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Health Center in Spain In Spain, the CAP is made up of the core health professionals (family doctor, pediatrician and nurse) and administrative staff. However, it is increasingly common to find other professionals (social worker, midwife, dentist, psychologist, psychiatrist, rheumatologist, etc.). That are expanding the range of services offered at health centers, although their contributions in discussion primary care. A doctor refers to a smaller health structure, usually located in a village and less professional. At least it makes up a rural doctor. One or several clinics often rely organizationally a reference health center. In Spain is considered an outpatient clinic where the work several medical specialties, general practitioners and exceptionally.In a Spanish health center there is usually a reception service or reception of citizens who come to the CAP or directed to the same telephone or online. This service gives direct satisfaction to specific demands, as may be delivery and collection of documentation, information, etc., or program to view the different professionals who provide services in the CS. Usually in the CAP there are queries or offices for various professional services offered, there may also be areas for extraction of blood samples for analysis, urgent care area with appropriate equipment (car priests, electrocardiograph, material for oxygen, defibrillator, medication emergency, etc.)..