Private Disability Insurance

The pension reform 2000 has not only carried out on the field of social security pensions to major changes, the rules on legal disability pensions have also changed enormously. The legal invalidity pension was replaced by incapacity benefit, which amounts to only about 55% of last net income. For this reason, expect everyone to the occurrence of a disability with large financial losses. A private disability insurance can fill this huge gap and thus to guarantee the usual standard of living. Private disability insurance provides insurance cover in the event that the policyholder is incapacitated during the contract period. After the occurrence of the insured receives a monthly disability pension at an agreed rate and for the duration of the disability from subscription free. The contributions of private disability insurance are of the age and health of theVersicherungsnehmenrs dependent, so you should practice as early as possible to contract a private disability insurance to reflect and find a suitable and better deal. The importance of private disability insurance is unfortunately still often underestimated, although statistical analysis shows that one in four is affected by the disability. The most common causes of disability are not accidents, but mental disorders, diseases of the circulatory system and the musculoskeletal system. Actually, everyone should think about a private disability insurance, and of particular workers who obtain their income through their labor, and self-employed generally have no claim to the statutory disability benefits, must be expected in the event of a disability with high financial losses. Therefore, these professionals are to show responsibility and to secure a timely manner.