CALIG (18/10/2008)

On October 18, our association visited the farm and C cile Martin has become a museum full of life where you can enjoy direct knowledge of a large number of varieties of vegetables Weird, herbs, flowers, medicinal plants and trees throughout Europe. The German and the Swiss decided to leave their jobs in their respective places of origin and settle on a farm hidden Benicarl Calig (Castellon). Martin, fond of cooking and had its little garden in Germany and old collected seed to preserve and rediscover the huge range of flavors, aromas, colors and shapes that we neglected to have led the frantic pace of life and absurd in today we are immersed: fast food, standardized, ready made products. In the 18 months that Martin and Cecil worked the farm have gained up to 200 varieties of chili peppers, 150 varieties of tomatoes, zucchini, 10, 30 of eggplant, cauliflower blue, purple or pink, 25 different types of lettuce and a host of vegetables, to name a few.Use only approved products for organic farming (BT against caterpillars, sulfur against fungal diseases, ferric phosphate against snails, etc., The manure comes from local sheep, do rotations and planting a green manure and preparing preserves, chutneys, pickles and jams that you can test whether you visit, absolutely delicious. The visit to this beautiful garden you can specify the phone by calling 610 703 009 Martin talking to himself. Do not miss it, it’s worth. Bibliography: Magazine “The fertility of the earth” Photo: Shell Martinez