Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ever wondered what is the main factor that will help you succeed in your venture and in your life? An excellent academic performance and a well renumbered work? Study at a prominent University? A myriad of diplomas hanging on your wall? No! It is something much more valuable than that. This is his mentality. What are your thoughts? What are the thoughts that cross his mind to lay your head on your pillow every night? Are thoughts of fear or trust? Faith or lack of hope? Failure or victory? What few people know is the weight that the answers to these questions. They are these patterns of thought that will have the last word in their daily work and determine if it will reach the success or if you get a failure in everything what they undertake. Their mentality was forged from his early childhood. Without realizing it, you adopted certain ways of thinking because of its education, social and physical, and also to the whole of their experiences and experiences acquired during the course of his life. Thoughts acquired during his life a whole comprise its mentality, which will determine their beliefs, their decisions and their way of acting.

Consequently, if you feel bad, it will have negative thoughts and take bad decisions, which will finally determine an outcome unfavourable to his venture. The Bible says: what a man thinks, that is (Proverbs 23: 7).Your subconscious is designed to keep it in line with their beliefs. Therefore, anything that you determined to believe in its interior, is disclosed externally. His life may be limited by negative patterns of thinking in this moment, without that you are aware of this. How can become a slave of his thoughts, without realizing it is said that in India, country in which elephants are still used for daily work, the dressage of these giant mammals occurs follows: when the elephant is still very small, tied a limb with a string to a stick.