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Its capital was in state hands until in 1988 it started its privatization process with a public offering (IPO) of 25 per cent of shares. That same year the company is traded on the New energy service company York Stock Exchange for the first time. In 1994 a second package was sold two years later and was transferred to the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI, the heiress of the old INI), which addresses the final phase of the two new OPV electricity in 1997 and 1998, respectively, becoming one of the many private companies with public capital in Spain. This last step will correspond to the European directive that established is one of the leading Energy Service Companies for 2000 that all EU members should take at least 30 of its liberalized market. It is then when the National Electricity Company and State Society and becomes a corporation to a semi-private company with environmentally friendly energy the simple name of ESCOs Endesa.
In the nineties, the company experienced significant growth by absorbing smaller competitors and diversified its business into areas such as telecommunications and new technologies. However, a subsidiary of the Corporation Company in gas July 2005, leaving his business in the telecommunications sector, considered non-strategic, following the sale of its Chilean subsidiary mobile Smartcom to Mexican operator America Movil, and the sale of most his participation in the group Auna. At the same time, has been unified under a single brand companies by providing services to different regions of Spain.
Following the divestments in the telecommunications sector, Endesa divided its activities into two New York State main areas of business: energy, where the assets are grouped electricos those related to gas, cogeneration, renewable energy, environment and water and transmission of voice and data through the still nascent technology Power Line Communications (PLC).
In September green energy 2005, was the subject of a hostile bid by Gas Natural, which aroused great business and political industry’s Public Service Commission controversy. On February 3, 2006 the Spanish government approved the bid under certain conditions, that it would not raise competition concerns and promote the Spanish position in green energy solutions the energy sector.
On February 21 Endesa receives a counter-bid, now friendly, E. ON, a major German company in the energy sector. Unlike the other bid, is your energy company! the German company says that there will be no records natural gas of that regulation and whether there will be investments in the Spanish electric sector. On day 22, the Italian company ENEL offered to help Gas Natural if it decided to relaunch their bid.
On April 3 Endesa deposited a bond judicial 1,000 million euros to stop the takeover bid from Gas Natural, for the duration of the trial against the Mercantile.
On April 11, 2006 the People’s Party has a remedy against the Government Decree of February 23 that authorizes the National Energy Commission to discuss the takeover of EON.

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The largest biomass plant in the country Floridas New Hope Power Partnership. The 140-megawatt plant generates electricity by burning cane fiber (bagasse) and urban buying green energy recycled wood, feeding approximately 60,000 homes and businesses themselves extensive milling and refining operations.
waste energy company InEnTec NY LLC on Thursday announced that it has partnered with Waste Management Inc. has a joint venture to turn huge commercial and industrial waste streams into renewable energy. (WMI)