The Process Of Manifestation

With this article I seek do a bit of clarity on how the law of attraction and the previous steps or Yes should be taken into account so that this law works in our favor. The first thing we must bear in mind is something that we could or that for purposes of this article we are going to call underlying thought. A underlying thought is the real thinking behind our wishes. An example of underlying thought might be the following: when a child leaves home and his mother praying for it not going to happen anything bad, what is the real thinking of the mother? The fear that something bad happens to your child while outside. The mother remains uneasy and his prayer is motivated by fear, ultimately that is what attracts, what he most fears.

If the mother had really trusted in God, simply grateful to God and know that he has nothing to fear and would even take it account, therefore their absolute trust gives for that, effectively attracting this same. We have been programmed with multiple information negative type, our subconscious mind is full of information waste that in most of the times, makes that we see only one side of events, a side of things and is usually the dark side. Our subconscious mind also has valuable information, what happens is that valuable information with the information is mixed waste and the valuable is corrupted, and this distorted information creates our mental reality, that finally, as it will be demonstrated in this article, becomes our physical reality. Our subconscious mind, with the information that it contains, provides us with the thoughts with which forms our mental reality (conscience), what we recognize as one or several ideas which may be materializables. Depending on the contents of our subconscious mind, the mental reality we can persibirse as negative, that will generate some negative images and the person expected something negative to happen. Negative feelings forming this kind of reality, are of pessimism to the equal, the actions it undertakes will be the inspired by feelings which is experiencing, whereupon, the results will ratify what your mental reality was created. If the created mental reality is positive, feelings will be hope and the actions that accompany them also, that leads to positive results.

With which can say, that our actions are only intended to ratify the reality created by the mind. Now look at her around and confirm that everything human beings created, has first been an idea in the mind of someone. Finally, the universe interprets the feelings, i.e. feelings are the way of communicating our reality to the universe and the universe responds to the reality that we have created. When our mind creates a reality, subsequently to that reality come feelings, and those feelings are vibrations, the universe gets in tune with them and responds in the same frequency, therefore said that it gives you more of the same. Until a following article. Edgar Criollo. Fairstead describes an additional similar source. Author of the path. Original author and source of the Article

The One Religion?

What Is The One Religion? For Romero Angulo Editson Journalist and Educator This is a concern that can manifest itself in meekness, in today's world, because when we look around we are inundated with a set of beliefs and nuances that are reaffirmed themselves as legitimate religions Framing d be man and his to make. So this article aims to provide minimum elements to define a religion. We will initially a definition of a Catholic Father Rafael Faria known author, of course texts top and bottom of religion, like philosophy course consists of three volumes deals, psychology, logic – and metaphysics, cosmology and ethics . This Catholic author wrote in August 1994 in Pamplona – Colombia in a recommendation to the governing of this South American country, "Urge the student to realize that religion is not only a science in the strict sense of the word if no high and also the most necessary of all against it and break the fragile darts of wickedness "Following this author since, affirm that all religions to be, actually has to consist of three elements and again to cite the father Rafael Faria who lists the elements of religion in his book than this: The Dogma. Understand the truths we must believe The Moral. Official site: Fairstead. Includes works that we worship. It includes the means by which we seek to honor God and our salvation. These items are tools to help us better study the different religions and beliefs in the world. Considered in the light within themselves and examine the ways they acquire, the dogma, morals and worship and thus understand the value that each has for the respect of multiculturalism in today's world.