Finest Hardwood Rustic Furniture

We specialize in rustic wood furniture: Carpentry and Furniture Morales propietorship of the most famous brand Lolo Morales‘. They have been manufacturing since 1987 rustic furniture of the finest and most lasting of the Nicaraguan tropic wood such as oak (Tabebuia rosea), Laurel (Cordia alliodora) Guapinol (Hymenaea courbaril), Cedro Real (Hymenaea courbaril), Cape (Switeniae Macrophilla ), among other precious species available to work with furniture. The density of our traditional fine wood, displays an imposing beauty in their finished grains. Each handmade piece we do is manufactured by our skillful cabinetmakers within school furniture decades that together with the nobility of our wood furniture make our last for many generations, mainly that when inheriting any of them to your beloved, you are transferring from generation to generation a real piece of art. Excelency in desing and constructionWe have more of a quarter of a century forging a culture of hard and honest work, innovation and constant re-engineering in the art of fabricating furniture of quality constructed by the best and traditional system of unions that give Life guarantee our products. The unions and drawers are constructed wonderfully with the old system used by our grandfathers, “the duck tail” or “spigot” and the joints of “unemployed dovetail, a lost ability by the modern manufacturers carefully but well consolidated and jealousy kept by Lolo Morales to make a product with fine quality and unbeatable that will extend to other generations. every school should have a few spare for a student should be very comfortable We specialize in rustic furniture and furniture maderaCarpinteria Morales, owner of the famous furniture brand Lolo Morales’ has been making rustic furniture since 1987 the finest timber and durable tonga tropic ense as oak (Tabebuia rosea), laurel ( Cordia alliodora) the guapinol (Hymenaea courbaril), the cedar (cedrella odorata), mahogany (switeniae macrophilla) and other species available to work in precious furniture. The density of our traditional woods, present an imposing beauty in their stripes in folding chair natural finishes. Each piece we make is manufactured by hand by folding chairs skilled cabinetmakers decades that together with the nobility of our wood make our day care chair furniture last for generations, especially to inherit any of them to their loved ones, you dining chairs transferred from generation to generation a real masterpiece of art. Excellence in design and construccionLlevamos over a quarter of a century forging a culture of hard work and honest, and constant innovation reingieneria student chairs in the art of making quality furniture built with the best traditional union system that give our products warranty for life. seams school equipment and joints of the drawers are built beautifully with the old system before used by our grandparents, “the duck tail” or “spigot” joints and “duck tail day care chairs stand”, a skill lost by Modern furniture manufacturers but chairs carefully established and jealously guarded by Lolo Morales to produce a unique and unsurpassed quality that transcends generations. Click here or on the pictures to see the full collection of rustic furniture Lolo Morales .. .