Delineation Coaching To Psychotherapy

Coaching is a form of counseling for people with management responsibilities (managers, professionals) as well as in private affairs of the general lifestyle. In a combination of individual, supportive problem-solving and personal advice and support to help the coach as a neutral feedback providers. As a process consultant, the coach stepped up the systematic study of problem causes he supports the clients, while developing their own solutions and implement them. A basic goal of coaching is to help themselves and promote responsibility, self-awareness and wealth. Coaching can help when problems become acute (or have been) and can not – or only with difficulty be solved – alone. The coach is a discreet advisers, not subject to any third party interests and is not a therapist. Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental disorders with clinical significance, including but not depression, anxiety, eating disorders, compulsions, sexual dysfunction or psychosomaticDiseases. Also psychotherapeutic measures are increasingly being used as a complement to medical treatment), such as in pain or severe physical illness such as cancer (psycho-oncology. Literally translated Psychotherapy treatment means of the soul “and treatment of mental problems. With psychological methods such as psychotherapy interviews, relaxation techniques or methods of cognitive disorders of thought, action and experience are identified and treated. Psychotherapy is a targeted treatment for mental illness. The aim is to relieve or cure the disease symptoms. A prerequisite for psychotherapeutic treatment is the diagnosis of mental illness and the capacity for insight and suffering of the patient. Demarcation problems: In reality, to separate these two forms of human problem situations are not always exact, there exists a nebulous gray area, for example, is a fear of flying, although unpleasant, but something we can understand( “Normal”). An anxiety disorder in the form of a phobia of flying, but a disease according to the International Classification of Mental Disorders (F 40). Equally difficult is the definition of “bad moods”. If it is, and form a depression or simply a lack of self-esteem, life unfulfilled desires, frustrations of everyday life Just in case of stress phenomena, congestion, harassment, marital problems, etc. When a response is still “healthy, when ill The delineation and classification of such phenomena requires basic knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic experience. Problem: In Germany, therapeutic activity only state-authorized practitioners (doctors, psychotherapists, medical practitioners are allowed, making every citizen an offense that violates the law of therapy. Ignorance is not also protect from punishment. To be protected against it, it’s all recommended in the psychological counseling professionals (eg coaches) to acquire the permission to psychotherapy. This is done by aState review under the Naturopaths Act.