Arrangements For The European Championship

Every four years the European Football Championship will take place, always two years transferred to the World Cup. The football World Cup has made most of the official UEFA EURO name it is called simply the German-speaking European Championship. At the European Championship all teams are allowed to participate, members of the European association UEFA. The EM also had a predecessor who had the rather cumbersome name of “European Cup soccer national teams and was held until 1960. The official UEFA rules, it was determined that the EM is divided into a preliminary round and final round. In the preliminary round are the games that are called qualifiers. The crews here take in a return match against each other. The final round is then the actual tournament, which is known as the European Football Championship. The tournament will take about three weeks. The tournament itself is divided in turn into a group phase and the final matches. Total of sixteen national teams will participate in the final round. These are divided into four groups, a four team. The two placed first ineach group will continue to the quarterfinals. Who can host the European Championship will be determined by the UEFA. all UEFA members have the opportunity to apply for an EM. Based on the applications of the venue is selected. The berzeugenste application gets the contract. The reigning European champion Greece is, who won the tournament in 2004 in Portugal. Germany is the most successful teams Em. In the years ’72, ’80 and ’96 she won the coveted trophy. The venue of the next European Championship, the Euro 2008 Austria and Switzerland, both countries share the tournament. Even the venue for the tournament in 2012 is already clear this will take place in Ukraine and Poland games.