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Main article Monopolistic Competition: Monopolistic Competition Monopolistic competition is a market structure characterized by the presence of many companies that sell products heterogeneous close substitutes, but imperfect, with each other. Being heterogeneous products, each producer has some market power over the good it produces, as monopolistic competition can be defined as a market structure intermediate between monopoly and perfect competition. The classic model of monopolistic competition is due to the British economist Chamberlin. Chamberlin argues that, due to the heterogeneous nature of property and some market power held by each producer on them, the companies believe face a demand curve estimated or “imaginary”, whereby the decisions of other producers are given. But for the rest of competitors is not optimal to keep their decisions to a unilateral variation of the output of the ith company.Thus, there is a real demand curve, which reflects the decisions of all producers and that will determine the market equilibrium. In the short term, the market equilibrium is reached when the decisions taken by companies as the demand curve “imaginary” are consistent with the real demand curve. That is, at the point where both are equal. In the long run, under the assumption of free entry and exit, there can be no special benefit, so that equilibrium is reached at the point where the demand curve “imaginary” tangent to the long-run average cost and agrees with the actual market demand. The result is the excess capacity theorem Chamberlin, under which the company does not achieve the efficient level of production in the long term (minimum average cost). The key models of monopolistic competition is the existence of non-homogeneous products.This is usually explained by the existence of product differentiation, ie firms produce different varieties of the same asset, which gives them some market power over it. Product differentiation can be: horizontal, consumers demand goods with different characteristics, or vertical, consumers have a different willingness to pay for the same property. The classic model of horizontal differentiation is the Hotelling spatial competition (1929).

Only becomes male

Only becomes male eight weeks after conception. The doctor of medicine and neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine compiles the latest findings of science to show that the peculiar structure of the female brain determines how women think, what they value, how they communicate and whom they love. One of the main differences is the brain. The women’s brains are designed to speak more than the brains of men, women daily approximately 20,000 words uttered while men utter 7000, but this does not mean they have larger vocabularies, but they do so for a long longer than men, first by talking a lot more and especially faster than men and using a major work of his brain.All this is because women’s brain is different from men, is predefined for different functions, and it shows the difference in specialized neurons in every brain function, in the case of women, the neurons are very superior to men in many aspects, including the communication function. It is also true that men talk less but are expressed in a more direct and concise phrases instead women are more intricate and indirect. Women bring out to express their feelings, not ndoseles in the intonation of his speech, gestures and body movements, however the man has the same expression as if speaking of something cheerful, as if talking about something sad. These differences in communication generated much discussion within couples: the man complains of having to guess the thoughts because of unclear or phrases with double meanings, while the woman, meanwhile, complain of the lack of emotion and firmly without feeling. According to some scientific studies done about the fact that women’s body is flooded with highly addictive chemicals, comparable to some of them existing drugs heroin. These same scientists also say that studies the brains of men are conditioned by the sex hormone textosterona, this is responsible for the stronger man, but also the increased sexual appetite, otherwise the women who have much less than of that hormone.

Musical and vocal

Musical and vocal arrangements of Ray Conniff said other conductors for the vocal arrangements for choir and musical events for the varied rhythms of his music. Conniff recorded from jazz standards of the big bands of the 1940s and 1950s, to pop classics by authors such as Simon Garfunkel, Burt Bacharach, The Beatles, The Carpenters, among many others. He popularized the theme of the film Doctor Zhivago (1965), “Lara’s Theme”, a composition by Maurice Jarre that Conniff became a successful pop with the title “Somewhere My Love” and for which he won a Grammy in 1966. In 1997, after spending just over 40 years personally and professionally linked to Columbia Records, Ray Conniff signed a new contract with PolyGram, multinational, with whom he recorded three albums: Ray Conniff live in Rio, I love movies and tribute to Frank Sinatra called My Way.His fondness for Latin and Brazilian music led him to include classics like “Besame Mucho”, “El dia que me quieras”, “Frenesi,” “Green Eyes”, “Brazil”, “Aquarela do Brasil”, “The Condor Pasa “,” Caballo Viejo “, among many others. For this reason, Conniff became very famous in Latin American countries, thanks in part to its continued participation in the International Song Festival of Vi a del Mar. He also recorded several hits Camilo Sesto famous singer in the 1980s and played in live with his orchestra and a choir of eight people at large as football stadiums in Vi a del Mar. He died in Escondido, California, following a fall in the bathroom, and was buried at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles , California.

File Formats

The clip art available in a wide range of formats. It is important for users of clipart, understand the differences between different file formats so they can use that is appropriate for a given image and achieve results with resolution and detail they need. The clip art file formats are divided into two different types: bitmap and vector graphics. The formats of bitmap (or raster images) are generally used to describe rectangular images made up of a grid of pixels in black and white or multicolored. The bitmap images are always limited in quality by their resolution, which can be fixed at the same time it creates the. If the image is not rectangular, the image is recorded by default on a white background bordered by a rectangular frame in which the image is attached.Because the resolution of bitmap images has a resolution determined and set by the size of this, can produce effects of granular teeth or lack of sharpness or definition, this is not the ideal format for printing at a later . This problem should be added that these same effects are seen when scaling an image of this type on a computer monitor. Some of these formats (such as Apple PICT format) can withstand < > which allows bitmap images and have transparent backgrounds or images that have antialiasing. Images used on websites are often based on bitmap formats such as GIF, JPEG and PNG. The GIF format is one of the simplest, for example, can support only 256 colors per image. In return the advantage of being extremely small files. Other widely used formats are BMP (Windows bitmap), TGA and TIFF.Many clipart are delivered at low resolution bitmap formats, have the disadvantage that you can not climb, do not allow transparent backgrounds or good impressions. However, they are ideal for photos, especially when combined with a loss understanding algorithms such as JPEG files. In contrast to the format or bit image, the vector graphics file formats use geometric modeling to describe an image as a series of points, lines, curves and polygons. Because the image is described using geometric data instead of fixed pixels, this can be scaled to any size while maintaining a resolution independent of size. This means that the image can be printed to the highest resolution that supports the printer. The result is a very definite and clear.Vector formats are very good resolution and easy to compared to bitmap formats, but not so widely, supported by software and are not as well available for storing images such as a scanned photograph. Before the early 2000s, vector illustration tools could produce virtually the same illustrations as bitmaps with the advantages of vector file formats. The most common vector file formats are EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), Adobe. Microsoft has a much simpler. A format much less sophisticated file called WMF (Windows Metafile). The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has developed a new format called SVG vector and based on XML that can be supported by most new web browsers. For example, Firefox and Opera support this format.For users with experience or interest in the work of publishing, working with vector file formats is best, since the vector clipart images are more flexible and higher quality.


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Criticism of software

Criticism of software project management Some software can not be derived from a healthy method of project management. For example, displaying the Gantt chart view by default encourages users to focus on the task scheduling too early, rather than identifying objectives and distributions. This is solved by new technologies and monitoring tools, management and monitoring of projects that enable proactive decision making to making the necessary adjustments while minimizing costs and overtime. The standardization, technology transfer through the consideration of best practices entered into the tool, producing better corporate results. Some people may achieve better results using a simpler technique, (eg pen and paper), but do not consider … and are complicated by large numbers. Similar to PowerPoint, project management software can protect the important interpersonal contact administrator.New types of software are challenging the traditional definition of project management. Often, users of project management software are not really managing a discrete project. For example, managing ongoing marketing and launch of a product is not a “project” in the traditional sense, does not involve the management of discrete resources working on something with a start / end discreet. Groupware applications now add “the characteristics of project management” that directly support this type of management of a project to footwork. The classically trained project managers can discuss whether it is “sound project management.” However, the end users of such tools the cover as such, and the de facto definition of the term Project Management may change. When many large projects, software project management can be very useful.However, probably you should not use management software if it has one small project, because the management software takes too long.

Organizational measures

Typically, large organizations have a department organized attention to its impact on user posts. Is often called help desk and incident management and can be outsourced. This department is usually divided into two levels of support.


We offer a comprehensive consulting process designed to align and empower individuals, teams and companies to provide better service for personal gain and collective. The consultancy includes the following: UNDERSTANDING SYSTEMIC Through visits, talks and workshops gives an overview of the organization, defines the desired state and what to improve to catch up. CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS Meetings are held specifically designed to identify gaps and build creative and innovative solutions to problems previously identified by promoting the use of individual skills and team synergy.They are designed strategies and define actions and projects to achieve the proposed solutions. Learning Laboratory They develop programs and workshops through which it provides information, suggestions and experiences that allow participants to use skills and develop concrete proposals to the practical application of acquired knowledge in their daily performance.

Contemporary Art

During the 4th semester taking the matter of Contemporary Art, has made us think and see from another point of view that is really the art and especially as its name implies, this semester admire artists and works of this genre, as I’m concerned, I was fascinated to see contemporary work, where I met more about such renowned artists and celebrities such as Jackson Pollock, David Lachapelle, James Rosenquist, just to mention a few. The art is simply a means or a tool that helps us interpret our own ideas of what we experience or see. Besides us to have a more objective critique of the perception of things, just as objectively take other opinions or viewpoints. All this has helped us as multimedia designers to expand our understanding of art as such and not being locked into a single idea or notion of things.

Even The Sky Has Been Inflated

When the first time was nearing, the silence was present in South Caldera. Just the gigantic drops of rain on the concrete broke the quitud of almost 9 thousand fans Aucas Dad who gathered in Chillogallo Saturday. The narration transmitted by radio from Guayaquil Tarqui sang a penalty. “Lack of professional Rocafuerte area. The keeper charged the deals with these incredible, who saved!.Auction, auction, threw gooooooooooool! Goooooooooooooooooooool of Rocafuerte!. “At that second goal to give hope was fading. What a pain in the eyes, tears qu . Even the sky cried victory and decline Rocafuerte Acuas Dad. The second half started with only the applause of victory nearly useless Idol. Earned then 4 to 0, and so metiera a million more goals, it did not help to stay alive in the series b. The reality hit every second memory of the fans: the Rocafuerte was winning in Chone, and Aucas, the team of people, losing the category. The rain intensified, the little fans left the stadium, icluso before the game concluded. Others remained in their places, crying the decline Aucas Dad.The 90 minutes were closed in the pupils of the fans, who chanted songs in the Idol of the village and down, almost finished. In dressing the players hugged, sobbing, lamenting. The Colombian David Mathieu, sobbing, refusing to leave the country with a hanging drop on their backs. The pain was the rainy afternoon in the empty bleachers, lojados by the storm and tears of the team that once played as a classic, with the Liga de Quito.