The main effect of the introduction of CO2 is a subcutaneous tissue overdistention, which can be evidenced by a subcutaneous emphysema, which spreads over a small area around the point of application. This may follow the appearance of erythema accompanied by a feeling of warmth. These effects immediately perceptible by the patient are justified in the vascular action of CO2, which causes the body to release substances such as (serotonin, (bkinin), the (histamine) and (catecholamine) s. These substances activate the after beta-adrenergic receptors, particularly beta-2, which stimulate lipolysis in adjacent tissues. Moreover, the CO2 being injected, the body detects an imbalance in local oxygenation. Thus, in order to compensate, oxyhemoglobin increases the localized delivery of O2, which causes a vasodilator effect and increased tissue oxygenation.In turn, hemoglobin absorbs the CO2 is introduced in the organism, which gives oxygen to the tissues, further enhancing local oxygenation. All this is causing a rise in blood flow velocity and the opening of capillaries that normally would be found closed. Besides the above, with the Carboxitherapy also improves skin tone, as toxins detached during the process are eliminated through the lymphatic system. Finally, it should be borne in mind that the injected CO2 remains in the body between 24 and 30 hours, forcing the meetings to alternate between 2 or 3 times a week, in order to allow the body to regain its natural balance.