Pressurized water reactors

Model of a PWR type nuclear power plant
A pressurized water reactors (for its initials in English PWR: Pressurized Water Reactor) is a type of nuclear reactor that uses water as coolant and neutron moderator.
In a PWR, the primary cooling circuit is pressurized to prevent water reaches its boiling point, hence the name of this type of reactors. The PWR is one of the most commonly used reactor types worldwide. There are over 230 type PWR reactors in use for power generation (the PWR typically produce between 900 and 1500 MWe), and several hundred more that are used for naval propulsion. The PWR was originally designed by the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory to be used as a power plant in a nuclear submarine. Also, some small PWR have been used for heating in polar regions (see Army Nuclear Power Program).

The Daily Comet
Houma – After a year that saw wild fluctuations in natural gas prices, Bonne Terre has commissioned a study to test whether sugar-refining by-products and trash can be used to fuel the central city.
Minda News
MAASIM, Sarangani (MindaNews/02 March) Despite warnings broadcast on the possible consequences of hosting a coal – fired power plant on human health and the environment, residents of this city and nearby Kiamba appeared to be mainly for the benefit of the introduction of such a project.
AFP via Yahoo! News
Iran said on Wednesday that its much delayed nuclear power plant, where testing began last month, would start generating electricity in September 2009. Gas and Electric rates can be lowered as your energy supplier
05 March 2009 Ras al Khaimah, the development of a coal mine in Indonesia, the construction of a coal-fired power plant in the emirate over the next two years to its rapidly growing demand for electricity.

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