Daniel Mendez Periodista

The threat of boycott to Beijing 2008 is seen in China as an attempt to curb the peaceful rise the country has starred in recent decades and an arrogant interference of aliens in internal affairs. Today the fourth economy in the world, with a history as the colonization of China during the 19th and 20th centuries or the CIA support for the Tibetan cause suggest that United States intentions are the same: weaken the Asian giant and prevent his rise now that you can. As well indicated by some NGOs, in this country there is no freedom of the press, they practiced torture in its prisons and there is a tight control on minorities. There is little judicial guarantees, attempts to restrict the free movement of citizens and is the country with largest number of condemned to death in the world. But what is the vision from China? Anyone who has followed developments in recent decades found that larger spaces of freedom are allowing and that recent progress 30 years is significant. There is still a huge way to go, but the truth is that China lived your best moment (economic, political and social) of the last 200 years.

Xulio Rios, great connoisseur of the political situation in China, argues that boycotting the Olympics would be seen by the Chinese as a lack of respect and a sign of misunderstanding and it is possible that the country will slowdown his liberalization and openness to the world. However much that may be in accordance with the demands of the Dalai Lama, a severe measure might be counterproductive. The Olympic Games are an opportunity for China accelerate its social and political reforms. Bet on human rights in China today consists in denouncing the injustices and pressuring the Government to continue opening new margins of freedom. But bet on human rights in China also is to recognize the road walked in recent decades, in abandoning the Western double standards and find channels of dialogue with the Chinese authorities. For the sake of the Human rights, the best thing that can happen to China (and the world) is that the Olympic flame is lit in Beijing on August 8. Daniel Mendez Periodista original author and source of the article.