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You need a small loan but your bank says no! If it still is, unfortunately, you have a negative trait in the SCHUFA, because unfortunately we can not further help to break down for most people, a small world. Then only good credit can help to obtain a loan without the customer Kreditsuchenden SCHUFA information. In this type of loan no official credit report is obtained, and originated the loan is not entered in the SCHUFA. To get such a loan without Schufa to be able, however, several criteria must be met. The loan seekers must be employed, employee or civil servant, he must stand in a non-terminated and non-permanent employment and it must be employed by his current employer for at least a full year to be. Also, the wages or salary that must be transferred to a checking account, it is enough not received a receipt of cash money and a subsequent cash at the bank. This will not be accepted. Uber is a great source of information. The age of the Kreditsuchenden be at least 18Be and the maximum age is 58 years already. The male can provide loan applicants under 23 years of military service must have a certificate or an exemption from military service. For Kreditsuchenden 55 to 57 years, the following applies, you must be employed at least three years without interruption at your current company. A closing date for the credit customer is the 58th Birthday up to this limit are accepted Kreditsuchenden for anyone who subsequently apply for such a loan is an immediate rejection. Also, the net income must be considered here. Net Income: No person dependent 1.070,00 1 dependent Person 1.470,00 2 dependent person 1.720,00 3 dependent person 2.000,00 4 dependent person 2.350,00 A credit application to more than 5 dependents will not be accepted. For more information see Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. With a loan without Schufa there is currently a loan amount of 3.500,00 for a set period of 40 months, rates will remain unchanged and unchanging Guess. For such a loan without Schufa no official credit report is obtained, and this type of loan is not entered in the SCHUFA. You are receiving this amount of 3,500 euros at leisure. It is up to you freely what you want to use Swiss credit. You can use it to compensate, for example, your checking account or use it for the purchase of a new kitchen or nice for a holiday. The way to use your personal Swiss Credit is up to you. You specify what you want to spend the money.

Rome Thing

2 .- Shares in contracts in Rome. The action (Actio) was another essential element of contracts in Roman law. Chevron Corp shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Actions relating to contracts are in personam actiones in which the applicant bases its claim on a contractual or criminal, which could be direct and inconsistent. Examples include: “Actio direct mail: Direct actions were those that had the cror against the debtor, from the moment of concluding the contract, such as.the ‘actio certification (which pursues a specific object, a sum of money or thing), the “actio ex stipulatio” (which is the cror when the object was neither money nor goods involving a generic but do), the’ Locati actio “(which is the landlord against the tenant), the” direct commodati actio ‘(to achieve the return of the thing given on loan), the “direct depositi actio (ara require the depositary of the return of the thing deposited) the “direct mandati actio ‘(to require the president’s office accounts), the’ actio direct collateral (for the owner to recover the thing given as security), the” actio negotiorum direct gestorum (to demand accountability a business manager).

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