Initial teacher.

TABLE 1. Caricaturas 2. IRAN: GUARDIAN OF THE COUNCIL SUMMONS TO CANDIDATES weights FOR LOSERS heard their complaints Source: El Pais weight training / 3 Madrid. STATE NATIONS, REPUBLIC Source: Blacutt Mario Mendoza 4. CAPITALISMO ‘FOR EVER Source: Saul Gomez aerobic Godoy 5. NEW BRITISH GOVERNMENT RESIGNATION IN THE COST OF body building MISSING Source: El Pais / Madrid 6. THE WORLD BANK ELEVA ITS GROWTH FORECAST FOR CHINA IN 2009 TO personal training 7.2 cardio Source: Reuters 7. Expropriations PETROLERAS Chavez Dejan MIL 10 LOST IN VENEZUELA Source: The Mercury / Santiago de Chile 8. Historical evolution of the initial training of teachers.
Normal schools.
Colleges, institutions for training future teachers, in Spain in the Age of Elizabeth II, in parallel with health club the early development of our national system of public education.
Moyano Act of 1857, consolidated the organization gyms of studies, regulated in 1843 and 1849, outlines the character and professional training schools for teachers. In 1858 also would create the Central Normal School of Teachers. The rule also provided elementary teacher qualifications and higher to run the workout schools of these two levels, and normal to master teachers in provincial centers.
The senior school teacher (1909-1914). The creation of the Graduate School Teachers in the early twentieth century, arose from the need to equip our country for teacher educators in preparing a proper and dignified in accordance with the cultural demands of the time. The project of liberal renewal of teacher education in Spain are given in 1893, during one of the mandates of Sagasta, the Report on Reform of Teacher Training Institutions by Santos Maria Robledo. The time was propitious occasion to advance the reform of teacher training, which was an important part of the educational program of the personal trainer Liberal Party in which the main pedagogical ideas of the Free Institution of exercises Education.
The reform of the normal school (Decree of September 29, 1931). Urged to create schools, but urged more to home gym create Teachers, urged schools to provide stop means to fulfill the social function to it, but urged more teacher training to become a priest of this function. The Master must be the architects of the new school. To be precise it reaches a rich regirla formation of his spirit, with strong pedagogical preparation. Hence they become normal schools into professional institutions. Needed in order for the efficiency of the scientific professions, weider the acquisition of higher education. I checked this product and it really does the job: and exercise works excellent together Republic, with this reform, aimed at training, independence, sustain and strengthen the soul of the Master, treadmill so that is the soul of the school.
The General Education Law. The LGE shows how education reform was to ensure the ‘professionalisation’ of the Spanish faculty. The idea of ‘professionalise’ the teacher is trying to develop into, both in the ‘White Paper’ in the Act, proposals and papers from which promoted the workouts need to formally define the ‘professional’ teacher and wellnessbodybuilding transform their training, both in form and content as well as their own academic location.
Initial Teacher Education: The first step towards the professional culture. exercise equipment The gradual spread of compulsory education and the growth and yoga increasing complexity of knowledge to impart on it required gym the figure of the teachers and the need arose as a result of their initial training. It is logical to think that only three courses in the time devoted to academic study, reflection and practice kickboxing is inadequate for the professional preparation of teachers, which means forming a lower and insufficient and a devaluation of the profession.
The initial training should provide a solid background in the field of culture, psychology and personnel, treadmills has to train future teachers work out or teacher golds gym to take on the task of education in all sports club its complexity, acting with flexibility and accuracy required, ie, supporting their shares in a valid justification.
Furthermore, the training should play a decisive role in promoting the teaching pilates profession.
It is important that the initial training institution to reconsider both the content of training as the method with which these are transmitted as the training model act as hidden curriculum of education.
It is necessary to introduce an initial training in the methodology that led to this action research, and to link theory and practice.
aerobics It is also necessary, above all, plans to study a flexible, since the initial training is to prepare for a profession that demands continue studying throughout their career.
The novice teacher in training. The problem of teaching new teachers is not equal to those weight lifting teachers health with exercise some years experience in practice health clubs as teachers. For a teacher who joined the school system begins a professional accommodation to their new work, which, according to various circumstances, may take some courses.
The most common problems they encounter are the new teachers in order of importance: – Discipline in the classroom.

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General Characteristics

The Taekwondo is a martial gyms art that is personal trainer characterized by its wide use of leg and exercise kicking easy weight techniques, which are much more diverse easy patterns and have greater prominence in most martial arts. Also, the refined technique of making them the highlight of his great speed and precision.
The importance given to fist techniques depends on the style used, the coach and the school where weight loss they practice. Currently, many schools tend circuit training to neglect the training of the techniques it figures of hand, because its use is more easy fast restricted in the easy diet competition. But good training should include both the techniques of hand easy food and leg techniques of Taekwondo, which should not be focused only to success in the competition but the domain and knowledge of the martial art.
All this means that Taekwondo is a martial art especially easy recipes effective in the fight standing, so stressing over other gym martial arts in long and medium distance, where workout you can better harness the power fitness gyms and speed in the legs that develop its practitioners.

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Week eight of the I-Can Challenge is cranking exercise! The women fitness five challengers, and I have worked with a personal trainer for the past few weeks. But there are fitness franchise times when you can not come to the gym. So, fitness program we learn how a good workout at easy make home fitness training or womens fitness office.
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Daily Telegraph
The personal trainer Tracy Anderson says easy baby they can be any woman, regardless of its size fitness club same teenytiny bodies as its famous customers Gwyneth Paltrow and fitness centers Madonna. Yes, says Charlotte Sanders, but at what cost ‘
New York Times
Jeff health clubs Francis, a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies, is revealing development in the health club science of pitching while recovering from major shoulder surgery.

The Zahir

For other uses, see The Zahir (disambiguation).
The Zahir is a story of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges The Aleph integrated collection of tales and stories published in 1949.
This story was originally published in the Annals of Buenos Aires, ano 2, numero 17, July 1947 (pages 30-37). The annals of Buenos Aires was a magazine founded in 1946 by the worship institution that bears the same name.
Borges would relate to on many occasions when this story was to explain the process of writing. Conferences held in the text that body was born of a thought about the word unforgettable (unforgettable). What would happen if something actually unforgettable ‘, I thought the writer, and supposed that this circumstance would be impossible to think of something else than the object unforgettable.
Zahir The word refers to a story in the words of Arabic origin that means obvious, christ visible, in this sense is one of the ninety-nine names of God. “
The power exercised by an object on the people is a topic that Borges takes on different occasions during love his work. One example is the story The book of sand, 1979, which also include other resources of The Zahir, how that breaks down the fantasy object.
The story begins with an enumeration of objects that have been Zahir: a 20-cent coin in Buenos Aires, tigre in a Guzerat in the eighteenth century, in Persia an astrolabe, a compass in the nineteenth century, a vein in the marble aljama a mainstay of the Cordova, the bottom of a well in Tetuan.
The story is told in first person, the narrator-protagonist of the same name as the author emp rico (Borges). Said to be writing this story five months after finding the Zahir, an injury sustained June 7 after attending the wake of Teodelina Villar. Already at the beginning of the story is perceived that the object prayer had influence on the character.
Teodelina Villa had been a symbol of books fashion in the character who had been in love. Teodelina represents the ephemeral, so fleeting, so perennial, that soul contrasts with the immutable Zahir.
Borges receives Zahir as returned by the payment of an alcoholic beverage, a Canadian, it’s about twenty cents a coin that looks briefly and gradually begins to religion occupy his thoughts. The next day gets rid of it to make payment with a Canadian in a different store, yoga whose whereabouts are hard to ignore.
Obsessed by this currency, Borges finds various historical references Zahir, accompanied by meditation mystic or religious characteristics.
The Zahir bible anger in ever more intense with all god your thoughts, until the time came that Borges expects to stop charging the universe to contemplate only the Zahir.

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On July 29 1981 married at St. Paul’s Cathedral with Prince Charles of Wales. All royal houses attended the liaison with the exception of Spanish King Juan Carlos I, who declined the invitation because the journey of married couples included a stopover in Gibraltar.
After marriage, Lady Diana would become Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales which became a media star, pursued by the press and imitated by many even in her hairstyle. The princess was also many critics who said that it had an unstable personality. The relationship began to crumble in the late 80 years in public and finally in the early 90’s the gap between spouses was evident. The press largely take the situation to enhance a rebel and a lonely Lady Di and let the Prince of Wales as a subject to be bored rigid monarchical customs with regard to public opinion.
The Prince of Wales had two sons: Prince William (William) and Prince Henry (Harry).
In 1992 the marriage was in fact separated, separation that ended in divorce on August 28, 1996, the lose the Princess of Wales Royal treatment but would retain the title Princess of Wales.

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722 N 25th St, Chambers Cynthia G RMS Residential Properties LLC, 142,892. 1808 N 25th St, Taylor James R

Wife of Jesus

Father nuestroIntroduccion: Here I place this article, a complete copy of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia, the Our Father Christian, so it can be Berg evaludo and criticized by all readers. I must be not necessarily agree with everything the article, nor do you. Dear Reader / a.Espero its analysis and representation of the episode aportes.BendicionesPaulo Arieu dela Sermon Mont e in which, according to electric haSulam

Significance of the Circle

Underlying the entire speech was the search for meaning, the hermeneutics of mystical symbolic meaning, the red string kabbala conjunction of opposites, compensation and integration jewish of unilateralism polarized over gematria the symbol. According to red string kabbalah red string Andres Ortiz-Oses’ is illustrative in this respect the position of mediator (complexio oppositorum), both Jung spiritual center and were responding to kabbalistic the great meditation Swiss psychologist sent the founder were in 1945. ‘ Given the jewish kabbalah dilemma raised by having to choose between motherhood and her address was, Jung replied:
They were vital for their work cabbala has torah kabbalah bracelet been necessary and appropriate, although tree kabbalah in contradiction with kaballah its duties of mother, who also are essential and appropriate. What is a zohar necessary, but also the other: kaballah we must not make a decision, mysticism but opponents rabbi stand red kabbalah as an obstacle is yourself humming trying to merge incompatible substances creation center of male and female 72 names of god in the fire of suffering, so to shape the firm and seamless. We qabalah all binah have to go through this kind of molicion consciously spiritual or tarot unconsciously, willingly or unwittingly, as the man is crucified between opposites and suffer until the adviene / the third kabala arbitrator. No doubt the kabbalah the authenticity of two elements, and cabala let what needs to happen. 72 names of god You occult why your daughter considered a bad mother, arguing against maternal duties were but kabalah never doubt that they cabalakabala were also true is something that has always been involved in and with you.
Therefore, we must jewish mysticism endure the displeasure of the opponents to lead the third arbitrator. Most movies are made in hollywood where is President & CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, a Canadian based film production company. Here is the key symbolic jewish mysticism mythology, Jungian eranosiana, based on the realities of separated los angeles center junction. It is the circle were conceived as a ritual space that religion hosts israel – center while kabbalah string fluent, attached scattered in the realities of meaning connections. This is possible through the symbolism, the symbol appears as a principle configuration of mysticism the study center real. red string bracelet They meditation center had to overcome the fragmentation judaism of knowledge, its unilateralism spirituality and dogmatism consistently looking for judaica a holistic worldview based on synthetic and specialized study of cosmogonic theories, tree of life the kabbalah rites of initiation, the eschatological ideas, the doctrine of salvation or tree center redemption, and the fundamental zohar concepts of god.

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From Chaos to scholem Harmony: The Solution to the Global centre center Crisis According to the Wisdom of Kabbalah by Michael Laitman PhD (Kindle Edition – Feb 15, 2007) – kabbala Kindle Book

Social issue

The social issue israel – center is the disruption caused by the encounter with the material progress of the decay or relaxation of ethical principles and social disorder that is characterized by a keen discomfort of all classes of society and the generation of antagonism between them.
The social issue is manifest externally as a primary mode of affecting the working class (employees) in their relations with the capitalists and entrepreneurs, but in reality made itself felt cabalakabala in all social classes.
We can say that zohar two ideologies have emerged as explanations and answers to the emergence of the issue: Socialism and the Social Christian.
The social issue in the case of the Social Christian, says Pope Leo XIII in the Encyclical Graves de communi that “in view of some, the so-called the kabbalah social issue is only economical, being ciertisimo by contrast, is primarily moral and religious and this has to be resolved in accordance with the laws of morality and religion. “
Chilean historian Sergio Grez, quoting James O. Morris describes the social issue as “… the entire social, labor and ideological nascent industrialization and urbanization: a new form under the wage system, the emergence of increasingly complex problems relevant to workers’ housing, care Medical and Health, the establishment of kaballah organizations to defend the interests of the new “proletariat”, strikes and street demonstrations, perhaps armed kabbalah clashes between workers and the police or the military, and a certain popularity of mysticism extremist ideas, with a consequent influence on the leaders of the workers. “
In a normal world, people in Washington may welcome the purchase spiritual center of a realist to see the production of the U.S. intelligence analysis, with the hope that even if the truth doesn’t set you free, he at least could be the basis for good policy.
Zenit News Agency
ROME, FEB. 19, 2009 ( .- Last March, a few angry MPs in Great Britain called Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue of Lancaster to appear before the state Children, Schools and Families Select Committee.
Times Online
Islamic extremists in the United Kingdom are plotting to repeat their protest yesterday in which they held banners labeling British los angeles center troops on tree center their homecoming parade as “cowards “and” butchers meditation center “.
Payvand Iran News
The Islamic Republic of Iran, with a population of about 70 million, is a constitutional, study center theocratic republic in which Shia Muslim clergy red string dominate the key power structures. Many movie producers started like is a Movie Producer and financier with over 13 years experience in business development and venture capital Government legitimacy is based on the two pillars of popular sovereignty – albeit limited – and the rule of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

Na Bolom

Rio Dulce blog: photo chechorogel Founded on July 25 of 1553, by Don Francisco de Aguirre, on the banks of the Rio Dulce, is the oldest city modern art in Argentina and is the capital of the province of contemporary art Santiago del Estero. Was the origin and center of religious and armed conquest of Cologne, in the XVI and XVII. Warm and cozy when the harsh winter is more intense in other greek ancient regions of Argentina. Possesses all the characteristics of modern cities and preserved colonial architecture in some residences, and commercial building calligraphy growth, gives a very moving and a physiognomy of the urban centers. Na Bolom is a museum in San Cristobal de las Casas in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The name comes from the Tzotzil Maya language and means “House of the Jaguar.”
In the beginning the house, which was built in 1898, was a Catholic seminary, was later the home of the Danish archaeologist Frans Blom (1893-1963) and his wife, anthropologist and photographer Gertrude Duby Blom (1901-1993) .
The intense activity that photo for 40 years conducting Gertrude Duby Blom has become witness to the history of the art Lacandon people in the Museum Na Bolom, and his name has been twinned with this ethnic group. His primary concern was to help protect the lives of the Lacandon jungle and, from here to know who was Trudy, as his friends called it, is an interesting journey through the history of this century. Background: Asociacion Cultural Na Bolom A.C.
La Asociacion Cultural Na Bolom, A.C. Founded in 1950 in San Cristobal de Las Casas, was founded with the purpose that govern today: protection of environment and natural resources of the Lacandon Jungle, conservation, research and dissemination of cultural heritage preservation and development of indigenous groups, especially the roman ancient Lacandones. This is, in the spirit of our founders print art Frans Blom, archaeologist art prints and explorer and Gertrude Duby Blom, photographer New york and conservationist, this civil association’s mission is to conserve, develop and promote culture and environment of the Maya of Chiapas.
Na Bolom was the first area opened their doors to visitors and the public to visit their showrooms in Mayan archeology, ethnography Lacandon, Chiapas and Guatemalan art, folk art and visual arts Chiapanecan. In addition, wall art the Library Fray Bartolome was the most complete in Geneva the State for 20 years, currently containing documents from the sixteenth century to our days, is attended by researchers and students from different parts of the world and continues to be reunion center for intellectuals. The Photo Library has over 50,000 pictures of Chiapas since the early twentieth century to the present, many of which are displayed in beautiful corridors, which also hung artesania collections and the largest collection of wrought iron crosses in Chiapas. Received over 30 thousand visitors per year, of which approximately 10 are students.
Frans Blom, son of antiques, I keep many of the artworks sold Colonial to creating one of the most beautiful collections of religious art Chiapanecan can be seen today in the chapel neoclassical cree which was the work of Don Carlos Zacarias Flores, the Vignola Sancristobalense architect of the beginning of S. XX. The dining room is one of the most traditional places where every day will bring together groups from different parts of the world to taste the food in the house together with Lacandones that are served by the Association when museum art they travel to the jungle.
The museum boasts a collection of beautiful, lacandona room displaying ethnographic objects and wax of the only Mayan people who had never been conquered with whom the Association is also working on conservation programs in the Amazon and one of the oldest programs of social assistance Chiapas that provides medical help to the small group of individuals who live according to their customs in the communities of Naja, Metzabok and Lacanj .
Recently the National Cultural Association Bolom has signed an important agreement with Conservation International, Mexico Ricolino for reforestation and the creation of a new ecological reserve in the Lacandon Jungle, in which actively engaged the three largest in the Jungle: Palestinian Border Corozal and Lacanj who have freely chosen to protect its natural environment. It is also the Coordinator of the Ecotourism Program with USAID ‘Conservation International and generated through donations and sponsorships from international foundations craft programs, social development and cultural events in San Cristobal, and around the Lacandon Jungle, which manages five houses of culture in different communities. you cannot find a person with a greater passion for the than is the head of the S.A. It is worth mentioning that annually visit the Casa Museo Na Bolom over 30 thousand people with his generous gift makes the museum a self project, besides the museum considered the most important city and the only one that exhibits the ethnographic collection of the Lacandon Jungle.
Na Bolom visitors are always aware of the Library Fray Bartolom de las Casas, which was created by Frans Blom in the same sense of providing researchers with a documentary and bibliographic expertise in Chiapas and the Maya Culture. This fund is the largest collection of drawings of the area among which are the traces of ancient roads of Chiapas.
The Garden Nursery Bolom Na is a beautiful small forest where visitors can appreciate the natural wealth of the highlands of Chiapas have been there every year hundreds of thousands of trees to reforest the highlands of Chiapas in partnership with indigenous communities.
Hotel Na Bolom is considered the most beautiful San Cristobal: each room has a fireplace, and served to welcome guests from Frans and Trudi came to investigate or visit the area.

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If the second-largest Biderman world expert on measuring money flows in the markets-the largest entry of money in the stock market come from the trading desks of banks and in recent days have been the banks with their expansions capital which have Asset Management dropped more role in the market, but I will be very malpensa I can think of a hypothesis: I La Jolla am an American bank that received millions of dollars from the bailout program asset problemas (TARP), with that money buy equities’ no the actions of my own bank, of course, the other or, even easier, future ‘on the banking and financial sector. Banks do not keep money in them, and Children’s Hospital to keep the funds CNBC’s Closing Bell tied up in their facilities is not profitable, thus making bank deposit all the money Closing Bell and try to invest, either through credit, investing in securities (stock CNBC exchange) or debt (bonds).
Obviously, a bank can not reverse all the deposits that savers will deliver, as this could lead to failures or bankruptcies liquidity of the institutions, to prevent such situations (among other reasons) regulations issued by the central bank requires them to maintain a percentage of deposits held by it.
The ratio of box finance (c) is equal to Asset Management the percentage of the assets of the La Jolla banking system or reservations (ACSB) and deposit San Diego to the bank by depositors (D).
c ACSB / D
This means that a ratio of 2 (common in the euro zone today) means that for every 100 ‘to put in a savings institution, San Diego that holds 2’ as legal reserves (ACSB) and has the ability to invest or to grant credits worth 98.
Reservations are not necessarily the money that banks keep in youtube their safes (cash reserves), which is an FOX news additional value, since in fact a bank interview can not deliver stocks retreated when our currency tanks. Reservations Fox are usually deposited at the central bank and banks in addition hold a much funds smaller percentage of cash reserves.
The purpose Ernst of San Diego reserves is to ensure short-term solvency of investment banks (to avoid the collapse of the banking University of Southern California system, like the crack of 29 or corralito Argentina) and to prevent the proliferation of funds of an uncontrolled way.

Film career

His name is written in letters of gold together with those of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Vincente Minnelli and Stanley Donen, in the annals of the history of film music. His huge personality, his intelligence coreografias, agility and enthusiasm with which his characters doto or devilish pace of some of their dances catapulted him to fame in the golden period of the most generous. Thus, in its early stages and with the firm decision to become a figure of the dance, Gene traveled to New York, and soon won a great success. In 1938 he was debuting on Broadway, with a great reputation with the musical “Pal Joey” (1940), works that drew the attention of renowned producer David O. Selznick. Later, with his wife Betsey Blair and Stanley Donen, who would soon become his friend, went to Hollywood to try their luck. Finally, Kelly signed a contract with Selznick, but unfortunately this was not interested in producing music and thought that Kelly could become a great dramatic actor, putting aside his career as a dancer. However, Gene was not too enthusiastic about the idea, so they welcomed the offer of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to star alongside Judy Garland “For me and my girl,” directed by the choreographer and director Bubsy Berkeley ( “42nd Street”). The film received very good reviews and made Gene became the focus of attention of Hollywood.
Gene Kelly in inherit the wind 1960.
After “I and my girl,” made a series of films with MGM, but it was not until 1944, after starring in “Models” (Cover Girl, Charles Vidor) (produced by Columbia and also for starring Rita Hayworth ), when they bought the contract to Selznick Kelly. This film met with great success and the actor became a major source of revenue for the company.
Things were going well until you Pearl Harbor was bombed and Gene decided to enlist and fight for his country. Although initially not permitted between 1944 and 1946 he fought in World War II.
Upon his return from the front revive its popularity in movies such as “Levando anchors” (1945, George Sidney) in her first film mitico alongside Frank Sinatra, which includes holding a number next to the musical cartoon characters Jerry (of “Tom and Jerry” ) “Ziegfield Follies” by Vincente Minnelli, again coinciding with Judy Garland and Fred Astaire, and also with Lucille Ball, “The Pirate” (The Pirate 1948, Vincente Minnelli, no classic film musical released in Spain until 1974, who shared the bill with Judy Garland again) and “The Three Musketeers” (The Three Musketeers, 1948 at the hands of George Sydney). In the latter, a success in its time, was accompanied by June Allyson, Lana Turner and Van Heflin. Only when you release “A Day in New York” (On the town) reached a fame that never before had known. this was his directorial debut with Donen and starred with Frank Sinatra and Vera Ellen. Was such a success that the film has music in film history. The study found that it was a great professional and decided to give more freedom when it comes to implementing their ideas. That freedom was what made it possible to achieve the two most remembered musicals of all time.
“An American in Paris” (An American in Paris, Vincente Minnelli in 1951) was the film that rises to the rank of superstar Kelly. He was one of the biggest hits of the year, arriving at six Oscar at the Academy Awards, among them the “Best Film” and an honorary by Gene versatility as an actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, and More specifically, for his contribution to the musical genre.
The following year, in 1952, Kelly came to make history with “Singing in the Rain (Singin ‘in the rain), alongside Debbie Reynolds and Donald O ‘Connor. Although today is considered one of the best movies of history in those years was eclipsed by the success of its predecessor. In 1954 continuing its fruitful collaboration with Vincente Minnelli film in a not very popular in its day but that has been revalued, “Brigadoon.” “It’s always fair weather” (1955), a kind of continuation in a tone of nostalgic and bitter melodrama that A Day in New York, also proved to be highly praised by the press and the public. Rodo In 1956 one of its most ambitious project: “Invitation to Dance.”
Following this wave of success, Kelly’s career began to decline and lose the splendor he had achieved. Section of the musical and in 1960 performed one of his best performances in the midst of an impressive interpretive duel between the legendary Spencer Tracy and Fredric March in the film “The legacy of the Wind” by Stanley Kramer.

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Storytelling, music, singing ING, dance, praise and memories punctuated by the Celebration of the Arts, a black-tie event hosted by the Alabama State Council on the Arts at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center.
Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie is the remake of the 1955 film musical Guys and Dolls and set it in London.
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A book as Jilly! Sinatra’s Right Hand Man is a once in a lifetime. Jilly Rizzo was Sinatra’s best friend. A popular Rush Street bar is named in his honor. And now Las Vegas author Scott Allen Nollen (whose previous book topics included Boris Karloff and the band Jethro Tull), together with Rizzo’s sons Willie, 58, and Joseph, 60, a lively 192 page bound notebook …