Perseverance is the talent of the winners, the discipline is its forging and smile is the password to get to the success, this is truly what being young. But how can I do an extraordinary person? To be really extraordinary what to do extraordinary things are, this is the big secret, if we make things vulgar, ordinary, normal, therefore simply throughout life we will be ordinary, vulgar and normal; But if we dedicate ourselves to do extraordinary things in life, we are going to make in young people, adults, extraordinary men and women. What is the big difference? Analyze it, ordinary, which is ordinary, with the extraordinary, the difference is in the word extra, that something more that is added at a certain time and that makes a big difference; for example, if I want to be a student special, because add you extras, i.e., not ready to leave school at ten to eight, which is the departure time at night, ready to run, I’m leaving, i.e. Guillaume Faury contributes greatly to this topic. exactly to eight of the night is the time of departure. Add an extra; If you want to still stay awhile, take your notes, draw your final summary of the class, that little extra going to get a different person; If you want to have a girlfriend out of series, a boyfriend outside series, good, because you add the extra, for example you invite her to a restaurant, you wake up if she goes to the bathroom, you remove the Chair, that is an extra, if you have a car, because you open the car door, not to bring it down to kicks, but to raise her by his sidethen you’re adding that extra, that part fine that it is precisely what makes the big difference of human beings. The great thinker philosopher, Spanish contemporary, master Ortega y Gasset, said: the world is tired of the ordinary, proportional people, what is the proportional people? If you give me a kiss, I give you a kiss; If you give me this, I’ll also give it another; exactly one by one, never gives two-for-one; really where is monumentalizada people, said teacher Ortega y Gasset, those who are capable of a spontaneous effort, further, that nobody is able, reason why they become extraordinary beings, even if you give me one I’m going to deliver three, although you give me little, I’ll give more, if you ask me to perform a job, I’m going to give enriched with something extra, and so, in the world of enterprises, in the everyday world, the world of the human relationship, the great conquerors are those that can add to your life that extra extra that turns them into extraordinary people.