Combat and police

Combat and police response The combat system with weapons has been revised to a better schedule in the third person. The player can slide to cover, firing blindly or, as a last resort, aim freely. When you are in the crosshairs, the health of the target is indicated by eight segments within the circle of the target (which is white), these segments can be white (if the target is a civilian / non-offensive or non-aggressive) or red (authorities / hostile targets or murder). Additionally, if the target is wearing a bulletproof vest will be a blue circle smaller additional armor within the circle of health, showing the status of the shielding of the target. Additionally, Niko can perform “cinematic performances. This is only possible when the target circle turns red, can only be done with a gun and only certain characters / situations.Players can now target individual body parts using a revamped system of whites. Niko’s health is represented by a green semicircle on the left side of the minimap, while a blue semicircle on the right represents its armor. If Niko is hurt, can regain their health using the services of a prostitute, eating, drinking soda, sleeping, using medical kits or using his mobile phone to call the paramedics, or also one of many girlfriends in the game, which has the ability to heal Niko call with the phone (although it only provides advice on first aid and / or flirting with Niko for achieving this). Health is generally reduced by physical injuries such as falls from height, winding vehicles when walking out through the windshield of a vehicle when it hits and, of course, gunfire or explosions if it is equipped with armor.The body armor is gradually damaged by gunshots, explosions and stabbing. When the player’s health level reaches zero, it reappears at the nearest hospital, but loses 10 of the total money (up to 10,000). Niko is able to retain their weapons after reappear in a hospital, a skill that had to be unlocked in some previous games. However, weapons are still confiscated if he is arrested and taken to the police station. Search levels operate differently from previous GTA games. When the police are chasing Niko, a search radius appears on the map, within which law enforcement will be looking for him. The size of the radius increases with increasing the player’s quest level, and is repositioned on the site where police see Niko. The player can evade the police escaping the search radius and temporarily keeping a low profile: not committing any subsequent offense.Search levels may be lost if Niko drives his car to a Pay ‘N’ Spray “as in previous games or hiding himself by changing vehicles underground in empty areas such as garages or parking lots. However, entering a “Pay ‘N’ Spray will not remove the level if the police see Niko going to the garage. The player has the option of trying to escape arrest before being handcuffed, the cost of increasing its level in a star search. In addition, mobile pedestrians can report crimes they witness in their surrounding environment. The type of police response also differs slightly from previous GTA games, but, nevertheless, to create more chaos, more and more severe the police response. Crimes “minor” as assault, public discharge of a weapon, grand theft of cars and killing, continue being handled by police patrols.Higher levels of active search with support teams and police helicopters and boats similar to the FBI agents, known as FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau) in GTA IV. However, police SWAT and the military did not appear at high levels of search, as seen in previous titles in the series. Instead, they have been replaced by an elite anti-terrorist team known as NOOSE (National Office Of Security Enforcement),a merger between SWAT and the Department of Homeland Security United States. The AI of law enforcement has been improved and now the police will use more aggressive measures, even with two stars. The difficulty to escape persecution will simply exhaust can become an ordeal, because they will use barricades, blockades and even almost suicidal tactics, although these strategies may also be used in its contra.Se think for the next game military appear Area 51.