Hair Removal IPL2/Epilux

IPL2 is the acronym for Intense Pulsed Light (intense pulsed light) and designated as a treatment technique using laser light technology. Unlike the laser, which operates with a single, fixed wavelength, using the IPL2 technology in hair removal, the entire spectrum of a xenon light source, which is limited by the use of filters on the necessary and effective for the treatment of wavelengths. This revolutionary development in the field of aesthetic skin treatment and hair removal, provides a targeted, effective and durable lasting treatment result without compromising the skin by laser. Lasers require two to three times the energy density in order to achieve the same results. The use of higher energies, however painful to the laser hair removal on the one hand, and, secondly, it increases significantly) the risk of side effects (eg skin burns. In IPL2 systems, there are big quality differences between the various devices. Mainly you can choose between “cosmetic”and “medical” IPL2 systems for permanent hair removal and skin treatments differ, which differ mainly in the effectiveness and quality of treatment. Permanent hair removal with a unique IPL2 technology used by us in the context of hair removal and skin treatment systems, Epilux, are among the latest generation of this technology types. We follow the principle to use only the highest quality and tested in everyday clinical types of devices for the aesthetic skin treatment and hair removal. Extensive clinical testing and the use of leading university hospitals are our requirement for an application to our customers. A permanent hair removal is possible by means of IPL2-technology (Epilux SP) in most hair and skin types. The treatment is not restricted to certain parts of the body, but may in the facial area as well as in all other areas of the body are used. To permanently remove all the hair of the same region to be 4 to 6 treatmentsrequired. However, the number of treatments varies from person to person and depends on skin type, hair texture and hair density.