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IPhone game development: game development 2D and 3D in Objective-C between various options for mobile development, games for iPhone are some of the most popular. These projects have major differences from other types of mobile development, which makes it worthwhile to have a resource separately in the hand. Pablo Zirkle, Hogue and Joe we guide you along an intensive course on the practical aspects of creating a game for the iPhone, to how to handle the physics of the game. Also will offer options to maximize the performance and speed of the games. ** Available as a paperback book * 256 pages * $22.51 * Spanish title: iPhone Game Development: 2D & 3D games Developing in Objective-C 4. Business application for iPhone creating a large application is only the first step. In reality, getting buyers to raise money today is the crucial next step, then created an application on their own or to a client. This Ebook David Appleyard goes beyond the technical aspects of the development of mobile applications, speaks of how to detect opportunities quickly, get the most out of the App Store and, in general, making sure that your application is unique and original. The lessons of this e-book also can be used for mobile platforms that are not the iPhone. ** Available as an e-book * $19 * Spanish title: iPhone App Entrepreneur Nota: at the moment the previous books are published in English by its recent release, hopefully its Spanish version very soon, if you are interested in any of them can be purchased at amazon.