In this second part I focus on me an something that the vast majority of entrepreneurs failed and by consequence of this see their felled dreams which House of cards. Official site: Chevron Corp. As he had mentioned in the previous chapter, it may be that implement a business on the internet is many times faster and easy. However, this does not ensure to anything that this business will be profitable. What greatly ensures the profitability of a business on the internet or outside the internet is without doubt establish a plan with very specific objectives and clear business strategic. To develop a good strategic plan in this case focused on internet business. We need to take a considerable time to analyse different variables. This analysis will provide a detailed roadmap that is going to indicate to where goes our business, what are its main objectives and we will allow to avoid mistakes that most committed simply by taking things lightly.

Errors that are reflected in the loss of time, money and many times in the complete collapse of its business on the internet. A strategic plan for business not necessarily have to be an extensive document of 50 or more pages. It can be one or two sheets that contain valuable information that we are collecting and that is going to provide a clear and defined vision of where you want to reach with our future business to develop an effective business plan must first establish our business objectives. Do we have to ask ourselves questions like: we want to start this business? public or market it is aimed our business? Whats the business vision? is which the Mission of your business? What are its main aims? will what be the structure of my web site? as I am going to position my product? etc must analyze the market niche towards where we want to go. Do investigate in depth: those who make up this niche market? that needs or desires are members of this market niche? could there be any profitability in that niche? the chosen market niche has much or little competition. is it because? etc will be extremely necessary analyse his future competition and its future Allied strategic. Asking questions like these: they are does offering? do as you are offering? is which your business model? as we design your web site? is what the price of your products? I can offer that you make me different from the competition? etc is of utmost importance that you make this type of questions before starting your online business.

This definitely will give you an idea much more clear of where you gonna, you face, if there are problems such as dealing with them, as I diferenciare competition, with whom I can ally I. All this data must be fully documented and is volveran a guide to first-hand in the future success of your business on the internet. Is not of more noted that the best is pointing toward a market niche or theme that you passionate about us or us to be experts. This has a very clear reason. In this long journey of starting a business on the internet we will find with many problems that we are going to have to resolve, much information we will have to investigate and acquire. In conclusion, a full path of thorns that may only be drawn with the passion. The passion that we have inside a theme in particular.