The dust has landed, the ink has dried, and who but the less I already have an idea formed on the location of Apple in the market and the vision you have in your line of products.If we have to draw conclusions, I think these would be the most important. Team Apple is much more than Steve Jobs, and although he had already pointed in that direction in previous submissions, the latest call for the press to talk about products was used to introduce “swords” that are moving the strings behind this insurmountable showcase that Steve Jobs.Marinello studied journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, but after a while he decided that his interest in the communication should take the road of the image, so it opted for photography, starting as an assistant teacher and Bob Borowicz refined later in Belgium.
Among other has served as a photojournalist for the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio and the German Stern. In magazines such as Eve, grow and as chief of the magazine photograph of Paula.
During the decade of the’80 formed part of the Workshop One, where Marinello belong to a large group of young photographers. From 1985 to date is a teacher at theSchool of Communications at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, where in 2003 he was awarded the title.
Marinello makes a production which uses both analogue and digital photography to focus primarily on the color image with which to record scenes through its composition, we refer to heartfelt thoughts kinds. This technique is called Fotodigrafia.
A Professional Rodeo Clown Waits for the Showto Begin Photography Framed Art Poster Print by Bobby Model, 29×21 by