Top 10 Sites and Tools. More than 5 characters

symbolic sites. Top 10 Google It’s more than the most powerful search engine. For its products spend most of your traffic. It says: if not indexed in Google, do not exist. Facebook It is the most popular social network, is a source of trends. It has grown, crushed to other networks and moved into popular culture. YouTube Popular video on the Internet. It is a source of visual information and a user-friendly access to upload and embed videos. Wikipedia Paradigmatic for free and inclusive character. He created a habit of production and consumption of information. Was installed as a consultation center. Twitter He installed the microblogging and feel of real time. In its ever-growing network can track trends and information. Blogger The platform more accessible to most users. It is the gateway to the world and culture blogger. LinkedIn It is the social network that I find most useful.Installed the way to have a resume online and do business-related contacts or jobs. Flickr It is exemplary for its popularity. As charitable it becomes a tool when seeking interesting images. Google News The front door to take a quick look at the world news o. It is an indispensable search tool. Alexa Allows for comparisons between sites and global and regional information on usage metrics. Tools. Top 10 Google Reader RSS Reader indispensable to monitor websites, blogs and media. Blogger Complete tool and easy.It has its limitations but little can be done well and indexes. Google Calendar It’s simple and very useful for important events or dates journalistically. You can join a site, shared and used as an agenda for readers. Google docs Using Office applications anywhere and on any computer with Internet access.