Even The Sky Has Been Inflated

When the first time was nearing, the silence was present in South Caldera. Just the gigantic drops of rain on the concrete broke the quitud of almost 9 thousand fans Aucas Dad who gathered in Chillogallo Saturday. The narration transmitted by radio from Guayaquil Tarqui sang a penalty. “Lack of professional Rocafuerte area. The keeper charged the deals with these incredible, who saved!.Auction, auction, threw gooooooooooool! Goooooooooooooooooooool of Rocafuerte!. “At that second goal to give hope was fading. What a pain in the eyes, tears qu . Even the sky cried victory and decline Rocafuerte Acuas Dad. The second half started with only the applause of victory nearly useless Idol. Earned then 4 to 0, and so metiera a million more goals, it did not help to stay alive in the series b. The reality hit every second memory of the fans: the Rocafuerte was winning in Chone, and Aucas, the team of people, losing the category. The rain intensified, the little fans left the stadium, icluso before the game concluded. Others remained in their places, crying the decline Aucas Dad.The 90 minutes were closed in the pupils of the fans, who chanted songs in the Idol of the village and down, almost finished. In dressing the players hugged, sobbing, lamenting. The Colombian David Mathieu, sobbing, refusing to leave the country with a hanging drop on their backs. The pain was the rainy afternoon in the empty bleachers, lojados by the storm and tears of the team that once played as a classic, with the Liga de Quito.