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Media Game to them not cies

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PROGRAMMING 2005 – 2006 – 2007

2005 LIVE BETTER May Estr sHipertensi n – Dr. Laspiur (cardiologist) Oral Health Cervical Cancer – Mg. Pereyra (nurse) Food June Sports Prof. Jos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) Breastfeeding Sleep July Mg energy drinks. Ola Estela Castro (nutritionist) Summary of topics covered August Diabetes Dr. Trejo (medical) Physical Exercise Prof. Jos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) Prostate Mg. Pereyra (nurse) September Dr. Oral HealthGonzalez (dentist) Panic, anxiety, depression Food Tips October Oral Health Dr. Gonzalez (dentist) SexualidadT cnicas body Benefits of activity in the water November Skin hydration after-sun Diabetes Dr. Trejo (medical) Epilepsy Dr. Jorge Floridia (medical) 2006 LIVE BETTER KNOW March SAVIC Service to Victim Dr. Alonso (lawyer) Sexual Harassment – Violence Sound, Music and Health Ergonomics April Oral Health Dr. Gonzalez (dentist) The phone Lic Health Casermeiro — Mg Univ Welfare Sec.Chavez Deaf Association Ms Saavedra (audiology) Different types of diets May Physical activity Prof. Jos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) Activity in the elderly Mr. Barrios Ms. Jimenez Sec Univ Extension School children talents Mr. Albero (psychologist) Epilepsy Dr. Jorge Floridia (medical) June Chagas “Dr. Lacunza-Feedback — Dr. Young German (medical) Reflections on aging Physical Activity World Football Mr. Dario Barrios (Physical Educ) Water and other food July Breastfeeding Mr. Moi (nurse) Health Promoting Schools Prof. Graciela Cruz Violence, alcohol and drugs August Prof. Physical ActivityJos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) School nutritionists Mr. Guzman and Perez Ms. Pastrana Communications and disability Children and alimentaci nCeliacos Lic Idoeta (nutritionist) September Fats in Food October Dr. Monica Gelsi Sexuality (medical) Kitchen specialty foods Stress Prof. Noni cuggie (On Physics) Rubella – Vaccination Dr. Linares (doctor) Mr. Moi (nurse) Mr. Estrada Ellis Nursing (Nurse) November Mr. Forsyth Obesity (nutrition) Mr. Romero HIV Project (statistics) Diabetes Dr. Trejo (medical) Psychology, violence, Regressions Mr. Abdenur Nutrition Lic first levelBurgos (nutritionist) 2007 LIVE BETTER KNOW April Prof. Nancy Cardozo Cileu UNSa Health Directorate. Dr. Manfred Aguilera – Ms. Amalia Moi Lic morning after pill, Correa Rojas Road Safety Week and Dr. Manfred Aguilera security May Ms. Amalia Vaccines Moi – The Morning-after Dr. Marian Casares Foreign health agencies for Salta provincial Alejandra Casermeiro Global Climate Change Environmental Action Foundation Celia nutritional Trogliero Graphics June Vaccines – Ms. Amalia Moi Gloria performed as writer Lise Dr. Victor Passamai Renewables Nutrition Program – Practice discipline Lic

After 1969

The crisis dragged on and got worse as the economic and institutional problems were not solved. However, the hospital continued excellent level of care, to which the alien was no continuity in the Post-Graduate Institute and the activities of the College of Nurses, to a large extent, could overcome the shortage of staff and resources materials. This second stage begins with the insufficient economic support that resulted in the recruitment with the Social Security one of their flags, until it built care homes in Cantabria.To solve the general crisis faced by the institution, came the decree of the Council of Ministers on 24 April 1969 Private Charitable Foundation extinguished the Casa de Salud Valdecilla Foundation to create a Public Hospital Services and Welfare “Marqu s de Valdecilla” which is incorporated in the Casa de Salud Valdecilla, “without losing their personality or misuse of the will of its founder” composed as a special unit, in that foundation, under the supervision of the Provincial Government of Santander, which provides, the same, Provincial Maternity Hospital, Kindergarten, New Parayas Psychiatric Hospital and Geriatric Center. At that time, establishing the agreement with the University to spend Valdecilla to perform the functions of a university hospital, responsible for teaching and training of clinical subjects. New blocks are built and set goals with Social Security.In 1970 he performed an upgrade of facilities for an amount of 511,241,167 euros, bringing the Directorate General of Health on 50 reimbursable and running the rest of the amount payable by the Provincial de Santander. With this modernization is creating new services, and improved the already formed, also are other areas of specialization, and to modernize equipment and define the departmental structure. It is an important medical records, which is also an important means of work for scientific publications. A new building is constructed with input from the Ministry of Education and Science for the School of Nursing, more modern and more resources for teaching.You set up years later by the hospital association and the Residence Valdecilla Cantabria, which becomes a Special Center of Social Security and to adapt to this change becomes Valdecilla Hospital Genera and Cantabria Health Residence transformed into Maternal and Child Center, getting all the denomination’s National Medical Center “Marqu s de Valdecilla”. This project was signed on 22 June 1972, taking charge of the Social Security Administrative economic management. The volume and size of investments and changes made by comparing the figures set the time of the merger.Upon the merger in 1973 Valdecilla Foundation had a staff of 379 people and 682 care homes in Cantabria, ie a total of 1061 people, and in 1982 the total workforce dle Medical Center was 4,000 people, is , practically had created 3,000 jobs, becoming the Medical Center, the number of employees, first of all enterprises in Cantabria. Importantly, the creation of the Faculty of Medicine (since decades old aspiration above) in 1972, although the first course would not start until 10 January 1973, with the director since 1969 as dean Valdecilla-curator, Segundo Lopez Velez. We used the powerful device Valdecilla and aid from the County for development of the faculty.In 1982 he achieved the necessary funds worth over 500 million pesetas for the initiation of remodeling Valdecilla wards from the old foundation, in order to devote to the expansion of activities in various sectors, such as combining care of cancer patients.

The complicated situation in the West.

Has always been known to the West concentrates the best players and teams in the league. But what nobody expected this year is that teams like Dallas, Denver and Golden State were playing in or not in the Playoffs.And all this because of some Lakers Pau thanks to aspire to the title as a favorite for its conference, some Hornets who see the light for a long time to put the second in the ranking of favorites, and some Rokets accumulating 22 victories in a row (2nd best record in history after the Lakers of Magic, 33).Most surprising is that in the Atlantic conference pass to the finals teams with more losses than victories and on the opposite side, a team with 46 victories and 31 defeats at the end (Denver) will play the postseason with a team of similar statistics. Take this opportunity to talk about the season’s shameful that two years ago were champions of the league. In the Heat do not care to have Wade in shape, with Shaq or Marion, whatever they do is the worst team in the league. Something that no one can explain (if anyone knows why this happens, I would appreciate it if you comment).What further warms the atmosphere is what happened with Boston, on the contrary, in Miami, they go from being the worst in the league, the team that accumulates the most victories, it seems that the signing of “Big Ticket” and Ray Allen has paid off, hopefully could say the same of last-minute transfers by O’neil Kidd and the Suns and Mavs respectively promoted by the transfer of the season (at least for the Spanish) from Pau to the Lakers. Turning again to the subject matter, the situation is complicated both for the Nuggets to the Warriors since the absence of 10 days for the Playoffs yet nothing has been decided and it all depends on what you do Baron Davis to Golden State, and “The Dynamic Duo” (Melo and Iverson) to Denver.

Workshops to disseminate

Workshops to disseminate the available technology appropriate technology with great potential in Bolivia, but little dissemination, disclosure and dissemination, the best way to begin is through workshops. The aim of these workshops is to train people in the design, installation, and project proposal for the dissemination of biogas digesters. The workshops are raised intensively with a duration of four days. The first day covers the biological concepts that govern the natural system, are given the keys and parameters for their design according to the objective of the digester (biogas generation, production of fertilizer or organic waste management for environmental criteria). Besides inviting people with experience in biogas projects Fermenters, fertilizer management, etc.. to share their experiences with attendees.The second day is the most interesting since the participants moved to a rural community close to the installation of a digester. Previously the family has already built the home where they hold the fermenter. During a morning working with participants and family in the installation step by step, from the fermenter. This day serves as a practical lesson to the workshop, not only in technology but also in training the family in its construction, operation and maintenance. And the third day classes are given on the implementation of projects, their identification, planning, budgeting and method of dissemination and implementation. In the afternoon, in a panel discussion among all participants, it raises the financing options and sustainability of this technology in the medium term in Bolivia. Besides performing a national mapping of the first projects to coordinate the institutions participating in the workshop.From these workshops, several institutions that decide to incorporate the family of low-cost biogas digesters in rural development programs. It is important to initially subsidize the technology.

Florencio Florencio Escard

Florencio Florencio Escard Escard ( 13 August 1904, Mendoza, 31 August 1992) was a prominent pediatrician and sanitarian Argentina. Doctor was imitating his grandfather, British army surgeon. He did his secondary education at the famous National College of Buenos Aires. In 1929 graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires. He was Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in 1958, then rector of the University of Buenos Aires, managed to turn the system men’s colleges and Pellegrini Buenos Aires, in mixed. This initiative, like many others of his life, was resisted and contested. His lab created the first professorship of Bacteriology pediatric important Audiovisual Center, a pavilion of Psychology with 8 offices and a group therapy room, a laboratory under the supervision of Isotopes National Atomic Energy Commission. Create the residence of Clinical Psychology.And it emphasized the social aspect, founded the “School for Parents of Children’s Hospital,” in his department instituted fieldwork to include the reality of families assisted: its students and community care work in the island Maciel. In 1976 it cesantea of all charges. His career started in the maternity hospital Gache Samuel Rawson Hospital, but his outstanding work takes place at the Ricardo Gutierrez Children’s Hospital, for 45 years in various posts, he became Head of Service of the Board 17 and Director of the establishment. And passionate fighter, made a much-discussed reform, revolutionary internal mothers with patients to maintain bonding and benefit recovery. Until then mothers could visit the children boarding the day, between 17 and 19 and then were fed with bottles hanging from metal brackets on the cradles.That image was touched when he visited the service for the first time at age 22, and modified the system to access the leadership of the Chamber. “What can have a revolutionary thought that mothers should be with their sick children,” said Escard at that time. And “How can anyone learn pediatrics if you are not next to the mother Took thirty-two years to ensure that mothers enter the room at Children’s Hospital – Thirty-two years! – It’s the only thing I’m proud in life. It was a science writer and professional, and other topics related to health and the family: Pediatric Neurology, Pediatrics, Medicine Man, Morality for physicians, Open letter to patients, anatomy of the family, family Sexology, Manual childcare, food young child, neglect and hospitals, my parents and I, Children’s rights.The city devotes Geography of Buenos Aires (1971) and letter of two tangos “The City I met” and “What I find Buenos Aires corner “. He also authored several poems. Under “humor” used the pseudonym: Tweety of Macram earlier had used the “Juan de Garay. He was president of the SADE (Sociedad Argentina de Escritores) and the member of this places. Great Democrat, controversial, entrepreneur and tireless worker. From his first marriage was Florence’s father (also a pediatrician) and Carmen, was married to Eva Giberti with whom she had her daughter, Eva, and later with Ms. Licia Leone. He wrote the film “The Empty Cradle (1949) directed by Carlos Rinaldi. He was honored in 1984 with the Platinum Konex” Literatura de humor “Illustrious Citizen of Buenos Aires.

Catholicism Catholics

Catholicism Catholics believe in one God, whom they call by their generic names in each language (Spanish God, God in English, etc.).. The “mystery” of the Trinity states that there are three persons in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God the Father is almighty and creator of everything. God the Son (Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ) is the only son of God, begotten, not made, the same “nature” of the Father. Jesus descended from heaven for the forgiveness of the sins of all men who want to be forgiven. The Holy Spirit is the lord and giver of life, from love between Father and Son with the Father and the Son he is worshiped and glorified.However, the Catholic institution has a large number of historical figures who are known as saints (Anteponiento the word Saint or San in your name), these characters are deceased Catholics who are canonized or proclaimed saints by Pope in turn, are given the address to God for the miracles obtained through or because of their exemplary life according to Catholic ideals. Characters deceased contemporaries as John Paul II and Mother Teresa are waiting to be canonized. It is important to clarify that there are characters (La Santa Muerte for example) that are not openly venerated Catholic or non-practicing Catholics but are not recognized and revered by Catholicism as a religious institution. The belief in the Devil as an opponent and enemy of God and his creatures also characterized Catholicism and most forms it has taken Christianity worldwide.

Elements of the

Elements of the mixed economy central project replaces a mixed economy of long-term ideological goals with the proposition that economic growth should be the focus of state policies in order to achieve and sustain development, both economically and socially. (see Samuelson condition). Is economic growth that provides fiscal resources and facilitates social altruism, making it more acceptable not only to sectors that are better off economically redistributive policies but also creating the circumstances in which both the state and not the disadvantaged need to rely on that goodwill to implement such policies. In pursuit of this, the supporters of the mixed economy recognize three principal legitimate actors: the state, individuals as such and a third sector, which can be called the community or social sector, which includes local communities, cooperatives, unions and so on.(In general, any Community action independent of both government and private companies, which in this are called NGOs or civil society). These actors are perceived, despite being interelacionados as essentially independent. This means that the act of them has their own goals and motivations and autonomous, it should not be subject to control, depending on the action or pursue the interests of other sectors. Economically general, these three actors generate three sectors of economic action: the state sector, private sector and social sector. Although some activities are more amenable to action by any of them, these sectors should not be perceived as having, in general, areas of exclusive action. For example, in the area of education can coexist both private and social actors and state. The same happens in the financial or industrial information.(see, for example, social banking, social enterprise, etc) in general outline, the areas of legitimate action of these actors look like: Private sector: those that are generally recognized under capitalism, but regulated to protect or promote social interests (eg health and safety standards at work, environmental protection, paying taxes to fund state action, etc). Social sector: generally reserved for economic activities, non-profit (meaning profit earnings paid to those who are not direct employees in a company) or social improvement (eg, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Red Cross, etc.) The state’s role is more complex: the actor has both the obligation to implement and ensure that other players respect the game and to act in certain areas both economically and in certain circumstances.The areas of legitimate state action, in this view, are those that are perceived national interest of both general social and economic convenience. For example, the state has an obligation to provide general economic stability in the economy, access to transport on an equal basis to both individuals and businesses. The same information, and finance and financial services. This leads to the creation of mechanisms to both the issue of money, control of interest rates (eg, the Central Bank and other banks or public financial institutions (see bank)) mechanisms for outreach and education (state education, libraries public, media, radios, TVs, newspapers-state.) Establishment, maintenance and provision of transport (railways, airlines, road networks) generally subsidized in order to be accessible to most citizens.In general, everything that has come to be seen as “utilities” The circumstances that legitimize or require state action are those which deny or private or communal action. This can occur either because a particular activity does not gain enough to motivate a private employer or because the levels of investment or return within the investment required is too large or too long for these sectors. Three classic examples are generally offered as an illustration of this: First, the provision of transport services (usually air or sea) to remote or isolated regions within a country. Transport due to both the distance and the quantity demanded does not usually produce an incentive for private action but it is essential to economic activity (including private) in that region. Second, the construction of Hoover Dam in the U.S. that demanded the investment of such levels of economic resources which states that without government intervention would not have been built.


On 25 March 2003, the user blue eyes Meristation leaked in several game forums, including those of the magazine, the first catch of the sequel to ICO, at that time known under the code name Nico. Meristation images had to withdraw hours after the express request of Sony, which he borrowed from his central Japan, but a large number of international journals echoed the event, but few held the catch. Shortly after it was learned that the images were authentic and that the user had obtained by extraction from a promotional DVD for internal use that Sony had used to show your employees the game would later be known as Shadow of the Colossus.On 7 March 2005, a user posted in one forum, a photo that appeared three people. His intention was to modify a forum user with a snapshot photo ing program to remove a cigarette that was holding one of its protagonists. In response, the users performed a multitude of comic versions of the photograph, similarly to the case known as Moshzilla, which appeared in another Internet community a few months before. The central character in the picture was soon recognized by the nickname “Uncle Cigar, acquiring its image and that of the other two men who accompanied him great popularity that went beyond the Gamezone user community. Numerous blogs and forums and the press echoed the story. In September 2006, at the Tokyo Game Show, Pep Sanchez and Nacho Ortiz, director and or of Meristation interviewed Ken Kutaragi, creator PlayStation.Even the magazine readers, a phenomenon similar to that of the uncle’s cigar ‘made numerous caricatures of the retouching photographs collected the meeting. On December 1, 2008, gave its final qualifying Meristation 10/10 to game Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, note that they have obtained only 21 other games in the twelve year history of the magazine: IL-2 Sturmovik, System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos, Grand Theft Auto III, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, GoldenEye 007, Super Mario 64, Half-Life, Ultima Online, Shadow of the Colossus, BioShock, Dungeon Keeper, Vagrant Story, Unreal Tournament, Final Fantasy VII, Soul Calibur, Grand Theft Auto IV, Super Mario Galaxy and Halo 3.