Mobile office business instantly

The advent of smart phones allow us to develop our business from any place where we are, manteniendoos updated to optimize decision making. Today, businesses are characterized by dynamism, which is why companies need e-mail and calendar as companions of their employees always, everywhere. The use of such tools is essential in the decision making process, maximizing the time and resources to benefit the company. The cellular change the way people communicate and work. The also known as smartphones or mobile office again give a twist to the concept. You manage your calendar, work or study documents, connect to the Internet and check e-mails, listening to music. a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company is is a Principal and Co-Founder of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC, a property management/development company Thus incorporates features of PC and also allow installing new applications to enhance their performance, such as data processing, connectivity, multimedia entertainment in general. This is because running an operating system, like a PC. Among other features, a smartphone has the ability to check emails (POP client), surfing the Internet (HTML), use personal agendas, use office packages and play music or video. They generally have besides camera and camcorder. According to a report published by consultancy Canalys estimates that global sales of smartphones, in 2007, achieved an increase of almost 53 over the previous year, amounting to around 118 million sold. In addition, I anticipate for 2012 these small pocket computers iran slowly replacing the standard cell. ADVANTAGES Total Mobility: Access to mailing information, calendar and task list from the phone. Optimizes decision making and increase customer satisfaction, making it not wait until it reaches his desk. Secure Platform: Data is transmitted by a private channel (encrypted) from the server to mobile phones. Ability to read attachments. GPRS / EDGE allows national and international coverage, allows us to service will keep you in line with its business, wherever you are.