The angel Metatron

Later, the Hebrew myth turns into the angel Henoc assistant and advisor to Lord Elohim and also on children patron saint of all who study the Torah.
According to the Sefer Hejalot (Midrash on the secrets of heaven, closely related to the Book of Henoc):
The wise and virtuous Henoc ascended into heaven, where he became the chief advisor of Lord Elohim, and since then he was called Metatron. Elohim Lord put his own crown on the head of Henoc and gave seventy-two wings and numerous eyes. The meat of Henoc be turned into flame, fire in the tendons, bones into embers, torches in their eyes, the hair on light rays, and wrapped it the storm, the whirlwind, thunder and lightning.
Metatron would be a Hebrew corruption of the Greek goal-Drom, “which pursues with a vengeance ‘, or meta ton zronon,’ close to the throne.”
The Setit (descendants of September) to vote for life of celibacy and wearing hermit, according to the example of Henoc.
According to the Genesis 5.22-24, Henoc was a just man,