Mobile Food Stalls

The requirements on food hygiene, particularly in the estate Takeaway Restaurants were defined in the Food Hygiene Regulation and since 01.01.2006 in the EU Directives 852, 853 and 854/2004, in conjunction with the implementing Regulation (EC) 2073 to 2076/2005. When selling bratwurst at mobile Imbisstnden particular is adequate refrigeration facilities, and eight for the personal hygiene. Fresh sausages must be covered by the regulation no later than meat consumed in the production of the next day. Scalded sausages may be stored at a maximum of + 7 C. The cooling system on push carts usually takes place with absorption refrigeration systems, is its cooling capacity depending on the outside. Practice is a cooling from + 20 C or + 25 C above the ambient temperature. During the summer months it is recommended that the goods to be cooled to + 2 C cooled to + 4 C before being repackaged into the test cooler. To support the coolingYou can also use ice packs. When using Gasgrillgerten should be at least rely on equipment made of stainless steel 1.4301. This is an acid-resistant, easy-care stapazierfhigen and 18/10 Cr-Ni steel, which is approved for loads up to a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. Visit and let your taste buds enjoy The grill should also be made of stainless steel. They use only devices with blades flame covers, so any fat can drip into the flames.