Forrest Gump

Who knows really what is life? Can someone decipher this mystery? Why we host in our brain the darkness of ignorance and the cobwebs of ignorance? Once said the famous German writer Ghoete that there is nothing more dangerous than an active ignorant and man was absolutely right. One can not go through the world without knowing what it brings between hands, it must be espabilar once and scare off the head, as if a drawer unit fly were, that exacerbated illiteracy, that deep ignorance, that mental empanada making man as small as an Ant, as simple as a bottle of water (without gas)so imbecile as one who believes that he is beyond good and evil, so vulgar as an espadrille of esparto and above all extremely delayed that it ends up being the last row, tail wagon, Red Lantern, donkey class, the more awkward Squad, the bottom of the category or a full lelo as Forrest Gump without However care must be taken, however, with these false preachers of the 21st century, with those new prophets of the era of computing, the bottle and the interests usurers of the capitalist banking, with a sermon I cheap, own a telemarketer or a marketing strategy studied homespun will tell you that you’ve departed from the path of truthof reason and knowledge, and seek to delve into your mind, to those, or case. Always, better alone than badly accompanied, the excursion begins and the ascent of the mountain of reason and truth is a long, hard shifting, so that during the tour that you don’t forget to drink a large drinks from the sources of knowledge that you will find along the way. Try to remove as much faster than your cerebral hemisphere, that crust of underdevelopment that politicians contribute year after year to the daily life of the patient and long-suffering citizen foot, thanks also to these bad social habits acquired blow swallow everything and especially the sticky tradition (outdated tradition) that some (or many) confused with folk wisdom and that so many ills is capable of causing the coexistence between people often ignorance takes over all of us and sticking to our being as the oxide to the plate just confusing one with what another reaching an endpoint that is not enough to know moreYou must first to unlearn to to start over and learn again. Dara Khosrowshahi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.