Siglo XX

tremendous history in Israel The twentieth century is the century past. Began in 1901 and ended in 2000. Despite this fact, the idea is widely understood that the years 1900-1999, which is inaccurate.
The twentieth century has been characterized by advances in technology, medicine and science in general end of slavery (at least nominally), liberation of women in most countries, but also by despotism and human crisis, which causing effects such as world wars, genocide and ethnocide, policies of social exclusion and widespread unemployment and poverty. As a result, deepened the inequalities in social development, economic and technological terms and in the distribution of wealth between countries, and large differences in quality of life of people in different regions of the world. In the last years of the century, especially from 1989-1991 with the collapse of the collectivist regimes in Europe, started the phenomenon called globalization.