Call Attention to Your Campaign: Radicalism and Quality

Create a sense, and whether it is with humor, albeit black, causing a smile, the better. This campaign Pedigree Pal on a new light to feed dogs, is not more radical power. And necessary. Whether online or offline, all you have to make a campaign like this one of Pedigree Pal, is to draw attention and which speaks of it as faith that it is getting.

The animation and the advertising world should be united more of what they actually are. A good example is the announcement of The People? S Republic of Animation (the name of the agency reminds me a very good campaign Ikea) of the new Mitsubishi Lancer, I have seen on Cartoon Brew. Safer in a Wild World is its title.

As with the campaign Pedigree Pal, playing again with the nuances, with things that happen if you do not have evidence or the product, with security against the wild side of life, from the viewpoint of a child.

Both campaigns mark a significant contrast in the idea on how to bring the message. Well radically, either in product quality. Both are very valid. Both transcend both the online world as offline.
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