Course content COOLER SCHOOL Class 1: Organize – Match Event Class 2: Planning – Guidelines to consider Class 3: Activities during and after the reunion Class 4: A How to organize a successful reunion customer service ‘ Class 5: Greeter – Here we receive-Modal Class 1 Course Description and Objectives The event is theater and magic, is a show where the actor and the public are next to each other with the same purpose. Have fun, get excited, transmit or receive strategy a message, but it sure is that everything must be organized, but there is neither function nor magic. In this course we will list the different types of events, parties by genre. The aim of this course is to provide tools for a successful and effective organization. Class 1: Organize ‘Match of events. Organize: We call the event sponsor at issue, the intellectual process, which aims to answer the following questions: What must you do ‘ What is the task’ Do That means I need to accomplish this task ‘Do In that place should do that job ‘considerations: comprehensive plan of the site plan for organization of work complete list of materials development event (times) 1.2-Classification of events: To apply the previous point is necessary to consider the classification of the event that be skills organized, namely: Social: their reason may be religious, family or connected with a person. Weddings, baptisms, receptions, anniversaries Business: convention, product launch, inauguration, training. Cultural or artistic: recitals, art exhibitions. Sports: competitions, awards, tournaments. Politicos: conventions, campaigns, visits. Social: Social events are those with whom we meet regularly. We must always bear in mind the questions to ask: if the event is religious must be aware what kind of religion management refers to not be papelones. In contrast, if the church does not intervene and is purely social, the important thing to consider is the guest of honor, because we must make the scheduled date for the event will innovation not happen and that unexpected attends his party feted as much relaxed as possible and make it shine. For that we are the organizers, the purpose that it can happen dynamically and smoothly. Business: coaching The business events are corporate, organized by one or more companies and their institutional purpose is to commemorate events and / or introduce new business trends. In Argentina as elsewhere, the events are divided primarily into three types: External: Those are not closely linked with business objectives. Each one is individual and have different needs. Attendance is links voluntary and proportional to the importance of content and cost of tuition. They are funded by advertising, sponsorship, etc.. And in most cases are held once a year. Fairs: whose purpose is the sale / purchase of items. Exhibition: advocacy, information, or mixed and there is no direct selling. Presentation: product leaders or libraries. Internal: They are those who training are intimately linked with business objectives and organization. You should not have conflicts (contingencies). Attendance is compulsory and total. Is financed by the company are taken into account in the annual budget.