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Definition Industrial Safety includes all the techniques and activities aimed at the identification, assessment and control of the causes of accidents. Objective: Maintain a safe working environment through the control of the root causes of potentially cause harm to the physical integrity of the person or the company resources. Specific objectives: To identify, assess and control the root causes of accidents. a company that Recognizes the financial challenge for people who cannot afford or qualify for traditional major medical insurance plans can reduce your payment on health insurance Implement regular mechanism for monitoring and continuous monitoring of the factors that have a high potential loss for the company. Connect with other sub-activities to ensure adequate protection of employees. Develop appropriate procedures and training in working with criteria of safety, quality and production. Resources Human Resource: The COPASO (Joint Committee on Occupational Health) inspection visits of risks in each of the areas of the company. So it is with the advice of officials of the ARP to which the company is affiliated technical resources: The company must have fire extinguishers and cabinets according to the recommendations of the inspections undertaken by the Fire Department city. Activities to develop Standards and Procedures Security standards and operation: It is defined as a program to develop safety standards and operation for each of the activities undertaken, whether manual, material handling, machine or equipment at risk potential to cause losses for the company. Special Permits: This refers to any work permits for irrigation in showing immediate effects of accidents, fires or explosions, which is required before undertaking the work to verify the safety conditions present in the area. Markings and signs in areas should be adequate planning and demarcation of areas in all sections of the enterprise, including workstations, storage areas, circulation, location of the equipment and fire fighting equipment, along with a program for maintenance. You must provide strict regulations for the demarcation to be respected and this responsibility will be in charge of supervisors. Inspections Planned general inspections programs must establish a general inspection to all areas of the company, by which it will maintain control over the root causes that have high potential to cause losses for the company. Inspection program areas and critical parts A critical part is a piece of equipment or structure whose failure will probably result in a major loss (to people, property, process and / or environment).

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