Zune 2

Players of the second generation Zune
As of November 13, 2007, Microsoft started to sell in the United States the second generation of Zune digital cellular providers music player, with which the giant informatico Apple hopes to wrest the lucrative market for Internet music cell phones downloads.
The Zune is available in three versions. The model is the most capacity of 80 gigabytes (80 GB), which uses a hard disk to store files, whether music, photos or video. This model is wireless providers capable of playing MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, T-Mobile WMA DRM (Digital Rights Management) DRM version of the Zune TMobile Pass, mobile phones as well as videos encoded with WMV, h.264 and MPEG-4. The LCD is 3.2 inches and a resolution of 320×240 pixels. In addition, all versions of Zune (4, 8, 30 and 80 GB) with FM radio tuner with RDS and the wireless phones ability to synchronize with a computer to transfer files wirelessly via WiFi.
Models 4 and 8 Gb memory used “flash” for storing files, allowing them to have cellular phone plans dimensions cell phones smaller TMobile than the 80 Gb With HTC a 1.8 inch screen and a resolution of 320×240 pixels, can reproduce same audio and video formats that version more. The Zune 80 GB costs 250, while Nokia the 8 GB is priced at cellular coverage 200 and candy bar phone 150 for 4 GB.
As announced in early October Efe director of multicultural marketing giant informatico, the three players with menus in Spanish, like the digital music store on the Internet for the Zune, Zune Marketplace. ” Farfan said also that “The new Zune is an alternative to other digital music players” and that the U.S. Latino audience. UU. “the host very well.”
The main aim of Microsoft with this player is scratching the market leader in the industry, the Apple iPod from Apple to launch its digital music player, the company has sold 100 million players, as well as hundreds of millions of songs through your internet service iTunes. While the first version of Zune, 30 GB, sold slider phone 1.2 million units (in the U.S.. UU.). In July 2007, the number 2 plans and cellular phones Microsoft director of global operations, Kevin Turner, suggested that the Redmond-based company (USA) was the only one able Samsung to break the hegemony of the iPod. “We sold T-Mobile a million units (the Zune). Some would say it is a very respectable amount for his first year. The LG truth is that we have learned a lot,” he said. “There is a new generation to come this fall and Motorola more products and offers. But they will be better, thanks to a million units sold. If we do not, who will have free phones you competing with iPod,” he said. zune before 2009 face a crisis that I programacion frozen zune all the world.

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