By 1955 the time of opening of the CA Ron Santa Teresa brought to market with three products, Letter Red, White and People’s Charter, but the overwhelming success of the company would see it from 1958 with the market launch of Gran Reserva Santa Teresa flagship product. Between 1965 and 1968 preset other products, first letter of Gold and Silver and Senator after Senator Gold traded in 1969 and then in 1974 Colonial Top, one of the most recognized brand, although the latter because of its low price and popularly known and “Bottom”. In 1983 launched a product for the segment increased purchasing power, the Ron Extra A ejo Selecto, who managed to position itself in the premium segment. The success of the company in that segment were launched in 1986 is another product for this category, the Select Bicentennial.In the early nineties the Venezuelan political and economic crisis, coupled with the expansion in the Venezuelan market of imported alcoholic products, mainly the whiskey do you start a new stage in the company and in 1996 launched Super Premium Rum Santa Teresa 1796, then in 1997 with the intention to diversify the market produce a rum and orange liqueur called Rhum Orange. In mid-2000 decided to replace by Santa Teresa Carta Blanca White and a year later sold a liquor Araku Rum and Coffee. In 2002, another product launch Private Cellar, despite all these attempts, your product is displaced by Gran Reserva Rum Cacique. Its main competitors in the Venezuelan market are Cacique, Pampero and Diplomat. Since 2005 begins the process of internationalization of the brand.