Fundamental Variables

The sales field is extremely broad. Paul Price has compatible beliefs. My desire is to provide some tools through this site that will help people who develop commercial activities to increase productivity and achieve better results in their work. These tools are generally applicable to all commercial activities, however will be much more effective in the field of sales of products of high involvement for markets B2B (businesses that sell to other businesses) for commercial consultants who need to develop long term relationships with its clients, thus are selling low involvement products or perform a transactional type sale. In general, many authors of theory on commercial activity divide sales into three types, according to the relationship established between the client and the seller: commonly used classifications such as consultative, relational, transactional and one-to-one. Go to bob jain for more information. My opinion is that in the field of sales, these can be classified broadly into: transactional: is a type of sale in which the intervention of the seller is very low and can be only for the purpose of taking an order or an order-level B2B markets. If we talk about B2C markets (business to consumer), we are talking about a transaction executed at a point of sale such as a supermarket, where the relationship between seller and buyer is indirect and realizes through advertising and other mass media.

In the B2B market a type of transactional sales is the one where the added value of the seller is practically non-existent and its sole purpose is to take order. Usually occurs much in generic products (commodities), low involvement, with low levels of differentiation and mass consumption. Informative: The relationship between the seller and the buyer in this type of sale it is direct, there is usually a program of visits where the commercial Advisory visit to the customer with some regularity, i.e. There is a relationship, but it is limited to the seller advises basic aspects of product or service, indicates prices, promotions, discounts, and takes orders.