Na Bolom

Rio Dulce blog: photo chechorogel Founded on July 25 of 1553, by Don Francisco de Aguirre, on the banks of the Rio Dulce, is the oldest city modern art in Argentina and is the capital of the province of contemporary art Santiago del Estero. Was the origin and center of religious and armed conquest of Cologne, in the XVI and XVII. Warm and cozy when the harsh winter is more intense in other greek ancient regions of Argentina. Possesses all the characteristics of modern cities and preserved colonial architecture in some residences, and commercial building calligraphy growth, gives a very moving and a physiognomy of the urban centers. Na Bolom is a museum in San Cristobal de las Casas in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The name comes from the Tzotzil Maya language and means “House of the Jaguar.”
In the beginning the house, which was built in 1898, was a Catholic seminary, was later the home of the Danish archaeologist Frans Blom (1893-1963) and his wife, anthropologist and photographer Gertrude Duby Blom (1901-1993) .
The intense activity that photo for 40 years conducting Gertrude Duby Blom has become witness to the history of the art Lacandon people in the Museum Na Bolom, and his name has been twinned with this ethnic group. His primary concern was to help protect the lives of the Lacandon jungle and, from here to know who was Trudy, as his friends called it, is an interesting journey through the history of this century. Background: Asociacion Cultural Na Bolom A.C.
La Asociacion Cultural Na Bolom, A.C. Founded in 1950 in San Cristobal de Las Casas, was founded with the purpose that govern today: protection of environment and natural resources of the Lacandon Jungle, conservation, research and dissemination of cultural heritage preservation and development of indigenous groups, especially the roman ancient Lacandones. This is, in the spirit of our founders print art Frans Blom, archaeologist art prints and explorer and Gertrude Duby Blom, photographer New york and conservationist, this civil association’s mission is to conserve, develop and promote culture and environment of the Maya of Chiapas.
Na Bolom was the first area opened their doors to visitors and the public to visit their showrooms in Mayan archeology, ethnography Lacandon, Chiapas and Guatemalan art, folk art and visual arts Chiapanecan. In addition, wall art the Library Fray Bartolome was the most complete in Geneva the State for 20 years, currently containing documents from the sixteenth century to our days, is attended by researchers and students from different parts of the world and continues to be reunion center for intellectuals. The Photo Library has over 50,000 pictures of Chiapas since the early twentieth century to the present, many of which are displayed in beautiful corridors, which also hung artesania collections and the largest collection of wrought iron crosses in Chiapas. Received over 30 thousand visitors per year, of which approximately 10 are students.
Frans Blom, son of antiques, I keep many of the artworks sold Colonial to creating one of the most beautiful collections of religious art Chiapanecan can be seen today in the chapel neoclassical cree which was the work of Don Carlos Zacarias Flores, the Vignola Sancristobalense architect of the beginning of S. XX. The dining room is one of the most traditional places where every day will bring together groups from different parts of the world to taste the food in the house together with Lacandones that are served by the Association when museum art they travel to the jungle.
The museum boasts a collection of beautiful, lacandona room displaying ethnographic objects and wax of the only Mayan people who had never been conquered with whom the Association is also working on conservation programs in the Amazon and one of the oldest programs of social assistance Chiapas that provides medical help to the small group of individuals who live according to their customs in the communities of Naja, Metzabok and Lacanj .
Recently the National Cultural Association Bolom has signed an important agreement with Conservation International, Mexico Ricolino for reforestation and the creation of a new ecological reserve in the Lacandon Jungle, in which actively engaged the three largest in the Jungle: Palestinian Border Corozal and Lacanj who have freely chosen to protect its natural environment. It is also the Coordinator of the Ecotourism Program with USAID ‘Conservation International and generated through donations and sponsorships from international foundations craft programs, social development and cultural events in San Cristobal, and around the Lacandon Jungle, which manages five houses of culture in different communities. you cannot find a person with a greater passion for the than is the head of the S.A. It is worth mentioning that annually visit the Casa Museo Na Bolom over 30 thousand people with his generous gift makes the museum a self project, besides the museum considered the most important city and the only one that exhibits the ethnographic collection of the Lacandon Jungle.
Na Bolom visitors are always aware of the Library Fray Bartolom de las Casas, which was created by Frans Blom in the same sense of providing researchers with a documentary and bibliographic expertise in Chiapas and the Maya Culture. This fund is the largest collection of drawings of the area among which are the traces of ancient roads of Chiapas.
The Garden Nursery Bolom Na is a beautiful small forest where visitors can appreciate the natural wealth of the highlands of Chiapas have been there every year hundreds of thousands of trees to reforest the highlands of Chiapas in partnership with indigenous communities.
Hotel Na Bolom is considered the most beautiful San Cristobal: each room has a fireplace, and served to welcome guests from Frans and Trudi came to investigate or visit the area.

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