the wealthiest men in Mexico 2009

According to Forbes magazine in 2009 and due to this global crisis, and we fail to have 10 billionaires on the list, only 9, and that with the controversial inclusion of a drug dealer. Only two are in the top 100 of the world. to continue reading click on read more …. Carlos Slim., Mexican billionaire owner of the leading Mexican companies that are publicly traded. His fortune is 35 billion USD.(He lost 25,000 million last year) Alberto Bailleres Already in the 83 position worldwide and a fortune of 5.7 billion dollars. Mexican businessman of 76 years. Your Industrias Penoles is one of the major mining companies in Mexico. Ricardo Salinas Pliego and family. 124 is in position worldwide with a fortune of 4,200 million. He made his fortune in TVAZTECA, ELEKTRA and IUSACEL. Jeronimo Arango. Fortune 3,400 million and at position 178 of the Forbes list. He co-founded Aurrera stores, and in 1991 partnered with Wal-Mart empire. In 1997 the family sold most of its shares to Wal-Mart German Larrea Mota Velasco At position 246 of the Forbes ranking, and a fortune of 2.6 billion dollars. He is the director and owner of a major mining groups in the country: Grupo Mexico. Its principal mine in Mexico, Cananea, has been on strike since 2007.It has mines in Peru and has problems with its copper mine in the U.S., which is declared bankrupt by environmental demands. Roberto Hern ndez Ram rez At position 601 of the Forbes ranking, and a fortune of 1.2 billion dollars. Mexico is a successful banker, who in 2001 led the largest corporate transaction conducted between Mexico and the United States to integrate Banacci the world’s largest financial group, Citigroup. Joaquin Guzman Loera. El Chapo Guzman, Mexico’s most wanted man for his illegal activities from drug trafficking leading the Sinaloa cartel, entered the Forbes list of billionaires this year at position 701, even up ALFED Emilio Azcarraga and Harp. Money billion. Emilio Azcarraga Jean. Is ranked 701 in the Forbes list. His fortune, inherited, has faded considerably in recent years, and it is 1000 million dollars.It is the principal shareholder of Grupo Televisa Alfredo Harp Helu. Also at position 701, with 1000 million. Today the greatest satisfactions of Alfredo Harp are on their four children, grandchildren and the Diablos Rojos del Mexico, so that their greatest wish is to spend time with his family, sports and philanthropy. Partner was ACCIVAL INBURSA and Banamex, and president of the board of the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. The crisis has hit hard errors, and no longer appear in this list of forbes Isaac Saba Raffoul, Lorenzo Zambrano (Cemex’s main shareholder, and Maria Asuncion Aramburuzabala, owner of Grupo Modelo and one Mexican woman who has been on the list .

Parish Caraballeda

Landslide of 1,999: In the middle of December 1999 it began to rain in the mountains of the coast range south Caraballeda being one of the most affected. It is estimated that more than four meters of rain fell in a couple of days. This series brought down mud and debris on the region which claimed the lives of 10,000 to 50,000 people in the region narrow strip between mountains and the Caribbean. Nobody knows for sure how many people died. More than 150,000 people were left homeless after the floods in the federal states of Vargas and Miranda, who made the coastal region and the valley of Caracas. The photograph below was taken five days after the greatest catastrophe of the century.Besides all the buildings that were destroyed on the ground in flat areas, had countless numbers of homes based on the steep sides of mountains up and down the coast. Poor people are homeless and building houses and cement blocks on any land they can find, as quickly as possible cheaper. The mountain area in the upper right corner of the photograph, behind the apartment building “Sea Park” was probably covered the houses before the fall occurred.Some of them stay in this picture, or the remains of some of them are still visible near the base of the mountain. Here’s a video where you can see part of what was the landslide of 1,999 in the parish Caraballeda. dominica


Username: GATTOGABRIEL BIOGRAPHY. GATTOGABRIEL. Son of Felix Rodriguez and Maritza Hernandez, with two brothers Yamileth and Frederick, whose name is Engelberth GATTOGABRIEL Gabriel Hernandez Rodriguez, was born On March 24 of 19 . Home study is the elementary school music “Emilia Rosa Molina in La Vela de Coro – high school” Liceo Juan C. Falcon, “and in Chichiriviche” Jose Ramon Yanez, studies tested various careers such as: University of Law — UBA Maracay-A – Air Force Venezuela. Also sporting careers – Federacion Venezolana de Vela Where did you get several titles in the ranking thanks to the National Sailing School and Sandor Kratochvil Wenseslao Dominguez, went to Bonaire to represent Venezuela where he was ranked 11 of the semi Olimpico. For the years 1994 / 1995 Travel to Tarpon Spring USA interested in marine life and the aquarist with Aqua Quest LTD. Dive into a race, marine aquariums, and marine ecosystems, outside its habitat, in his spare time saw guitar lessons with “BOO BOO and Richie” who was influenced by American music Rebel …Three years later he returned to Venezuela and is associated with his cousin “Aldrin Rodriguez” firm undertaking an aquarium and tropical fish called Triton Aquatic Discovery Divers – CA, and the project still stands, A Gatto meeting with him in free time on a beach with his guitar and a thousand songs for their friends and familiar. Tourism worked with his father who owns “Chalet Turistico Playa Sur” Beach club and Boating “in Venezuela Chihciriviche falcon. So it stays in charge for a while in this business in 1998 The family is called to work with a television CABLE MAX as regional host of a local program called “Short Circuit”, broadcast from Coral Suites Hotel 5 together with Jhonny Palacios Productions. Virtured works in 1999 in German Internet company in Venezuela. and then travels to Puerto la Cruz. as sales manager RCY “Royal Caribbean yatching club” in 1999 – 2000 the company traveled to Margarita Island in search of new markets with the idea of a Media Center with cocktails and live music.2001 started his own business called “It’s Showtime” live entertainment to hotels and the numerous deals that he offered Playa el Agua arriving soon. is offered a contract with Music Director Roman Giacomini and Nelson Cordova Karu Group principal singers, and he has an opportunity of singing Dan at Hotel Le Flamboyant, and after many successes are incorporated into the contract: Hotels Hesperia, flamenco, Palm Beach, Portofino, Dunnes, Caribbean Coast, Hipocampus, Casino and Hilton Hotels, Puerta del Sol etc … GATTOGABRIEL in turn was released Working with Dj. Beach water (DJ. Minor) where he took his Fame, with its “ok – ok – ok” at the beach bar and then MOISES PANARO tropical paradise, in both places encouraged the party to audiences around the world in vacasionavan Plya WATER. His first songs were Princesa, and Chupy Chupy, besides versions of Teen’s – MANA and other trade groups. 24 DICIMBRE 2001 offers work in the Hotels as Managing STAFF ACTIVITIES.Animation team where he began his remarkable success, the group separated and formed Karu “THE MARGARITA PEOPLE III” (mp3), JC PORFESOR GUZMAN JUAN CARLOS DE MUSICA – SAMANTHA HAZELL HOST THE MEGA-NELSON CORDOVA MUSICIAN CENTRAL UNIVERSITY – GATTOGABRIEL Animo model and singer. with whom he traveled through part of Margarita Island and Venezuela with great success MP3 seeking. So much so that they stayed to live a season in Margarita Island, where he worked in television commercials, Modeling for Army clothing, SANDRO, GERMAN ROMERO. Multiple Presentations at major events such as VIPlounge inauguration CC. SAMBIL, Miss Venezuela Organization (Miss Nueva Esparta). in 2002 he recorded a CD called “Recopilation karu” to Hotel le’flamboyant Franco and Elizabeth Benatti. Those who were like parents and shook his hand and all possible support to GATTOGABRIEL early in his career. she went solo in 2003, and sings like GATTOGABRIEL AND ITS ‘MP3’. DANNY MOSQUEDA.(DJ DANNY G) AND FRANKLIN HERNANDEZ (FRAN KEY), they went to seek fame and fortune to the Netherlands .- GATTO AND MP3 sepresentaron in urban areas to pay the volet de Venezuela / Holland / Venezuela, … Crossing the line of the anonymity it out to root for his role in the series Dominica shows “Puerto Latino Rotterdam participated in video clips and TV shows along with other colleagues. It produced a show in which he played GATTOGABRIEL Latin pop singer and musical figure VEN MORENA delmomento doing covers of Hermanos Rosario, In 2005 she released her first single with the princess theme and some instrumental songs on guitar, ‘Sense’ of genre Reggae-Latin Recorded at house.With the show returns to Marguerite Da’latinlovers tour and get successful denuevo the name sounds “mp3” the same year he made a short tour through Holland: Haarlem – Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Venray – Zandaam and Sandfort, is hired as musical image the restaurant chain ABRIKOOS Tapas Merraans “Enter LAKHAI Management work with Roxy who has close ties successful bands of importance such as: K-liber, Goldy, PARTY SQUAD, among others.

Modern History

Modern History XX Faro inclined by Hurricane Beulah in 1967, is the symbol of Puerto Morelos Pto.Morelos despite being a small town located between two major tourist developments internationally recognized (Cancun and Playa del Carmen) has a longer history than these. Its modern history begins in the late nineteenth century, in 1898 the founding of the Colonization Company East Coast of Yucatan, due to the need for an outlet to the sea to export their products, the company ordered its workers to open gap Hacienda de Santa Maria (now Leona Vicario) southwest workers gradually reached the Caribbean Sea and named the point as “Punta Cork”, establishing the first families in a camp in rudimentary huts. In this gap tended to narrow-gauge rails 40 and 60 cm wide and circulated platforms called Truck and pulled by mules.The company owned a steamboat coming every month Anchoring in the Caribbean Sea, the absence of a dock to dock, timber and other forest products were thrown into the sea and small boats were rescued and products uploaded by sisal rope to the boat. Over time it built a warehouse and a wooden pier giving birth to a new town that eventually would be called Puerto Morelos. Extracted and exported products of the forest were logwood, chicle, vanilla, snuff, cedar and cork. Puerto Morelos is beginning to progress and becomes not only the oldest natural port of Quintana Roo, but the most important statewide. It is about the year 1923 when the logwood lost demand in international markets, but establishes the company “Colonia Santa Maria” dedicated to the exploitation chicle, henry fool and influencing the local economy by establishing their warehouses in the port collection.Puerto Morelos in 1929 was a village with wooden houses, a pier, one street parallel to the coast and a warehouse. In 1936 by presidential decree is founded Ejido Puerto Morelos, the demarcation and physical delivery of ejido land is carried out in 1944. In the 1950 census reported a population of eighty people. Shipping Terminal pier in Puerto Morelos During the late sixties, were extracted hardwoods as Chechen (Metopium Brown), to sell the federal government and used for the construction and maintenance of railways. Chicle production declined drastically in 1980 due to the introduction of synthetic substitutes, low world market prices and natural disasters like fires and hurricanes.In the 70 National Tourism Fund (FONATUR) gives way to the creation of Cancun, and the promotion of tourism, Puerto Morelos began a phase of population and economic growth characterized by the immigration of people from around the country and the abroad, making the town a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It also settled the forest areas of the legal estate in Puerto Morelos, located about two miles from the coast, on both sides of the 307 highway Chetumal-Puerto Juarez On October 2, 1975 published in the Official Journal of the Federation, approval of an area of 3.337 hectares for the village of Puerto Morelos, municipality of Cozumel, the establishment of public services, parks, markets, cemeteries, slaughterhouses, prisons and other services.Subsequently, on 30 October 1998 adopted a new Master Plan for Puerto Morelos, municipality of Benito Ju rez (Quintana Roo) where the land area was increased to 5.440 hectare site located to henry fool the east and the west of the 307 highway, Chetumal-Puerto Juarez. Until 2002 Puerto Morelos was the most important point of collection and supply of the island of Cozumel, via ferry route covered in a time of three hours, with the opening of the artificial port of Calica (nearest point to Cozumel) this route is covered in a shorter time. On 7 October 2007, the full council of the municipality of Benito Ju rez, approved in special session to Puerto Morelos raise the category of Delegation to Municipal Hall.

Pierre Henry Pierre

Pierre Henry Pierre Henry Henry is a French composer born on 9 December 1927 in Paris. Pierre Henry is considered the creator, along with Pierre Schaeffer, Henry Fool Musique concr te call and a godfather of electroacoustic music. Never went to school, her parents hired educators who visited his home. In 1944 he began his studies at the conservatory, where he studied piano and percussion with Passeronne, composition with Nadia Boulanger and Harmony with the French master Olivier Messiaen. Between 1949 and 1958, Henry worked in Paris at the Club d’Essai de la Radio Television Fran aise (RTF), founded by Pierre Schaeffer. During this period he wrote his 1950 piece “Symphonie pour un homme seul” in cooperation with Schaeffer. He also composed the first piece of musique concrete that appeared in a commercial film, a short film of 1952 “Astrologie ou le miroir de la vie”. Henry has written music for numerous films and ballets.One of his best known work is the experimental work of 1967 “Messe pour le temps pr sent, one of several collaborations with choreographer Maurice B jart, which appears in his famous piece” Psyche Rock “which was remixed by Fatboy Slim in 1997. Pierre Henry is a key element in the development of musique concr te, becoming the first formally educated musician fully engaged in creating music electronically.

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Caye Caulker

J’ cris: Vendredi soir, 20h, affal sur le lit, 2 poissons de leurs deux compl tement crev plong es de la journ e! Fiers aussi un petit peu d’ tre officiellement PADI-certified, apr s une semaine de cours Caye Caulker, Belize. (Le temps d’ crire cette phrase, Pierre fait m me un petit tour au pays du sommeil …) La semaine avait pourtant commenc lentement (go slow, as tha say) Dimanche, trouver we repair, s’inscrire au cours chez Frenchie’s Diving, Dominica fix pour logement 4 nights at Barefoot Caribbean.

“Cleaning the blood”

“Cleaning the blood” and “caste” in Spain and its colonies Main article: Statutes of limpieza The caste system based on the doctrine of “blood cleansing” imposed by Spain in America, established differences in social roles guaranteeing the supremacy of the aristocracy. The purity of blood, this is a system of discrimination based on Catholic theology and Aristotle’s arguments, which appeared in the fourteenth century in Spain in the modern age. The “caste” or “crosses” (mestizos, mulattoes, thoroughbred, etc.). Were a tiered classification system for people who were not of “pure race” created by Spain to its colonies, from the doctrine of limpieza. The purity of blood was used initially to persecute the Jews and then to segregate the Spanish who wanted to settle in America and the Indians and Negroes and their descendants.After the order of expulsion of Sephardic Jews, many Jews converted to Catholicism in order to enjoy the same rights as Christians. It was then came the “statutes of purity of blood”, that established the “research” genealogy of people, with claims of privilege, in order to determine whether they had “blood” Jewish, “raspberry” or heretic, preventing in these cases the income to schools, military locations, monasteries, town councils and the Inquisition.In this sense it is said that for the first time in history, used the concepts of “race” and “blood” as a strategy of exclusion, researchers disagree about the fact that a connection between medieval notions ” race “and” blood “, which included the old Christians, with the contemporary meaning of these terms. The theology that inspired the doctrine of purity of blood, was also used as a justification of the Spanish domination over the former indigenous civilizations. But this dichotomy of Spanish and indigenous changed later. In the Spanish colonies in America, established a social stratification system roles and privileges established between two large clean blood groups (whites, Indians and African slaves) and mixed blood (Breeds miscegenation between whites, Indians and blacks).Within the most privileged clean blood were the Spanish under the statutes of purity of blood to settle in America, it was generally a previously aristocratic class, in between the indigenous nobility was the fruit of the oldest alliances, which was in a situation similar to the Spanish gentleman, and also depended on their economic position, finally the most concerned were black African slaves. With regard to the colonial caste, they were the mestizo people born of unions between whites, Indians and blacks, for whom a detailed classification was established called “castes” and the attribution of roles. The Peruvian historian Alberto Flores Galindo, with his work Buscando un Inca: identidad y utopia in the Andes, was among the first to reveal the processes of racism in Latin America and its roots in the colonial order, particularly in Peru . YHYerushalmi has pointed out that the ideology of purity of blood is the first history of modern racism, using the term “protorracismo.” For his part, Cecil Roth compares this doctrine with the racial anti-Semitism of the Nazi regime, “by treating and then withdraw because of the differences between “racial anti-Semitism” Spanish described by Roth and “Nazi anti-Semitism.” Max Sebastian Hering Torres published in 2006 in German, the book Rassismus in der Vormoderne. Die ‘Reinheit des blut’ in Spanien der fr hen Neuzeit (Racism in pre-modernity. Cleaning of blood in Spain in the early Middle Ages), which examines the persecution of the Jews in Spain by the principle of purity of blood from 1391 to 1674.”Hering concluded that the cleaning system of blood can be designated as” racial anti-Semitism ‘is racist because it plays a role similar to modern marginalization, and anti-Jewish because its theological foundations Aristotelian belongs to a tradition prior to the Modern Age ” . Zandra Pedraza Gomez highlights the fact that Hering does not analyze “the practice and the representations of this ideology in the Spanish colonies, where the purity of blood along with other early anthropological arguments were used to judge the differences of indigenous groups , order the catechism, arrange for their workforce and the growing population control mestizo and Creole “, proposing the need for further study in this direction, of the fundamental role played by racism in the emergence of a capitalist world system colonialist. In the Spanish colonies in America, mestizaje was a paradoxical process, while prohibited mass.


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Pandora TV Pandora

Pandora sandwiches TV Pandora TV is a cookies website video distribution cupcakes generated content hosts. Founded in October 2004, Pandora TV is wedding cakes the first web video distribution cakes site pastry in the world to put ads to user baker submitted video clips and provide unlimited storage space for users to upload. As of January 2008 the site birthday cake was visited by 20 million gourmet unique monthly visitors. It has over 2.5 million video inventory and 2.5 billion monthly. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute ,