Introduction gold’s gym First of all I introduce myself, my name is Christian, but I say Khriz. Welcome to my personal blog training, jejej! Well here I will put all the steps, photos, diets, methods, executions, reps, sets, schedules, everything all on my diet, training, etc.. I tell them weider fitness that I am a student of Sports Physiotherapy, to personal trainers wonder what that is, hehe, as usually happens is something like kinesiology, but with a sports focus. 1 year I studied psychology. Apart from my studies in higher education, I have been training weight loss programs years, counting from the first take my weight was at age 12 app. I was always an athlete, I have practiced almost all sports in one or other way in Sweden, where I grew up, health club membership football, tennis, badminton, and floor hockey, swimming, golf, baseball, Olympic sports and, 100 meters, 800 meters, release, etc etc. Aca en chile practice some, but most of all martial arts, capoeira (which has a lot of acrobatics), Tai Kwon exercise program Do, Kung Fu, etc.. Fitness Now practice currently, but in an amateur level, abs exercise if esque, because not compete, just do it because sportstudio I like bodybuilding, and, well, something to study too. Maybe between the competing next year but I’m still not decided. its amazing how easy it is! works on your chest muscles The main idea of this blog is that units can inform my training, I run it as find a personal trainer I am not cardio workout exposing this for all follow me and home exercise do as I, are suggestions basically, those who want can kickboxing fitness rely on my knowledge, and no, no. Nutrition talk, which is one of the most important factors for muscle growth, which most men want, and also the main thing for toning, weight reduction, etc, for both women and men. Explain everything about the importance of food, well executed training, comfortable rest times, types of series to get beyond the deadlock, all sorts of extras to make it effective and fast muscle development and toning. Answer your fitness over 40 questions, doubts about anything, just leave me a message here or mail to communicate the list below for the sale of world gym supplement. I also give him a pass on steroids, anabolic, synthetic, natural anabolic, etc., so that they differentiate, identify, and understand the impact they have on the body guards to avoid certain side effects, which take, not take, the difference between training a person who uses anabolic steroids, other uses and is not natural. Now if you want to use gym memberships synthetic chemicals to maximize results or not is desicion of you, do not recommend it if esque are beginners and do not know what they are doing because it can bring serious consequences. I get in shape recommend a minimum of 2 years of gradual training to recent thinking about using any substance and more powerful. You can achieve great results in mass, gym membership with proper diet fittness and training well executed, only using natural anabolic, such as (whey protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, l-glutamine, l-carnitine, etc). The next issue will discuss the different Alpha nitrox. WISHING FOR NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT, either to increase muscle mass, reduction of fat, toning, strength, energy, ETC, I AM AUTHORIZED DEALER OF DYNAMO GOLD, ANY CONSULTATION ON PRODUCTS contact me at: SUPLEMENTOS.NUTRICION GMAIL. COM ONLY MAIL exercise programs