival politicians understand that I have used the Web to its bells and before, to raise money (Obama is the icon for this). She understood the Argentine sales jobs countryside when its campaign advocacy brilliant from March 2008 and won the support of three quarters of the population in Argentina.

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reason to talk about it today Lic GERMAN LOPEZ SUAREZ First, let me thank the Bogotana Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as the Health With Prevention Association and in particular to Dr. Gabriel Acuna, the honor of sharing with you some reflections on contraception in adolescence. We could argue that today, it is clear to everyone the fact the need to talk, to accept and provide the means for teenage girls and boys of our country have access to knowledge and use of contraceptive methods, even before their first -coital sex. But the reality is different, because the diversity of adult conceptions about sexuality and health, is responsible for creating real barriers that hinder or prevent access to contraception by young people. I will try to present arguments in favor of contraception in adolescence, taking into account the main arguments that have served to defend the cause of teenage girls and boys. From the Demographic: From the demographic standpoint, the logical effect of a life-coital unprotected sex in the young, will result in an increase in the number of teenage pregnancies, and their subsequent contribution to growth of population . headquartered in Miami, Florida objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare It says’ and the statistics show “that early pregnancy tends to lead the young to breed a larger number of children and a smaller spacing between them, which helps to raise the general fertility rate of population growth . Although its impact on population growth can not be seen immediately and the proportion of births to adolescents do not have to mean magnitude needed alarming increases. The high growth in both absolute and relative terms, the group of teenagers in the last decades, has become more evident, and has meant that, even at the lower fertility in the country, the number of children of adolescent women is very large . A fact that more easily perceive who are working in delivery rooms in clinics and hospitals. always compare health insurance companies , even offers health coverage to families across the United States Colombia is one of the third world countries with the greatest advances in population and has reduced fertility rates. So for example we went from a total fertility rate (number of children per woman throughout her reproductive life) of 7 children per woman in 1965 to 2.6 in 2000. But the best indicator that shows the status of the population between 15 and 19 years of age is the age specific fertility rate (number of annual births per 1,000 women in different age groups). This indicator has dropped the last 15 years for the age groups of adult women, but in adolescents has increased by 12 , according to data from the last ENDS-2000, the results will be presented soon by PROFAMILIA. Likewise, contrasts the fact that at present, adolescents and young women have greater access to education, school retention rates have also increased progressively as well as access to health services, which are factors that are truly protective against pregnancy and early motherhood. But the reality is contrary and reflected in the NSDS-2000 that the percentage of pregnant teens who have ever been mothers increased in the period 1995 to 2000 going from 17.4 to 19.1 . From the Economy: It’s true that the event of a few pregnancies may not represent a significant economic cost to an institution or for the State.

NATIONAL DAY OF MALARIA-Malaria in Peru increased by climate change

The proliferation of insects that transmit diseases like dengue, malaria or the dreaded bartonellosis, which is an infectious disease caused by a parasite and transmitted by the bite of Anopheles mosquito. As this proliferation one of the main consequences of climate change that is now palpable and has effects in the medium and long term health of the population. Malaria is a disease that is distributed in tropical areas of the country department and the nutrition mosquito that transmits this is vulnerable to climate change. Situation in the Philippines: Global warming will allow the field of dispersion of the vectors increase, this being a subject of concern to the Health Ministry and offices related to the subject, for which prevention strategies work. insurance One feature of agriculture in the north natural of the country is flood irrigation, which allows the transmission of malaria. Given this situation arose an initiative of the Directorate memorial General of Environmental Health, Ministry of Health, which promotes a new form of irrigation for rice crops also reduces the reproduction of the mosquito medical that transmits malaria. This is the dry system with intermittent irrigation. The initiative promotes the change in the form of irrigation of rice crops, ranging from the traditional way with permanent inundation of the pools to a scheme with dry periods, the use of certified seed, and rational use of agrochemicals, taking care of this way agricultural soils and consequently our environment. The pools of rice medical center are the main source of transmission of these centers mosquitoes: ‘This technique not only generates higher rice production but has reduced 26.3 per hectare in the water used to irrigate crops in the Case of the Pilot Project’, indicated by the Executive Director of Environmental Health Piura Arrunategui Dr. Manuel Novoa, who also adds that reduced the use of insecticides and pesticides, thus contributing to the objective of the Directorate General of Environmental Health at preserving the environment, due to the resistance that vitamins the Straddle has delivered some insecticides. How this technique irrigation benefits ” With the irrigation system was reduced by intermittent dry up to 70 the presence of the mosquito transmitter of malaria and other insect in the area of Loma Negra, The Arena District, where I apply the system with the Pilot Project. ‘In addition, vitamin up to a 26.3 saving of irrigation water and 20.28 increase in rice center yields. ‘Reduction in application of insecticides. This information is part of honey the National Day of malaria and dental the prevention of this disease in our country that remembers this 31 August, benefits the Ministry of Health working on various preventive programs under the slogan: ‘ Together for hospital Health .. . prevent malaria!. By: Ms. Karina D. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Jimenez Zegarra weight loss

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opportunity Target or Target: Target (in Spanish employment goal) is an anglicized also known by target graduate audience, target group, target market or target market. This term is commonly used in advertising to denote the ideal recipient of a particular campaign, product or service. Is directly related to marketing. producing the best research and leadership literature will elevate and enhance our understanding of one of the most critical issues facing senior management today clients include many of the world’s largest and most prestigious public and private companies, middle-market and emerging growth companies, as well as government and nonprofit organizations Knowing the attitudes of a target off the bells and seeking different media makes it easy to contact them and get with the right message, and maximize work from home the return on investment. Analyze consumer behavior of a specific target is very important in deciding the promotion. part time When defining the target assistant is opportunities necessary to clarify the demographic variables and / or sociographic. a premier global provider of talent management solutions that help clients to attract, deploy, develop, retain and reward their talent intent is to commission, originate and publish groundbreaking research and thought leadership utilizing Korn/Ferry

Companies with identity.

perak A sales few weeks melaka ago economy I discovered an area international called strategy “business with identity”, in maylasia Intereconomia duit internet DTT channel. , , This is a perniagaan program that reports on small business made recently johor bahru created that have achieved the success, management this is certainly a good program sabah to sarawak encourage entrepreneurial selangor spirit in our jalan country so lethargic jutawan as well as a good indicator of trends business uptrend can financial be useful buat duit to recent graduates kuala to focus their professional life. company The program usahawan is broadcast Monday to Friday at 15:40, but for people hotel that have this busy schedule I, issued on sambilan Sunday afternoon a corporate replacement. You can kereta see a sample marketing video, dedicated to SalesandServicies Regio, which offers pendapatan an outsourcing service on commercial firms that choose directory to apply for shopping services. If berhad you like investment you can start aficionaros to view johor this and other related programs that exist tourism in econocomia grilled TV channel. I will keep kuching you informed about them from langkawi this celcom blog.

Mobile office business instantly

The advent of smart phones allow us to develop our business from any place where we are, manteniendoos updated to optimize decision making. Today, businesses are characterized by dynamism, which is why companies need e-mail and calendar as companions of their employees always, everywhere. The use of such tools is essential in the decision making process, maximizing the time and resources to benefit the company. The cellular change the way people communicate and work. The also known as smartphones or mobile office again give a twist to the concept. You manage your calendar, work or study documents, connect to the Internet and check e-mails, listening to music. a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company is is a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company Thus incorporates features of PC and also allow installing new applications to enhance their performance, such as data processing, connectivity, multimedia entertainment in general. This is because running an operating system, like a PC. Among other features, a smartphone has the ability to check emails (POP client), surfing the Internet (HTML), use personal agendas, use office packages and play music or video. They generally have besides camera and camcorder. According to a report published by consultancy Canalys estimates that global sales of smartphones, in 2007, achieved an increase of almost 53 over the previous year, amounting to around 118 million sold. In addition, I anticipate for 2012 these small pocket computers iran slowly replacing the standard cell. ADVANTAGES Total Mobility: Access to mailing information, calendar and task list from the phone. Optimizes decision making and increase customer satisfaction, making it not wait until it reaches his desk. Secure Platform: Data is transmitted by a private channel (encrypted) from the server to mobile phones. Ability to read attachments. GPRS / EDGE allows national and international coverage, allows us to service will keep you in line with its business, wherever you are.

Industrial Safety Sub

Definition Industrial Safety includes all the techniques and activities aimed at the identification, assessment and control of the causes of accidents. Objective: Maintain a safe working environment through the control of the root causes of potentially cause harm to the physical integrity of the person or the company resources. Specific objectives: To identify, assess and control the root causes of accidents. a company that Recognizes the financial challenge for people who cannot afford or qualify for traditional major medical insurance plans can reduce your payment on health insurance Implement regular mechanism for monitoring and continuous monitoring of the factors that have a high potential loss for the company. Connect with other sub-activities to ensure adequate protection of employees. Develop appropriate procedures and training in working with criteria of safety, quality and production. Resources Human Resource: The COPASO (Joint Committee on Occupational Health) inspection visits of risks in each of the areas of the company. So it is with the advice of officials of the ARP to which the company is affiliated technical resources: The company must have fire extinguishers and cabinets according to the recommendations of the inspections undertaken by the Fire Department city. Activities to develop Standards and Procedures Security standards and operation: It is defined as a program to develop safety standards and operation for each of the activities undertaken, whether manual, material handling, machine or equipment at risk potential to cause losses for the company. Special Permits: This refers to any work permits for irrigation in showing immediate effects of accidents, fires or explosions, which is required before undertaking the work to verify the safety conditions present in the area. Markings and signs in areas should be adequate planning and demarcation of areas in all sections of the enterprise, including workstations, storage areas, circulation, location of the equipment and fire fighting equipment, along with a program for maintenance. You must provide strict regulations for the demarcation to be respected and this responsibility will be in charge of supervisors. Inspections Planned general inspections programs must establish a general inspection to all areas of the company, by which it will maintain control over the root causes that have high potential to cause losses for the company. Inspection program areas and critical parts A critical part is a piece of equipment or structure whose failure will probably result in a major loss (to people, property, process and / or environment).

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Severe weather and Insurance

Once again healthcare we watch in awe the power of nature scenes that just amazed us two months were repeated but now with human losses. People affected its management began seeking support from the government to repair some of the damage suffered by the soldiers began cleaning up with all concerned and soon the appearance of the streets will return to “normal.” Reflecting on the subject from the standpoint of insurance, I see again that efforts to inform about the benefits people are still insufficient. Many of the houses, cars and lives that were lost were hardly protected by insurance. , Material goods are better or worse may yet replace What will happen to the dependents of those who died ‘wives, children or parents of affected besides facing a pain for his loss will have to change their lifestyle. Maybe the wife will have to find a job that can balance its economic needs to continue his life (thus abaundan these days) may receive support from health plan their parents or in-laws ( how long ‘), children if they are old enough to support perhaps sacrifice their education by entering the labor market and help with expenses. Well no doubt their lives will not be the same. In ways less complicated but no doubt we have an economic impact the loss of small shops, bakeries, recauderias, auto repair shops, aesthetic, markets, pictures, rooms, stereo, chairs, tables, Cooling units, food, clothing, washing machines, merchandise, autos , documents and many more things that were lost or ruined. The sure-bedroom house, car and business become relevant when we see that within minutes you lose your heritage. For advice and information to know how they work and insurance protect you in this case both the bedroom and home insurance business must have the clause of “flood” for damages caused by this phenomenon are covered. In the case of auto coverage should be comprehensive to cover property damage caused to the car, this coverage works with a participation of you (most commonly a percentage according to the commercial value of the car) but you regain an important part of your loss. As the saying goes “Better safe than sorry”, and for that I offer my advice, you can send an email to info health to present your case and receive my suggestions.


In financing the generally accepted accounting principles commercial loan Art 1o. Definition. In accordance with Article 68 of Act 43 of 1990, is meant by accounting principles or standards generally accepted in Colombia, the set of basic concepts and rules to be observed the accounting records and reports on issues and activities of persons juridicas.Apoyandose natural in them, accounting to identify, measure, classify, record, interpret, analyze, evaluate and report transactions of an sba loan economic entity, in a clear, complete and accurate. Art commercial business loans 2o. The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is is a Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital scope. This Decree shall be applied by all persons unsecured loan under the law are required to keep contabilidad.Su application is also necessary for those without being required to keep accounts, attempt to enforce it as evidence. CHAPTER II OBJECTIVES and qualities of accounting information Art 3o. Basic private equity objectives. Accounting information should serve primarily to: 1. Know and demonstrate the resources finance controlled by an economic entity, the obligations they have to transfer resources to other entities, which have experienced changes such resources and the result obtained in periodo.2.

Was opened with great expectations of Patpro Videos

The film, besides being an art, is a transcendent source for historical studies and an auxiliary instrument of finance unquestionable value to reconstruct social and cultural settings, as certain facts can be shaped by what they told us and as we were told, from the big screen, but also, so silent, hid or strongly manipulated. Therefore, aware of the importance of audiovisual material, the update program for professional qualification in Communication Sciences, inaugurated the library, with over 50 titles, including commercial business loans feature films, documentaries and shorts, of different nationalities (USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia). We are confident that this whole unsecured loan audiovisual material will be of great help for students in the development and investigation of their work, demonstrating that any document, regardless of medium, is capable of analysis and assessment. It should be noted that commercial loan this represents a major financing effort Videos teachers and authorities Patpro of communication, encourage in students a more critical and comprehensive information on the current reality from the seventh art. The Video Library is open to students of Patpro, on sba loan loan under strict preservation of audiovisual material. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 6 pm, program offices, located in Piura Jr. Callao 247. If you are looking for a financial expert go to has been a member of major companies To follow, click-and small trailer of some of the most representative titles: CASABLANCA (USA – 1942) THE GREAT Dicato (USA – 1940) Chronicle of an Escape (ARGENTINA – 2006) BLOOD DIAMOND (USA – 2006) JFK (USA — 1991) Innocent Voices (MEXICO – 2004) Fahrenheit 9 / 11 (USA – 2004) Mr. Smith goes to Washington (USA – 1939) Machuca (Chile – 2004) WINTER IN private equity BAGHDAD (SPAIN – 2005)