The work of the young Donne is notable for its realistic and sensual style, and includes many poems and songs and satirical verses, the vibrant and complicated language of metaphors distinguishes it from its predecessors and most of his contemporaries . Izaak Walton, his first biographer, described him as a young libertine. However, scholars believe that this can be rather an image given by Donne, and old church, a way to separate the boy best priest’s shameless serious and mature. After studying theology, he converted to Anglicanism in the 1590s. He obtained the post of secretary to Sir Thomas Egerton, a prominent member of the court, but fell in love with Anne More, the niece of Egerton, secretly married her in 1601. They had twelve children, of whom only seven reached adulthood.The secret marriage without the consent of the father of Anne More meant that Donne had to forget any hope of progress in your career: When her father learned what had happened, he used his influence to put in jail Donne and two of his friends, of whom one had officiated the ceremony and the other had served as controls. Not in jail for a long time. Egerton sacked Donne, who became deputy (MP) Brackley district that year. During this time is that he wrote his two “Anniversaries”: An Anatomy of the World (1611) and Of the Progress of the Soul (1612). Both poems show his confidence in the order of things medieval tradition of the early Renaissance, in contrast to the political uncertainty in science and philosophy that brought the second half of the Renaissance and the beginning of s. XVII. On leaving prison Donne joined his father and his wife and settled on land it’s cousin in the county of Surrey.The couple spent many economic difficulties in 1609 to Donne received the dowry of his wife to reconcile with his father. His growing family forced him to seek the favors of the king, so that between 1610 and 1611, wrote two pieces against Catholicism, Pseudo-Martyr and Ignatius His Conclave, although many members of his family, including his mother, were still Catholic. (The second title refers to Galileo and apparently is the first time his name appears in an English literary text.) The King King James I indulged two texts, but refused to offer anything other than ecclesiastical. Donne refused to accept them but after a long period of economic hardship and struggle with himself, during which he was twice a member of parliament (in 1601 and 1614), finally bowed to the wishes of the king and was ordained Anglican 1615.His poetry took on a deeper tone after the death of his wife Anne on August 15, 1617, especially those considered as their “holy sonnets” (Holy Sonnets). After taking office, Donne wrote a large number of religious works, like Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions (1624) and several sermons, many of which were published in his lifetime and those preserved 160. He was considered a master of eloquence and unique style helped him become one of the greatest preachers of his time. In 1621, Donne was appointed Dean (Dean) of the Cathedral of St. Paul (Saint Paul’s Cathedral), the former London Gothic cathedral destroyed in the fire of 1665, a position he held until his death. He contracted a serious illness in 1623, during which he wrote his Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions. It is well known the story of his death, apparently the day before he died gave a sermon that many said was his own funeral sermon.The sermon was interrupted to recite a speech called Death’s Duell, a masterpiece of English prose of the seventeenth century. He retired to his chamber and ordered to take a portrait for which she posed wrapped in the shroud with which he was buried after his death a few weeks later, on March 14, 1631.

WikiProject Gold Medal:

WikiProject Gold Medal: Andalusia model 1 by Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Model 2 by Miguel ngel “fot grafo” In line with what is done in other WikiProjects propose to make an election to choose a / some friend / s with this project National Merit Award for their special collaboration in this project. What do you think – TYK (Talk) 20:07, 14 May 2008 (UTC) (PD. also welcome suggestions for improving the medal) I think a great idea and shared. As I said long ago, what happens is that I have good taste to do it. But once you’ve seen that done, I feel great. And of course I can not think of another worthy that in our Grand Marshal Antonio. Although now the only award in which I think is in the leading article for Andalc a. Greetings to all I can think to put the generic symbol embossed in gold. But we, say, I love it as is.:) Congratulations .– Jompy (talk) 20:23, 14 May 2008 (UTC) The trouble is we have no license to use that image as we pille Tito Chavez denounces us. I also vote for the Mariscal Antonio .– TYK (talk) 20:53, 14 May 2008 (UTC) is very good. I also vote for Antonio – sony9 (talk) 21:10, 14 May 2008 (UTC) Very good idea! Also vote for Antonio, who better – Falconaumanni (Talk) 05:13, 15 May 2008 (UTC) Hello, as has been pointed out there, the symbol means the Board of arches “pabajo” green CAN NOT be used, so the copyright, also to me is more a political signal, but this medal with the arms of Andalusia it look better, if I can I’ll make a couple of arreglillos, see if you like, if not reversed, period.On the other hand, of course I propose to Antonio for the medal, but also, if you’ll let me, I would also propose a WikiProject, son and brother to this, as in the WikiProject: Huelva (pardon the immodesty, as I belong to same), I posit, among other reasons, as one of the most active, being the one most AD’s and AB’s is among those in the WikiProject: Andalusia, and as a project that has succeeded in uniting the Wikipedians in Huelva around a common effort. Greetings. Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, kill 14:35 16 May 2008 (UTC) I too was yet to make an award but I have to question who give and how often. For each month if we end up with one. Then I think that should be taken on June 1 and 2 January. Condolences to who I think you have to do an equation to be a bit more objective. (x Spotlight and good article) score then could add variables as the number of ions or times you have participated in the project.- Canaro (talk) 14:41, 16 May 2008 (UTC) Sounds good give it twice a year. Once agreed the final design could place it on the homepage of the project with a note explaining the basics (such as that which the lead is in charge of organizing the next installment, etc.). I also think it a good idea to give it parallel to a sub-provincial project, although this perhaps only once a year. – TYK (talk) 15:12, 16 May 2008 (UTC) Well, then fiddled by commons and vectorized, I have left two medals, one more and one more tatessica wikipedian. Being vectored can be extended to the size you like without quality loss. I like both, I leave you to your choice (if you look good, of course). Greetings. Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, kill 15:19 16 May 2008 (UTC) The best is the Star of Lakshmi, but is a bit desavoria inside, very flat, with a bright color, I think he could fill with relief like the wikipedia.The issue of using the shield, the shield is no officer has copyright, is that the interpretation of the shield that made the artist hired by the Board if you have copyrights. That is, you can not use. And compared with the first prize, I have absolutely no doubt that Antonio should be, indeed, I ponder whether his work is above the prize. I think ideally the first half of 2008 granting it to Antonio andthe second start to look good and start a vote in December. Another thing, I think the accountants when carrying out a ballot should be reset to incentivize work and contributions and not become a colegueo and friendship, so that the surveys are personal. In other words, for the second half of 2008, only taking into account the merits achieved in this period. Mao06 (dialogue) 15:49, 16 May 2008 (UTC) New version of Lakshmi. “Guta or not gutta (If you do not see racargar the page).Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, kill 16:25 16 May 2008 (UTC) Mola much more.


The economy of the province of Loja is the twelfth in the country, experienced an average growth of 3.67 between 2002 and 2007. Growth was below the national average of 4.3 during the same period. The January consumer inflation in 2009 was located about 0.60 in the city of Loja, below the national average of 8.83, according to the INEC. Loja is the city with the greatest influence on GDP of the province, according to the study, conducted by the Central Bank of Ecuador, Loja city contributes to about 1.9 of the national economy. As one of the central provinces of Ecuador, Loja canton whereas for 87 of the provincial economy (2.3 nationally). citation needed .”The economically active population of the canton Loja, according to Census 2001, is devoted mainly to agriculture and livestock (19 ), followed by trade (17 ) and the human group that is dedicated to teaching (17 ) The rest of the percentage (30 ) of the EAP is located in activities such as construction, public administration, manufacturing and transport and communications. ” The Province of Loja is the seventh largest contributor to the treasury as tax collection 8637 income to thousands of dollars to state coffers, is also considered the seventh most dynamically as the number of cardholders with consumed 16 657 thousands of dollars through cr cards. The city of Loja is the fifth largest city as deposits with financial institutions 192 680 system thousands of dollars into the coffers of these, Similarly it is considered by loans from the financial system in this city189 828 thousand dollars to the beneficiaries, and the fourth less sluggish the system with a 2.94 default.

Instructions For Listlessly Painting – An Ironic Exercise In Loosening AquarellistInnen

Mood – not even time itself, but only read about it! Is also nice. Preparation – get you in any case the material! You could use it, and then you would have no more. Image search – formulate your image always so that you can sell it afterwards sndteuer! Good luck! – Finding a motive is difficult. So best not even to catch them! It would be pointless. – Use no photo for a template! Really great masters painted so everything purely from memory, right – Pick the best a motif that although some like it, but you at all! How about a portrait of your arch enemies Meal – times during the coffee break fast time a great work of art! Since you have time for it! – Be so perfect as in professional life and times of each dot exactly! Who cares interested in a looser brush stroke by hand – Not Enjoy the painting, but working hard! Na sicher doch! – Be careful that the colors do not run! It may look natural. – Think while painting kept at thehopefully imminent riches that have already achieved most of the other, only you do not! – Let you all the time aware that you have no talent! How do you feel really comfortable, and need not fear the result. Aftermath – Do you have zugemalt also the last white spot of your watercolor paper Finally, the paper was expensive. – Nag at your picture around! Someone will have to contradict you, if you’re lucky. – If you’ve goofed once, then never paint again! You’re messing the whole art scene! – Compare yourself with the utmost rigor with others better, especially with very famous artists! This motivates! – Be careful and show your pictures to anyone! You will discover your great art anyway after your death and honor. Last words – Download them never a Malanleitung from me down to be able to start right now! Who knows what the outcome, despite the 35 images on watercolor motif “Summer Storm” with you here It greets you from Vienna by Dolores (richly illustrated watercolor classes for immediate download)

Teleport Up To 1000km From Home, 3 Times Less Expensive Than Moving !

HAVE + offers tailor-made services CAMERA MOBILE SMART. The clients HAVE + viewing from the office of footage to thousands of miles by teams BE +. The shooting is done online, which allows the sponsor to fully master the achievement by giving his instructions framing, zooming, moving, etc., directly to the camera. The images he receives on his computer correspond exactly to what he could see with his own eyes he was there. Freed of the constraints associated with travel (cost and time), customers can follow HAVE + remote meeting site, a car expert, a business event or family, etc.. The use of technologically simple and lightweight allows great flexibility of implementation at reasonable cost, up to three times cheaper than a trip. Real aid todecision, the CAMERA SMART MOBILE multimedia device is a must for building professionals, public works, insurance, expertise, etc.. This service is also scope for individual holders of real estate projects or simply unable to move. About the author: Team HAVE HAVE + + relies on a network of professional camera video report live Federated around DARGENT Benoist, founder of the company. Professional mobile technologies, Benoist DARGENT designed this innovative project to meet a real need for companies not covered by the supply of conventional video reports. The fabulous possibilities of the technology associated with real need arose supply service CAMERA MOBILE AND INTELLIGENT!

Private Disability Insurance

The pension reform 2000 has not only carried out on the field of social security pensions to major changes, the rules on legal disability pensions have also changed enormously. The legal invalidity pension was replaced by incapacity benefit, which amounts to only about 55% of last net income. For this reason, expect everyone to the occurrence of a disability with large financial losses. A private disability insurance can fill this huge gap and thus to guarantee the usual standard of living. Private disability insurance provides insurance cover in the event that the policyholder is incapacitated during the contract period. After the occurrence of the insured receives a monthly disability pension at an agreed rate and for the duration of the disability from subscription free. The contributions of private disability insurance are of the age and health of theVersicherungsnehmenrs dependent, so you should practice as early as possible to contract a private disability insurance to reflect and find a suitable and better deal. The importance of private disability insurance is unfortunately still often underestimated, although statistical analysis shows that one in four is affected by the disability. The most common causes of disability are not accidents, but mental disorders, diseases of the circulatory system and the musculoskeletal system. Actually, everyone should think about a private disability insurance, and of particular workers who obtain their income through their labor, and self-employed generally have no claim to the statutory disability benefits, must be expected in the event of a disability with high financial losses. Therefore, these professionals are to show responsibility and to secure a timely manner.

Mobile Food Stalls

The requirements on food hygiene, particularly in the estate Takeaway Restaurants were defined in the Food Hygiene Regulation and since 01.01.2006 in the EU Directives 852, 853 and 854/2004, in conjunction with the implementing Regulation (EC) 2073 to 2076/2005. When selling bratwurst at mobile Imbisstnden particular is adequate refrigeration facilities, and eight for the personal hygiene. Fresh sausages must be covered by the regulation no later than meat consumed in the production of the next day. Scalded sausages may be stored at a maximum of + 7 C. The cooling system on push carts usually takes place with absorption refrigeration systems, is its cooling capacity depending on the outside. Practice is a cooling from + 20 C or + 25 C above the ambient temperature. During the summer months it is recommended that the goods to be cooled to + 2 C cooled to + 4 C before being repackaged into the test cooler. To support the coolingYou can also use ice packs. When using Gasgrillgerten should be at least rely on equipment made of stainless steel 1.4301. This is an acid-resistant, easy-care stapazierfhigen and 18/10 Cr-Ni steel, which is approved for loads up to a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. Visit and let your taste buds enjoy The grill should also be made of stainless steel. They use only devices with blades flame covers, so any fat can drip into the flames.

Werner De Caro

Werner De Caro was born in 1945 in near Augsburg in Bavaria. From my earliest childhood, he began painting. Supported by the family, he expanded his skills and growing. The focus was from the outset in drawing and oil painting. He exhibited his first oil paintings and drawings on display at exhibitions and participated in competitions. For his initial work was followed by rapid rates and public recognition in the art scene. In the sixties, Werner De Caro began training as a graphic artist, which he completed successfully. The focus of these activities were drawing and designing. In particular, the precise and detailed work gave him joy. Since 1970, De Caro has been working successfully as a painter. Through the experience he gained during his training and his artistic works were still high and, increasingly, in international demand. De Caro is one of the painters who follow the classic and traditional style. His paintings deal primarily a still life. Heinvested much time and effort into the perfection of his painting. Today, his still lifes and flower paintings are among the most demanded and best in the German and international art market. His works are generally typical of fruit and fruit or flowers in vases dar. experts estimate the Detailed, Soft and Full of De Caro’s originals and know how much work is in them. The power and influence of the colors is what makes his paintings so unique. De Caro’s paintings are now exhibited around the world in high-quality and well-stocked galleries and art dealers.

With A Fixed-term Comparison, The Highest Interest Rates Get

Fixed docking in today’s world is not only one of the safest types of money, but also one of those where you can get really good rates, especially of course if you can really invest its money in the long run, and perhaps also a correspondingly large amount of money saved is well worth the really the interest. However, there are at fixed from one provider to many important differences to which we should respect as a customer, in any case, if you want to do good business and use the money best. Are particularly important in this type of investment, of course, interest rates and the amount, which is why you should be at a fixed interest than in any case have a special attention to find the best offer for themselves. However, while one can not always go according to the interest that advertising a bank, but also must respect the details of the offers, because sometimes you can make a real high interest rates only once a certain length of residence, beyond a certain sum, or even below a certain sumgetting what one needs to be remembered, of course. If you allow more money than these schemes on its deposit account you then get, for example, only a portion of the interest. Especially in the fixed area, there are however many such deals, so there really is not always easy to decide, for which we should ultimately really suit you. A comparison therefore requires a thorough reading of the details associated with such an account, because only then you will also find a really fixed now, that suits their own needs and wishes in every respect and with whom you happy in the long run may be because we really benefited them. Even when it comes to fees, you should give close attention, because this is necessary regarding such an installation to avoid.

Breast Cancer Patients With Heavy Metals

Study shows that breast tissue is contaminated with mercury, lead, cadmium, iron, chromium, zinc and nickel, and could benefit from high doses of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). (Cologne – 16 January 2007): A now published in the prestigious environmental health Faschzeitschrift Environmental Medicine Society 1 study shows that breast cancer tissue is overloaded with heavy metals and the high-dose Askorbinsuregabe in breast cancer patients in stages might be useful today reported Anouk Paimboeuf of the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne). Under the direction of the university lecturer Dr. John G. Ionescu from the special Neukirchen Neukirchen scientists studied the specialty clinic, the Institute of Pathophysiology and Oncology, Charles University Prague and the Department of Clinical Chemistry of the famous Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and eight healthy 20 Brustkrebsbiopsien and showed that in breast cancer tissue, the much higher concentration of transition metals with aincreased production of free radicals, lipid peroxidation, DNA strand breaks and mutations, and tumor growth is closely linked. Compared with the control group, the scientists found in the tumor samples, a highly significant accumulation of heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, iron, chromium, zinc and nickel. The anti-tumor effect of high-dose vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is thus explained, because the auto-oxidation of the vitamin in the presence of heavy metals produced a strong production of free radicals like superoxide and hydrogen peroxide with deadly effect on the malignant cells. The findings confirm the suspicion that can play alongside hormonal dysregulations also the oxidative stress caused by environmental pollutants (such as transition metals) play an important role in the development of breast cancer. The study by Dr. John Ionescu describes the first time a significant accumulation of heavy metals in breast tissue. The increased concentration of heavy metals based therapeutic approaches with high-dose vitamin C or substituted phenols, such ascurrent study also confirmed results from the U.S. (under FDA oversight), illustrated by the renowned Dr. Ionescu in his publication. In further scientific studies, the researchers now want to find out if cancer cells accumulate heavy metals or heavy metals, the first lead to the degeneration. In addition, there is still need for further research on the importance of antioxidants such as vitamin C in the prophylaxis and treatment of cancer. From February 2007 Dr. John G. Ionescu belongs with his team to the expert panel from the Health Portal and presides over one environmental medical consultation. Contact: Special Clinic Neukirchen, Univ-.Doz. Dr. John G. Ionescu, Hospital Strasse 9, 93453 Neukirchen b.Hl.Blut, telephone 09947 – 280, Telefax: 28,109,, References: 1 Environment Medical Society, 19, 2 / 2006, p. 269-73, Free download Abstract: Publisher: Center on Nutrition Communication andHealth journalism (CEC), Sven David Mueller Nothmann, Gotenring 37, 50679 Cologne, 0177-2353525,,