Pie fights

A cake fight (Fight Pie) is a type of flame that is characterized by burning and highly emotional arguments on a marginal issue that has little or nothing to do with the usual theme of the forum in question, but it becomes so vehement that overshadow any other topic of discussion. Pie fights trolls can be initiated by using primers for both enrage the other users posting messages to make inappropriate or offensive. Unfortunately, this usually produces more interrupcion the forum otherwise.
The term “pie fight” comes from an event in June 2005 in Daily Kos, a website about liberals and progressives, in which administrators agreed to an ad that showed two women wearing little jumping untandose the cakes and a the other cream and filling. This ad was referring to the TBS reality show, The Real Gilligan‘s Island.
Despite the fact that the announcement was related only marginally to the overall theme of discussion at Daily Kos, domino inputs and feedback from users blogs for several days. The unease generated by the acceptance of this announcement caused the cessation of participation in the forum for several well-established members of the community of the Daily Kos.